How To Heat Mold A Luigino Boot
Here are the instructions on how to heat mold in the oven:

- remove wheels and bearings

- Loosen laces but tuck them into the boot

- Loosen ALL the frame mounting bolts by 2 full turns

- preheat the oven to 180 degrees

- if the oven doesn't go that low, set at lowest setting and keep the oven door cracked open

- put the skates in the oven upright on the center rack making sure they aren't touching each other or the oven walls

- set timer for 10 min.

- pull out the boot and squeeze the heal to see if they are pliable.

- if not pliable the return to the oven until they are BUT check every minute (60 seconds)

- once pliable your ready to put your foot in the boots

- if the boots are too hot then wait 30 seconds and try again. Don't burn yourself.

- lace up your skates as if you were going to go skate

- if you wear an ezfit or socks, make sure you're wearing them when you heat mold


- stay seated with your knees over your toes in the "skater position" and remain there until the boots cool to room temperature.
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