Bont Red Magic XFirm Wheel

Bont Red Magic XFirm Wheel
Bont Red Magic XFirm Outdoor Wheel
100mm XFirm 85a - $23.00
110mm XFirm 85a - $23.50
The Bont Red Magic wheel is the most popular inline speed skating racing wheel on the market. The urethane is poured by MPC and it uses their patented high rebound flex band. In collaboration with MPC, who is famous for their patented flex band with unbelievable grip. The focus of Red Magic has been on maintaining the grip while increasing the roll. MPC is known for their flex band and unbelievable grip. The use of fiberglass in the hub's structure has made it 7% stiffer than the previous version. The wheel maintains grip while at the same time increases roll. The urethane is also faster and more consistent than ever. The combination of these two advancements produces the fastest wheel that the world has ever seen. The wheels have an odd number of spokes so the vibration does not travel straight up the spoke into the foot. MPC and Bont use feedback from sponsored athletes around the world to continually improve and perfect the Red Magic wheel. It's grip is excellent on wet pavement.
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