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Mota Boss Speed Skate Frame
This is new equipment built by Doug and Julie Glass. Doug started Verducci in 1997. He designed the Verducci Corsa, V-Max and V-Tek boots. These were the first boots I could put on my foot, right out of the box, and skate 20 miles the first day without getting a blister. He then worked with Powerslide in 2005 and came up with the good working Powerslide R2 and R4 boots. He then started Luigino in 2008 and created the good working Strut, Challenge, and Bolt boots. These are all incredibly good working boots. Now he's started Mota and is again pushing the envelope with the new Mota Boss frames.
Mota Boss Inline Speed Skate Frame
4x100 12.0" 165-195mm - $99.00
4x105 12.8" 195mm - $99.00
4x110 13.2" 195mm - $99.00
3x125 12.8" 165-195mm - $99.00
Mota Skates introduces their Premium inline racing chassis. Made of Aircraft 7075 T6 extruded alloy and machined to perfection. With high stencil strength and elongation characteristics The Boss responses with authority. No windows by design: We purposely designed the BOSS without any window cutouts. Improves aerodynamics as well allowed us to reduce wall thickness in areas to improve the elasticity / rebound speed of the frame with every push. Like premium inline race wheels, rebound means more roll, less stress on the muscles. No rebound and the wheels feel heavy and sluggish. Frames have similar characteristics. Meaning that a frame with proficient return reduces muscle fatigue. This holds true weather you skate indoor or outdoor. The longer the race the more the effect. Included: 1 Pair, 7075 T6 extruded aluminum frames, anodized black laser graphics, 8 axles, 8 self centering spacers, 1 4mm hex tool.
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