Labeda Shooters Wheels
Labeda Shooters Skate Wheels
2023 Labeda Shooters Skate Wheels
80mm 83a - $48.00 (set of 8 wheels)
76mm 83a - $48.00 (set of 8 wheels)
72mm 83a - $48.00 (set of 8 wheels)
68mm 83a - $48.00 (set of 8 wheels)
59mm 83a - $48.00 (set of 8 wheels)
The Labeda Shooters wheel is an all purpose inline wheel. This wheel feels faster than most other wheels with this hardness. Has excellent rebound, smooth ride and good grip. Great for hockey or fitness trail skating. Senior skaters best with 80mm and 76mm. Junior skates best with 76mm, 72mm and 68mm. Young skates best with 68mm and 59mm. The hub is a standard size 608.
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