Luigino EO Carbon 3x125 Frame
Luigino EO Carbon 3x125 Frame - $399.00 (1 pair)
3x125 12.4" 165-195mm
3x125 12.6" 165-195mm
3x125 12.8" 165-195mm
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EO frames are superior composite racing frames, engineered to perfection. Atom Skates has spent considerable time inspecting the quality of EO frames prior to committing to an exclusive distribution agreement with France-based EO Racing. The process used by EO is unique in many ways. EO’s  process is specialized and checked out in every detail to ensure maximum performance for every EO composite frame. One of the unique features is the 3D foam core, which substantially strengthens the frames without increasing weight.EO frames are designed for professionals; it will win over many enthusiasts among amateurs and competitors of all levels.
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