TKO Racing Light Speed Adjustable Skate
TKO Racing Light Speed Adjustable Skate
2020 TKO Racing Light Speed Adjustable Skate - $149.00
Sizes (adjustable): J13-3 or 4-7.
Level: All
Sizing: Unisex
Boot: Hard shell with removable liner
Shell: Glass fiber reinforced nylon
Type: Speed, fitness, indoor/outdoor
Cuff: Medium stiff, composite nylon
Buckles: 1 micro adjustable Lift Lock
Power strap: Velcro Full Contact Strap

Frame: TKO Redline 6000 series extruded aluminum, CNC machined
Size US 13-3 | EU 31-34 | Frame length 10.25 | 90mm or 100mm wheels
Size US 4-7 | EU 35-38 | Frame length 11.5 | 100mm or 110mm wheels
Adjustable Inline speed skates for speed freaks wanting to have fun, be comfortable, skate inside/outside, or join a speed team.

Light Speed has good forward flex that allows you to bend your knees and get low when it’s time to turn and burn, lots of ankle support with glass filled nylon cuff, CNC machined frame for high-speed stability, adjustable top buckle, bottom Velcro power strap, standard lacing, pre-formed lining for good overall fit and comfort.

A great time may or may not be about the competition. It’s not always about winning. It’s about the experience. It’s about meeting people, having fun or exceeding, your personal goals. It’s about the journey. Once you feel it, you will never get enough. Do it for the thrill of it.

Maximize power, support and stability for quick turns. Light Speed is for the speed freaks, they can fly around the track with confidence. The anatomic fit with barefoot toe box and customizable options make this boot comfortable to wear, no matter how long your skating.

    Wheels: TKO Racing, dual pour/ banded, built-in interlock, fully encompassed band, ultra-responsive urethane, large side wall for max footprint. The unique combination of rigidity from the core and flex from the tire/band is extraordinary.

TKO Wheels are good for indoor, outdoor, cement, asphalt, plastic surfaces, coated surfaces. Arguably the most diverse inline wheel on the market for all around speed, grip, longevity.

Bearings: YOLO ABEC 7 high-performance bearings, rated for all levels and styles of skating. Low maintenance, deep grooves to remove grit while skating, non-contact shields to keep the dirt out and the oil in.
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Project: Make Competitive Inline Skating Affordable Again.
Operation: Make Competitive Skates Comfortable Again.
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