Powerslide Skate Slide Board
Powerslide Skate Slide Board
Discontinued. See our in stock accessories Here.
Skater Comments:

Reasonable ice skating experience. Intense workout. This skate slide board is great bang for the buck.

Easy to get my heart beat rate up. Wear running shoes under your booties. Nice departure from the normal exercise routine.

I received the board in less than a week. Takes awhile to get the sliding technique down. Stores in a small space.

I like using a skate slide board for general aerobic exercise. Impressed with the manufacturer. Doesn't move when I'm using it.

Got the hang of it after about 10 minutes. It's fun once you get the hang of it. I highly recommend it.

I used a skate slide board for a knee injury and liked it. I'm looking to maintain my fitness. You do need to have some coordination to use but it. My son likes it as well.

I use on days where exercising outdoors is impossible. Great just for general fitness. Good quality.

It is a very good aerobic workout. I use hockey skates and this is very similar in motion. This skate slide board works muscles most people never use.

I purchased a new one since I wore the bumpers out on the old one. This model is improved. Can be rolled up and stored in a closet.

I'm up to 45 minutes on it. Good for athletes looking to cross train.  I did use Pledge and it works well.

I think this skate slide board will make us better skaters. Particularly good to condition lateral movement.

I enjoy skating so I knew I'd enjoy this product. It's quiet compared to other workout equipment. Improved my tennis quickness.

I purchased this skate slide board for a change of pace. The 8' model is big enough. Great work out.
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