Skate Bag Recommendations

Finding a good skate bag can be difficult. If you are someone who is passionate about skating, having a good skate bag is a must. You will need it to not only potentially carry around your skates, but to keep other items with you. You will want one that is sturdy so that it lasts a while, but you will also want it to be affordable and comfortable.

Finding a bag with all of these qualities can be tricky. There are a variety of brands and styles of skate bags on the market. All of the skate bags on the market are unique and possess a variety of similar features such as straps, unique shape, colors, and more features. Picking the right skate bag for you can be difficult, with the right recommendations and knowledge you can make the best choice for you.
Typical Skate Bag Designs
Typically, skate bags have a relatively standard design. Most skate bags that are designed for roller skates have a triangular or boot shape. This allows you to perfectly fit your skates into the bag without a hassle. These pockets are held together by zippers that separate the internal pockets. Often these pockets also have ventilation slots that are either mesh, or small holes in the material. That allows you to air out your skates to prevent odors from lingering in the bag.

Another typical skate bag design feature is an adjustable strap. This allows you to carry your skate bag around more easily. These bags tend to be rather large so having an adjustable strap is a useful feature. In addition to a strap, many bags come in a variety of colors. The color options provide an aesthetic on the external feature of the bag.

A feature that is also almost always added to a skate bag is durable and weatherproof material. Often, skate bags get heavy as rollerblades tend to weigh a decent amount. That means skate bags often have reinforced seams to prevent ripping. Typically, the material is also durable and reinforced to prevent ripping or tears. By reinforcing these aspects the bag will hold up longer and be worth the money it costs to buy.
What do you keep in your skate bags?
Even after purchasing a skate bag, it is important to know what to keep in it. When carrying rollerblades, it is important to keep other tools and necessities. Rollerblading is physically demanding, meaning that you should always have first aid and a water bottle in your bag in the event that something occurs. It is also beneficial to keep tools and old gear with you in case you need to fix something on your skates. With all of these combined, your skate bag will be ready to go.
One crucial thing to keep in your skate bag is a multi-tool of some sort. This is a functional tool that can be used to fix or adjust different aspects of your skates. In the event that something breaks, this tool can also help with repairs. Whether you are making adjustments, make sure your multi-tool has a phillips head screwdriver and an allen wrench.
Reusable Water Bottle
A great item to keep with you while skating is a water bottle. Roller Skating is a physically demanding sport, and so staying hydrated is important. It is important to drink lots of water especially when competing. Getting a clip for your water bottle can also be helpful if you are constantly on the move.
Spare Laces
A great entity to keep in your skate bag is spare laces. Whether they are colorful or plain, having an extra pair is important. Most roller skates require laces in order to be worn. A spare pair is helpful in case your current pair rips, tears, or needs to be replaced suddenly. This is something you can easily fit in one of the side pockets of your bag.
Spare Socks
Keeping spare socks in your skate bag can be a lifesaver. Often, blisters may occur which causes rubbing on your feet. If this is the case, having a thicker pair of socks can be nice to change into in order to protect from potential blisters. In addition to the socks, packing blister bandages or blister pads can also help with developing blisters.
Extra Skate Parts
Although this may not seem necessary, carrying extra skate parts is always a good idea. You do not have to buy brand new parts, but keep older ones just in case you are ever in need of them. Dedicating a pocket of your skate bag for extra parts can be a lifesaver down the road. For a roller skater these parts vary although they should typically include certain things. Wheels, Laces, Pads, Extra bearings and Axle nuts.
Pads and a Helmet
In addition to skates, pads and a helmet are a must when rollerblading. That means keeping pads and a helmet in your bag is important. Not only are they precautionary measures for potential incidents, but they are important to have if you are competing. Those who compete in rollerblading can get road rash, so it is important to carry the correct equipment with you.
Bandages and Bandaids
Since skating can be physically demanding, it may come with some injuries. That means keeping a first aid kit containing bandages and band aids is important. In addition to bandaids and bandages, keeping neosporin or a brace could be beneficial as well.
Skate Bag Recommendation
There are a lot of skate bags on the market. Not every skate bag is the same and often they have a variety of unique features that  try to appeal to the market. When choosing the right skate bag for you, it is important to do your research and figure out what you are looking for in a skate bag. Here is one of the better skate bags on the market. Not only are they popular, but they are affordable and versatile as well.
The Atom Skate Bag
The Atom Skate bag is currently one of the most affordable roller skate bags on the market. It comes in four colors including green, red, blue, and pink. These bags are relatively large which is great for extra storage space. They can also fit any skate sizes from kids up through adults. The main pockets are designed to hold skates or keeping extra tools, gear, and parts. The bag is breathable and airs out quickly.

This bag is easy to carry. The strap that is attached to the upper portion of the bag is also adjustable making it easy to change. This bag is also incredibly easy to store. Most bags are not collapsable, but this one is. This skate bag can collapse down to be stored in a smaller space when contents are not inside. You can see them on our skate bag page here:
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