Nett Racing Customer Feedback
Yes, please. The Strut looks amazing. Thank you so much for all of your help. I've recommended your site to my girlfriend who was in the market for new quads. It's rare to get this type of truthful correspondence with a company, thank you again for everything (:  Stefan T.

Thanks! I also wanted to say thanks for the great advice you provide (e-mail and phone). I often search for the lowest price but I know your prices are really good so I didn't even bother for this purchase due to your great customer service. Willie S

Hi Rich, This may be the most fabulous customer service ever!! The bootie ship date is fine. These are Xmas presents so there is time. As soon as I figure out the other items needed - oil, skate bag, etc.I will definitely be coming back to you! Thank you! Elizabeth J.

Rich, Absolutely amazing. It's been years since I've skated so long, so hard and enjoyed it so much. Did 50+ miles over the weekend. NO BLISTERS! Really had so much fun. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Don N. (Seba FRX 4x90)

Greetings Rich, I have been racing since age 3 and have learned most shops try to over sell and really never listen to what the racer needs. Your store is the most honest place to shop with great prices and quick shipping, I would never go anywhere else. Thank you Rich for the honesty and will make that order shortly. is the only place to buy speed skates and supplies. Cheers, Aussie

In an age of internet anonymity, provides the most knowledgeable, community-based services that I haven't found anywhere else. Thanks again! Nik N.

Thank you so much again for all your effort, knowledge, and concern over making everything good. This is why I keep coming back for all my needs. Charles M.

Rich, Million thanks on all the tips and for extending a helping hand. I'll keep you posted on the progress and the arrival of the straps. The boots are feeling better and better the longer I have them on. Best, Cubi

Hey Rich, I got my boots today. The fit is perfect, I can't wait to skate with them. Thanks for the fast service, I'm sure I'll be back! Les

Rich, Thank you so much for your help and patience with a newbie. Your guidance helped me feel confident that I purchased the best pair of speed skates for my son. Robert

Thank you so much. You have been so helpful and it is always a pleasure to work with you. I trust you!!! lol, Donna C.

Greetings Richard, Thank you for all the help and direction. Your time and attention is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, William O.

Rich, Thanks for making the executive call on my order, wish I had them today as it is a beautiful day here. I really appreciate your great service and look forward to ordering from you again! Michael

Thanks for the assistance on the phone the other day. You were very helpful. You earned a new customer. I will order things from time to time. I skate during the winter (Nov - Feb) to supplement my cycling and running training. Thanks again, Jeff S.

Rich, Thanks for all your time last night - I can't fully express my appreciation. The information and knowledge you shared will be instrumental in my skate purchase. I'll be reading reviews on the skates you suggested and let you know what I decide. Man I am pumped up now and can't wait to hit the streets and find a Raleigh/Durham skate club. Thanks again! Mike B.

Thanks, Rich. The buzz on the 'net is that you are a good source for our small breed of speedskaters. This quick response supports that buzz and I'll look forward to you as my first choice. Thanks very much! Steve N.

I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for your guidance to find the appropiate skate to my needs....your recommendations regarding size, fit and purpose of the different array of boots that you offer on your website really helped to choose the right ones. And I say that in plural since I don't know if you remember, I got the Powerslide R2 and the R4, since they really are use for different speed and distance (I was really surprised how fast they got here). Thank you for your continuous support to help me improve my skating....your videos and your tips have made a big offer one of a kind customer hard to find a person that is willing to guide without hesitation through out the proper techniques, mistakes you can make and safety issues like you do. I just wanted you to know that I truly appreciate your help and am very grateful. Hela E.

Thank you, it was very easy to work with you and I really appreciate you calling me to confirm the order. If I need anything similar I will be sure to come to you first. Thanks again Ryan G.

Hey Richard, Got my skates today and they were great. I put them together and tried them outside and the boots are so comfortable. I can't believe how the boots feel, compared to my old ones. You have been a tremendous help and I just want to thank you for all your help and the phone conversations about whats out there since I had been out of the loop since 94'. How can anyone buy from someone else is beyond me. Like I said before, no one else spent the time that you did with helping me make a decision. With a BIG AUSTIN TEXAS THANKS, Robin

Hi NettRacing, I've been perusing the internet and find your site to be the best I've seen, especially from an educational standpoint. I'm hoping you can give me some advice. If I may, let me give you my specs/info and I'd like to know your suggestions. Michael B.

Thank you for everything Rich! I'm super-happy with the skates. I'll order some supplies from you soon!! You are awesome, and have awesome prices too! Thanks again for all the help! Fred S.

Thanks, Rich! You're the best internet vendor I've worked with so far...I appreciate your commitment to customer service. I've been telling all my teammates about you. Todd A.

Richard, Thank you for all your help with my order!! My skates are great. Ordered them Monday got them Thursday. WOW!! Hopefully I can send you more buisness!! Thanks, Adam R.

Rich, My new Luigino inline skates arrived. They fit and feel great. Thanks for all the help and understanding. I will recommend Nett Racing to everyone. Thanks again, Jeffrey T.

FYI - in getting to know area skaters, I've found many have spoken with you, learned a lot, and think highly of you. :-) What I really need to find is some good Lycra or Spandex shorts, preferably w/o the padded cycling seat. Mike B.

Thanks, I received the screws super fast. If everyones customer service was this good. Thanks for keeping my wheels turning. Tim T.

Thank-you very much for the advise on what skate set-up to purchase. I find it a breath of fresh air to hear how you explain the obstacles of jumping right into a 110mm wheel, when every other Internet skate shop seems simply into pushing the newest thing to everyone. It is for this reason that I'm picking you for my future inline skate purchase. Thanks again Richard, talk to you again soon. Sincerely; Jeremy S.

Hey Rich, Wanted to let you guys know that I received my skates today and........they are awesome and a great fit. Thanks! Ben

Richard, We got the skates today. Everything seems to be in order. Thank you for the good service! Ronald

Rich, I thought I'd let you know, my husband loves the skates that you sold me. Thanks so much! Kristen N.

Hello, Thanks for the email. Also, THANKS for giving my wife 10-15 minutes of your time Tuesday evening on the phone. We both appreciate it!! Our son appreciates it the most because we were LOST on trying to figure out what to buy. You were a great help with all her questions! Baxter T.

Rich, Thanks a bunch for the quick shipping and great service! Gary

Rich, Got the wheels yesterday. Thanks for the fast shipping. Already tried them out. Nice wheels. I've been skating for 30 of the 35 years I've been alive. My local skating rink closed down a couple years ago after 50+ years of operation, and this is the first time I've had to buy wheels since they closed. I'm glad I found a good place to shop online. I've bookmarked your site. Thanks again, Johnny

Richard, No need to respond to this email, just a follow up to express my gratitude with helping on this Z/Pilot frame swap.
It has been an absolute pleasure doing business with you. Thanks for your patience with my questions. Cheers, Ben

We got Carl's skates right on schedule last Friday. They fit him just perfect. We took them to an open skate session at a local rink that very night and he skated for two straight hours on them with no pain whatsoever. Plus he kept getting smoother and faster as the session progressed. Since then he has been to two speed skating practices and continued to progress. He really loves these skates. So all is well with the order. The 90 mm wheels are a great suggestion. Bottom line we are real happy with our Nett Racing order and look forward to doing future business. Jeff P.

Rich, I wanted to thank you again for you help with my selection. I recently purchased the C6 for my son for Christmas. He was excited!!! We tried them on and he wore them in around in the house w/o the frame. He loved them. I installed the frame and wheels and I couldn't get them off him. After Christmas I was thinking about exchanging them for the C6 Jr. (due to sizing), but last Friday decided to let him take them to the track. He loved them! I just wanted to tell you thanks again for you help and patience with a 1st time buyer. Hope you have a very happy and prosperous New Year!
Thanks, Bob

I really appreciate your help and great communication throughout this purchase. I recommend you to a lot of people that skate, I work as a floor guard at a skate center, and when people ask me about inline skates and where to get them, I always recommend you. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Hope you had a nice new years. Steve M.

Thanks Richard. I appreciate the large chunk of time you spent helping me with my skate questions. In my industry, that is what I do, and it's part of why we have such customer loyalty. Be assured that your service has gained you a new loyal customer. While we don't need more skates right now, we will certainly come to you first with our speed skate related needs in the future (and take up less of your time doing so!). Best Regards, Todd R.

Thank you for letting me know. I look forward to getting them. I'll continue to purchase my skates from you because you have always been great to me. Thanks again Richard. Steve M.

I truly appreciate the chat and the great advice, traditional customer service. You helped me make a truly informed decision. I can't wait. Andre S.

They came today like you said. Perfect doesn't begin to express my feelings about your suggestion. The *** fit way better than the *** I was buying. Very stable. Wow your good and the skates are phenomenal, Thank you so much. Andre S.

Richard, thanks for the help, my son loves the C4 boots. Great customer service. Ken M.

I just now have gotten the chance to tryout the 2009 Powerslide C4's that I bought from you, and they are awesome! They are the first pair of speedskates I have purchased, but compared to others I have tried on, they are a spectacular fit. Being able to personally speak to you on the phone prior to my purchase was probably the deciding factor for those particular skates, and once again I couldn't be happier. I am looking forward to speaking with you again in the near future regarding a set of indoor wheels. I will definately recommend to anyone that is wanting great advice or a comfortable pair of skates to stop by or contact! Thanks again, Dustin D.

Hey Rich, I got my boots today. The fit is perfect, I can't wait to skate with them. Thanks for the fast service, I'm sure I'll be back! Les

Hi Rich, I got the tool, my husband is really happy with the skates and he thanks you very much, it was very helpful for him when you took your time to call about the size of the skates, otherwise he would have been lost without your advice. Thanks again, Ines C.

We got them. Thank you very much for sizing them correctly with the trace of his foot. The size 9 is perfect and there is growing room. Really can't thank you enough for your great service. Tell your staff we appreciate their excellent work. Again, let me know how much shipping and I will reimburse you for your time and trouble.
Thanks again, Robin A.

Richard, I very much appreciate the customer service. I love the new boot and I will be purchasing more product from Nettracing in the future. Thank You, Nicolas

Ok Rich, I got them, put them on my skates and gave them a spin just outside on the street. DUDE! These bearings are so smooth. I'm walking on sunshine! Really awesome. Daniel R.

Thanks again Richard - we talked on the phone about an hour ago. I truly appreciate your personal attention! Best, Eugene H.

I've been out of speed skating (indoor inline ) for about ten years now. I've been looking about and of course, your site is probably the most instructive and popular among those for inline speed skating. What are your suggestions for boots? Thank you for your considerations,
Doug M.

Thank you Nett Racing, looks like a great company with great customer service. Erik M.

Richard, Thanks for the update and your excellent customer service.
You have a great weekend! Best Regards, Jeremy W.

I want to tell you how much I appreciate your website and reviews. Especially the double push article. I am on the market for a new set of skates and find your site to be very helpful. Can you please tell me the advantages of the following frame setups. I haven't been able to find this out anywhere. Thank you for your help. Warm regards, Jamil S.

Thanks again for being available to me while I live in a city where the last serious skate shops ceased business several years ago. Your business offers high quality products and specialized, personal advise. Thanks again Richard, Nick F.

Dear Richard, My sons skates arrived today (Wed), he was very excited. Thanks for taking the time to ensure they were shipped out promptly. I have four kids that skate so we will do more business
in the future. Jesse S.

I just wanted to thank you for your honest and helpful business.
Sincerely R. B.

Wow, some absolutely fantastic customer service, the correct skates
arrived a few minutes ago! You saved Christmas for my girlfriend's sweet little daughter! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Mykel L

Okay cool, thank you for your excellent service Richard! It was great speaking with you and doing business with you. You'll for sure hear from me in the future when I need more stuff. Cassidy

Just wanted to say my 110 Luigino wheels arrived the other day, thank you very much for your help Richard. Keep up the great boot reviews!!! Cassidy

Thank you Rich for outstanding customer service and feed back.
Nett Racing is sure to hear from me again. Duree B.

Rich, Thank you SO much for the email..... WOW! I never expected such fast service! Alekcander Z.

Since there aren't any dutch people on the net with such an extensive website as yours I figured it'd be a good idea mailing you the questions I have. Hopefully you can (and have time to) answer them. Thanks in advance for your time. And keep up the good work with the website, it's a massive source of information. Boudewijn G.

Love your site. Great prices and hard to find products. Blaine C.

Richard, I have to tell you that you were very helpful and I appreciate your time. Shandel L.

Got them this morning, thank you. By the way thank you for your promt service, by responding to emails and returning my calls so quickly you gave me a great experince and gained a new long term customer.
Justin M

Richard, You have been very helpful and informative which has been awesome being that I am new to the inline skateing world and really have no knowledge at all regarding skates and all their complexities.
Thanks, Preston I.

Received the skates this week. Wow, what an great product and service. Thanks. David

Thank you for taking the time to talk on the phone with me. If all go's well I'll be ordering new skates for me and my son. Thanks again, Lee

Thank you! I appreciate your advise and input. You're the best. I have told anyone and everyone to check out your website for any of their skating needs. Shelley O.

Rich, I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful customer service. You went above and beyond for a simple 12 dollar item. So, thank you very much! Shane R.

Thanks for spending the time with me to help me pick out the right skates, I really appreciate that. I'm looking forward to getting on them and getting some skating in and using your 9 step method to get the double push down that's on your website. Thanks again! Nick S.

Rich, I received the Sting skates today as you described. Everything seems to fit very well and is in good working order. Thank you very much for the great service!! I look forward to purchasing again soon! Dave

Thanks so much Rich. Thanks for all your great help.
Regards, Cheryl W.

Hi Richard, I received the boots last night and they fit awesome. Thanks for all the info and help. Chris G.

Richard, Would like to thank you personally for the wonderful customer service. I just received my skates this morning and it could not have been at a better time. Because of your timely response and my wishes to get them ASAP I am able to race this weekend and compete in the Tampa Classic. Thank you, Joe H.

Hi Rich, Thanks for letting me know and a very fast turnaround! As always, I thoroughly enjoyed talking to you on the phone. I highly value the advices and opinions you so generously share because I know they are based on tons of experience. Thanks again! Eugene H.

Thank you for your website, I really like a place where you can find decent skates at a reasonable price. Have a nice day, Brandon S.

Thanks for being so easy to work with. Jay D.

Got the skates on Friday and my daughter loved them. Thank you : ) Connie W.

Thank you for all of the time that you have spent with me and my wife and my son. Michael C.

I recently bought a set of wheels and bearings from your site. My daughter just got into speed skating, and I never had any direct deelings with the sport before. Your site has been extremely helpful by making it simple for a beginner to understand some of the "ins-and-outs." I contacted your 800 number for question regarding shipping. The service was friendly and professional. I will definitely do business with you in the future. Bill H.

Thanks Richard. I have only been buying from you for a short time, but i feel i will be a long time customer. Thank you for the great service.
Mark K.

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service. I got my bearings a day early! This is fantastic and I am anxious to do business with you in the future! ~Richie

Thanks Rich - I appreciate it. BTW - I recently bought a complete set of skates and a frame from the site. Thanks for what you do! Wesley S.

Rich - thank you. We received the boots today and he loves them. Once again, Thanks Amy F.

Dear Rich, Thank you so very much, I am not sure how you managed to have these Lugino Strut shipped so fast to me but I couldn't believe it when I saw them at my door yesterday evening ;) I couldn't stop playing with them last night...a true kid. Looks like size 11 is a perfect fit for me like you said. Will be shortly heading to the veloway south of Austin to fly on my Lugingo wings, I am so excited! Thank you so much for your kindness, tips and the amazing service. Merci beaucoup, Gilles R.

Hi, Mr. Richard, It was very nice talking to you on the phone! Thank you very much for your help ordering the skakes. I am looking forward to trying the skate, and I might come up more questions to ask you! I really appreciate your help! Best regard, Sheng Y.

K2 boots are now sold, thank you for posting for me. I also wanted to say when I bought my daughters skates thru you guys I received the best service. Thanks for being the best. Christine R

Rich, Thanks for your advise and time you took. You have a new customer. I will attempt the fix, depending on how long it lasts, you will hear from me for up to two sets of skates by or before December.
Pete O.

I just wanted to let you know that I had gotten everything I needed and was able to mold my skates yesterday. I love them! I appreciate your quick responses, your helpfulness and how simple it was to deal with the problem I had with the boot. I appreciate your service and will definitely use your services in the future. Joshua S.

Thanks for all your help again. look forward to doing business with you soon. Ryan M.

Believe it or not we received the shipment on Saturday! How awesome is that. My son loves the skates and was very excited to get them so fast. It was impressive to get a personal email about the shipment and even more impressive that you sent me a response on a Sunday night. Thanks for the superior service. Lynetta W.

Thanks Rich, I got the wheels today Monday, yall did a great job getting them well before Xmas thanks a million you guys rock, MERRY CHRISTMAS Steve Q.

Good Morning Richard, The skates came in, they fit great, and my son used them last night and will have them for speed skate practice tonight! Thank you for working with me on the purchase, return, and shipping. Have a wonderful holiday. Thanks again, Anna M.

Thanks Richard, always a pleasure ordering from you. Kasey N.

Thanks for the fast shipping and price match! Got the backpack today and it's awesome! Thanks again, Aaron J.

Rich, Thank you very much! I really appreciate your quick response to my concern. It is very refreshing to get such great customer service. You definitely will see more business from my home if we have more skating needs. Again, thank you! A very happy customer, Kim

I apologize on the long delay in thanking you for the Luigino Sting boots, P-51 frames, and Atom wheels you sent for my wife as an early Christmas gift. All arrived on the day you said they would despite several inches of snow that we received the previous day. My wife is still getting used to the new gear but likes it a lot at the indoor practices she is attending. The AquaTech molding is very easy to do and a nice feature in the Luigino line. Thank you once again for your superb advice and quick service. Sue and Tom O.

Rich, Thanks for the update - I really appreciate the great customer service! Martha P.

Hey...i just recived them yesterday, and i love them! I will recomend every one to you!! Thanks, Sara W.

You have the best service by far!! I will recommend you to my team and do all my ordering through you!!! Tim B.

Thank you Richard. You did great. The wheels came today. Can't wait to skate em. And thank you for sharing your knowledge. It was much appreciated! John W.

Thanks Richard, you've been so very helpful with everything. I hope to do more business with you in the future. I really appreciate it. Ryan M.

Hi Richard, I recived the skates and I am so happy. Thank you very much. Javier G.

Alright, that's great! :) Thanx Richard. Always happy with Nettracings service. Josh D.

Hi Rich,You are the best! I really appreciate how easy it is to order from you. Joe W.

Speed Skating & Double Push For Beginners. Just wanted to thank you guys for that article it really helped me get things dialed! Keep up the good work! Pablo B.

Rich, I got the Luigino Victory skates on Thursday, and I am very pleased. I think the fit is as good as anyone could hope for in a stock boot. In fact, the heel and tendon area is a better fit out of the box than my last pair of boots were after months of heat-mold-tweaking. I hesitate to be too enthusiastic because I'm almost afraid that it's too good to be true. I also got the skate gloves and oil yesterday. Thanks for your help with everything: the sizing advice, your product reviews, and good communication. Jamie D.

Richard, Thanks for taking the time to enlighten me on all things inline speed skating yesterday. I'm going to give some thought to your ideas and then decide what to do. In the meantime, I tab'd my current skates and what a difference it made to my skating. I ended up with 1 tab on my right skate and 2 on my left. But my glide is so much better and I feel stronger on my skates. Thanks again and we'll talk soon. Jeff S.

Big fan of Nettracing! Collin H.

Richard, I received the Blackmail Skates today! Thanks for the prompt, extra service, they fit great. Love your Vanilla and tabbing articles on your web site. Thanks again! Alan

Rich, Just wanted to let you know that I'm very happy with the "upgrade" replacement boots for my grandson's (Nick) skates. Nick is very happy, and so am I. Thank you for all of your assistance.
Sincerely, Annie M.

Thank you for the heads up. Appreciate all you do. Rick B.

Thanks Richard! Your customer service is great as usual! Linda L.

Hey Rich, I bought a pair of R2 skates off you early last year after speaking with you about getting the right skate. I love them. Richard M.

Rich, I order from you whenever possible because of the great personal service. Thanks again, Nick S.

Thanks a lot, also for all the info and reviews on your website. Marco

Never realized there was a "proper way" to skate. Your Speed Skating & Double Push For Beginners was very informative. Mal J.

Thanks, Rich. Thank you again for your advice! I will certainly be back again for another set of wheels (indoor) and an upgrade on bearings, etc.

Richard, Thank you for the shipment of the wheels. They arrived earlier today and I truly appreciate your help in making sure that I received them before my nephew left to India. My sincere thanks to you. Philip P.

Thanks, Rich. Look forward to the shipment. Always appreciate your very attentive service. Steve N.

You were absolutely right about the Powerslide gloves. They're fantastic! Thanks.
Drew L.

Thanks Rich, I appreciate the time and effort you've put into developing your site and the reviews that you write. I have always wanted to get into speed blading & long distance rollerblading. I am also ~9.5 in American shoes, so I went with your sizing. I hope they fit well, and I can't wait until they get here. Robert S.

Hey Rich, Got the wheels and bearings, just wanted to say thanks for the quick turn around!!! Lawrence A.

Richard, good morning. Just a short update and a BIG THANK YOU! for your advice. Strut boots are awesome, I put them on and started skating after 6 years of not skating at all and I just kept on going and thinking - OMG! what was wrong with my old Bonts. Am I dreaming or what... To be short - really nice boot, size 10 fits perfect. Thanks for your reminder on the frame adjustment - I did it, I made sure I had no pro-nation, watched the form, I felt 10 years younger, yes, 10 years, no kidding! The new skates roll better and the boots - no pain, nothing, like they were made for me, amazing... Kind Regards, Elena S.

Rich, The skates came today...that's amazing! They fit great and I rode for about 20 minutes; now I just have to get into shape! Thanks for the great customer service. John B.

Hi Richard, The two pair of skates came in perfect time, and fit as well. Thanks for your help, Ron

Thanks once again for all the good advise. Joe D.

Thank you Rich, Thanks for all your help on Friday and the great customer service. - Tony T.

I appreciate the time you spent talking to me about the advances in technology over the past decade. Thanks in advance, Preston R.

Thank you they arrived today. I am 100% satisfied with my order. thank you!! Will

Rich, Thank you. Its always a pleasure to purchase from you guys. Now that both my boys are really getting into it, I really have to search out the best deals. Mark

Rich, I wanted to thank you for your e-mail regarding my purchase and for shipping it out so promptly. We actually received it just prior to 9pm Monday evening (even earlier than expected).

I was also very impressed with this product (Bont Backpack). It's a great design, very spacious compartments, and nice quality material. My son will be thrilled with his Christmas present! Thanks again for your great product and quick delivery...... Merry CHRISTmas! ~Shannon A

Thanks Rich! You have been so helpful with all my kids speed skating needs and appreciate your knowledge and support. A special thanks from Nona, Sarah and Jonah (my kids) DFW Speed. Julie H.

Thanks for the update, Rich! As usual, your customer service is spot on! Mary C.

Thanks SO much for all your help and responsiveness.  It has been a pleasure doing business with you.
Happy Holidays! Kevin T.
Hello Rich! Thank you so much for providing this amazing service, and also for your help in instructing how to properly drill out boots. I can't think of any better customer service than what you provide! Warmly, Nik N.

Richard, Thanks again for the wonderful customer service on this transaction. You have earned a customer for life. Lynne and I will come to you exclusively for all our speed skate needs. Sincerely, Dan K.

Awesome. You went way above and beyond in helping me find the right fit. I definitely appreciate the incredible customer service. Talk soon! Rand G.

You have great stuff. I love all the real info on your website. Keep it up. Richard D.

Richard: Thanks so much for helping out Aviv L. He skated on his new yellow Strut's last night and was really happy. His dad mentioned how helpful you were and how much time you spent with them talking through the various options. We always recommend Nettracing to our skaters and hope to send you all of our business. Ken L.

I was so impressed with the great service, fast shipping and personal communication. I skated in them today and enjoyed them. Thanks for everything, including this follow-up. Aaron H.

Thank you again so much for the time you spent talking with me this afternoon! I found myself shopping around on Ebay and different skating web sites and then I realized that I was wasting my time; I will always call you first for questions. Your customer service is above and beyond!!! Thank you!!! Wendy C.

Hi there Richard, it was nice to talk to you the other day, I was really impressed that you really know your business, it's always good to work with people like yourself and I certianly would recommend you if that came up, pretty cool given that I have only talked to you once! Good job! Benjamin L.

Thanks again for being responsive. Always a pleasure buying from you. Tim J.

Hello Nett Racing, I am the customer that Bought the Used Bolt boots!!! I am very pleased with the quality and condition they are in. I have tried them on and they will be perfect for skating in the fall. I appreciate the experience of buying them and will definitely be a returning customer! Thank you so much!!! Connor A.

Hi Rich, It was good chatting with you last week. I learned more in 25 minutes than I do in HOURS researching online. What do you recommend as a good, outdoor, all-around wheel that will last? Thanks, Brian J.

Thank you, I appreciate your passion and honesty about skating. Thank you, Bill F.

When I got home yesterday I was surprised to find a package on my doorstep. The replacement wheel came yesterday around 1 or so. I can't begin to thank you enough, now I will be ready for the meet this weekend. Thank you so much! This is going above and beyond. Thank you, Richie

Thanks Richard for getting the wheels to us quickly. Good start for her first meet. Sophia got two overall first place finishes!!! Michael W.

Hi Rich, Thanks for all the advice you have provided and good service. I just submitted order for the boots. Regards, Peter O.

Thank you very much Richard for the top notch customer service! Jacob G.

Thanks for your patience & great service!! Peter O.

Rich, just wanted to say thanks for all the personal support that you gave me on my skating pkg, to sending my confirmation. I work at ups and its nice to know a business like yours strives to take care of the customer as much as we do. I will tell everyone about you website. Thanks again. Jeff A.

Thank you so much! I appreciate the communication and great service!! Jen T.

Richard: Our frames and wheels have arrived. The wheels arrived several days early. Thanks for the prompt service. Lloyd S.

Rich, Received the skates the last week and love them. Thank you very much. Jeff C.

Thank you so much Rich, the customer service from your company is amazing! Amara J.

Got the skates. She will love them. Thanks so much! Cheryl E.

Richard, Thank you so much for great customer service. Deb V.

Thank you, thank you and thank you! You are my angel! I will place another order at the end of this week, however, that is not an urgent! Thank you so much for your help! I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday! Dorothy H.

Rich, The skates came in today thank you for all of your help getting the skates here before Christmas. Chris R.

Thank you! This has probably been the best customer service I have ever received. Can't wait for the skates. Hope you have a happy new year! Daniel N.

Hi Rich, Thank you for the updates I wish more companys were like you. Gerald S.

Hi Richard, just wanted to let you know that the wheels arrived today and bearings arrived last week. Thanks for the excellent service, as always. Darryl M.

Richard, thank you for all of your help and sharing your knowledge. Again you have been more helpful than anyone I have contacted. It's hard for someone that has been out of it for so long to get any straight answers. Thank you. Nathan G.

Rich is the best!! He fully understands the meaning of GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. Thank You, Richard G.

Your a star Richard, thanks so much. Darryl M.

Everything came through perfectly and Fits AMAZINGLY well. Appreciate the help and will be sure to buy more in the future! David L.

Thank you so much!! So excited!! You have provided excellent customer service and communication! Ill definitely be recommending you to my friends! John W.

Thank you so much! Your service is always excellent. Great instructions on the frame conversion. I am so glad that I got those Struts. Thanks again! Sarah K.

Richard you have been so awesome on all of this. This was my first ever skate order for speed skates and I had very little knowledge of anything. I do appreciate you walking me through everything and with the help with the longer straps and the return. You are definitely very customer oriented and I will most definitely refer you to any of my friends. Thank you, Jennifer C.

Thank you Richard! As always you are awesome!!! Jill H.

Fantastic! Thanks! I always get such great service from you. Shannon N.

Thank you, Rich! I very much appreciate the customer service, and I look forward to receiving the boots. Thanks again, Elizabeth O.

Hey Richard, Don here from Texas, recently purchased Struts. All I can say is WOW! Finally got them tweaked and they are so much fun to skate on!!! Love em. Thanks for all your counsel and guidance. Kind Regards Don N.

Thank you very much. Outstanding Service. Jaime R.

Skates feel great. Thanks Richard for all your help. Ardis B.

I can not thank you enough for the time and help you gave me today. We have a practice tonight and I will be talking to the parents and kids about you and your site. I doubt I will be buying my equipment anywhere else. Sincerely, Denis B.

Richard, Boots arrived today. Birthday is tomorrow. Timing is just perfect. Boots looks great. Thanks for your help with this order. Jerry C.

Thanks again for all you do! Mary M.

Thank you so much, Richard--I really appreciate the great customer service! I'll definitely refer our friends on the speedskate team. Have a great day! Holly R.

Hi Rich, Thank you for the links. We received the skates today. My kid is really happy with them. They fit perfectly. Adolfo L.

Great customer service. Thank you for updating me. Inderjeet S.

Sounds great. Thanks for running a top notch shop. Hans S.

Rich, The Strut boot is a world of difference to skate on. Many thanks again for outstanding customer service, above and beyond expectations. I look forward to future purchases with Netracing! Gregg R.

Hi Rich. Got both boxes, and it's all gone well. Once again I really appreciate your work to make this happen. Pls keep me on file as I'm sure I'll be back for more skate stuff. Best regards, Frederik J.

Thank you for the quick reply. My sons wheels were waiting for me when I got
home from work tonight. Thanks for the prompt shipping. You guys are always
so fast and easy to work with. Mark C.

Just wanted to thank you for the speedy service and let you know that I am very happy with the skate package. I received the package shortly after we spoke. Thanks again. Jen L.

Richard, I have received the package. Again, thank you for your support. These days I am a huge fan of the "human touch" when it comes to business. Too many businesses hide behind the technology of today's society. Your package was addressed to me with a hand written label. I will be doing business with you again very soon. Thanks, Lane W.

You are awesome!! I look forward to many years dealing skates with you! Donna L.

Rich, Thanks so much for your help! I certainly appreciate the extra care in getting me set up. Kevin C.

I have the skates now, mounted up ready to roll. Thank you for your time and effort. Happy skating! Ryan F.

Thanks my friend. You rock! Have a great day. If you get a chance give me a call this afternoon, I have a few more questions about future products and gear that I might purchase in the near future. Humberto G.

Thank you very much Richard. Great customer service and the best prices around. If I need any business in the future, I'll be coming back to nettracing. Austin F.

Kudos Rick, it was obvious from your site that I would receive the best personalized service and legitimate interest. Look forward to future business. Neal L.

Thank you! I always get such great service from you. Shannon N.

Thank you, Rich. Great prices and always lightening fast! Jeremy S.

Wow. Thanks very much for making it so easy and fast. Preciated. :) Yamile C.

Thanks for the quick response! Great customer service! Jim W.

Keep up the great work. I have bought several items from you over the years
and have always had excellent service from you. Cheers! Mike H.

Thank you! I always like ordering things from your site. Your very prompt. Keep up the good work! Liz M.

Hello Richard, Thank you for sending me the tracking number! I have just received the wheels and I am super happy about this product! !! Thank you for your cooperation, grest product, fast shipment and your advice! I will definitely refer your business to my inline skate friends in Chicago! All the best, Magda B.

You are one of a kind, Richard. I am gifted by this karma. I went back and read your reviews again. You are a great fellow whom I will always call my friend. I shall read your words again. I know that I will love my Seba Slippers! Thanks my friend, Pat in NYC

I got it. Thank you for everything :) Excellent service. Wendy R.

Thank you very much, you are a good man. I wish the best for you! Mahmoud S.

Thanks for prompt response. Excellent customer service. Scott J.

Thanks a lot! I've been buying from you for years. Just recently got back into skating, and knew exactly where I was shopping. Joseph A.

Yes. I will take it! Thanks! My son is obsessed with your website. Monique H.

Thank you so much for being so helpful. I hope you have a blessed Christmas! Percilla H.

Hello, My son loves them!! Thank you so much....I sent you a customer, Dennis G., he ordered skates for his son they got em today!! You are the greatest! Merry Christmas!! You have my prayers for a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!! Carol B.

Hey Rich, I just receive the skates earlier today at 3:00pm just in time. I thank you for your great customer service and prompt delivery and I also look forward to doing more business in the future. To you and staff have a great Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Marco M.

Alright. Thanks for the info. I just got them in the mail. I LOVE THEM. IM SHREDDING AGAIN!!!!! And they have great lubrication for the speeds I go. Thanks for everything. Tieda B.

Hi Rich, That's excellent news! Thanks for sending and responding so quickly! It's always a pleasure doing business with Nett Racing! :) Justin C.

Got them yesterday. Put them together and went to indoor practice with my kids. My daughter is thrilled! Thanks a million!!!!!!!!!1 Greg S.

Thank you sir I will continue to use for all my skate needs and I've gotten a couple things from y'all and it's always in a timely manner. Daniel S.

Thanks a lot for you help the other day. You earned my business by talking to me like a friend and not a business deal. I look forward to ordering all my future skating gear though Thanks, Justin C.

Thanks Richard for the order. Also, thanks for getting me skating again on comfortable skates. I skate 2 to 3 times a week for 15 mile sessions doing laps hitting occasionally brief moments of 35 mph on the slight downslope corner of the lap when I try my hardest. I am in the best shape since my mid 30's and I am 51 now. Again thanks Ailco W.

Richard, Thank you so much for your expertise. You took time to answer all my questions with extreme patience.You are a true professional going over the call of duty. For that I am really appreciative. Happy Easter. Isabelle R.

Thank you Richard for all the extra leg work man. You are great to deal with. I'd do business with you anytime. Justin M.

You know what? You're a real champ, best customer service ever, thank you a billion times for all your help, I will seriously recommend your site to every skater I meet, 10/10 hats off to you sir. Planning to buy some wheels at some point I'll make sure to check your site for them when I do! Thanks a bunch! Tyler

Thanks Rich! I really appreciate your help with this. I'll definitely leave you some great feedback on eBay when the pkg arrives. I really appreciate you. Scott V.

Thank you for your help and for taking the time to talk through some helpful things last night. It was nice to talk with a fellow skater. And I will be sure to check the fit and let you know right away. John F.

Hi Richard, Just wanted to let you know that Adam loves the new Blaze Boots. Has improved his stability and control very quickly, therefore his confidence as well. Thanks again for all of your help. I'm looking forward to our next purchase from Nettracing! Thank You, Robert J.

Rich, I just wanted to say thank you very much for your assistance with my purchase of the Luigino Struts, they did great at practice last night. I am very please with the skate, it fits me like a glove, the wheels roll fantastic on the floor at the rink and the bearings are a big plus. I'm glad we went with a size 12. I will definitely be purchasing more from you in the very near future, and referring everyone that asks to you. Definitely a 10 out of 10 for service. Thank you very much, Chris G.

Thank you so much for letting me use her address. I will definitely keep my future business with Nett Racing. Thank you, Beverly W.

Hi Richard, I just wanted to let you know that the frames arrived 2 days earlier than I expected, which made me very happy. Thanks for excellent service, definetly you have a won a new customer in me. So I'll be looking forward for my next purchase at Nett Racing.
Best, Oriel R.

Thank you for all your help and your shipment updates. I received my package a few hours ago. You have excellent customer skills. Hope to do business with you in the future. Happy holidays!! Ana D.

Hello Everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you did to help me give the gift of these skates. We received the bearings on Friday. I am not sure what they looked like because by the time I came from work, my son was already at the skating rink where they helped him to assemble the complete skates. He loves them and I can't thank you all enough for assisting me to get it all together. Denice V.

Thanks for the update! Always a pleasure buying for you! Mason D.

Thank you for everything you do! I have sold items on your used site and purchased on your site! I am Grateful for what you do. Paul S.

Got the gear and everything is perfect thank you :-) Daryl S.

Thanks Richard. By the way, the skates you sold me in December are performing great. After 18.5 years off skates I have entered two meets and made all my finals at both competitions. Regionals is at Portland on the 21st so I hope these wheels are in in time. I'm super excited and I have told all my teammates to check out Nett Racing if they need anything! Thanks for the expert advice and keep up the great work! Paul R.

Thank you, you guys are a pleasure to work with and been using you for several years now. You never let me down. I appreciate the quick shipping, you guys are the greatest, that's why I refer everyone to you. Nicki K.

Hi Rich, Thank you! You seemed really nice when speaking with you on the phone. I'm sure I will probably be doing more business with you as Alaya grows. I work 2 jobs, and money is kinda tight, but she loves to skate with speed skates, so it was an important purchase for me. Also, thanks for all the advice and patience with me the other night. :) You are awesome!!!!! Sincerely, Lucinda P.

They arrived Monday along with the boots I ordered and the bearing. Awesome! felt like a kid at Christmas! Put everything together and tried them out. After heat molding the boots fit perfectly. Thank you for great products you are selling. Gabriel R.

Thanks Richard. They came in yesterday. You have a loyal client here buddy! Thanks! Paul R.

Thanks Rich for the great deal and for all you do for inline skating. Hope to grab more stuff from you soon. - Elliott W.

Rich, I just got the skates! The boots literally fit my feet perfectly. It's like a pair of socks. Thanks for your wisdom! Steve B.

We received the wheel axels today. Thank you, this is the best customer service experience I have had in years! Wes J.

Anything I buy for skates I will buy from your company. Thank you so much. I give you a 100% positive feedback. I hope to be buying with you guys again soon. Aaron B.

Thank you! That is so awesome!!!!! I appreciate the fast service. Everyone suggested going through you and I am glad I did. Thanks! Sally M.

I received the boots today, and they fit wonderfully! I put the skates together and plan to try them has been over 15 years...thank you so much for your help! I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone interested in skating! Ashley R.

Thank you Richard! I appreciate everything! You do great business! Jeffrey P.

Received my wheels today, thank you for your exceptional service! Thomas F.

You have gone above and beyond to address this in detail,,, on the weekend. Other skaters who have gotten your help are impressed. Thanks, John K

Dear Richard, What else can I say other than WOW! First strides felt like I had owned these for years, not minutes. I thought I would be going a mile or so and stopping to loosen or tighten... not so! First push went 3 miles. Stopped to change to a higher sock. Little cuff rub but zero damage. These are superior to any skate boot I've ever had. Next pushes were well over 5 miles. Can't thank you enough for your attention and advice my friend. I know where I'll be spending my skating dollars for here forward! Your Friend, Pat

Appreciate Rich A++ service like always. James M.

Thank you Rich. Nettracing has the best customer service ever!! Kristine

Thanks Rich, I appreciate very much all of your efforts and time. You've got my vote for the best place to call and get racing skate advice. Kind Regards, Bill A.

Your customer service is amazing btw : ) Ann S.

Thank you Richard. Always easy to work with you. I appreciate it. Jeff R.

Thanks! I called you 800 number just before. The gentleman to whom i talked was extremely helpful. Please pass along my thanks! Tim G.

You made this kid extremely happy (pict)!! A great product and great service, thank you! Leah C.

Thanks Rich, we received the skates yesterday. Thanks for the speedy delivery, and the skates were perfect. Chris F.

Thanks Rich. You guys are awesome!!! Michael F.

Thank you for what you do at Nett Racing. I'm glad to be a customer. Brandon W.

I'm really impressed with your patience and kindness and plan to buy lots more skating stuff from you! Danny R.

Good morning Richard. Just want to say thank you again. The service you gave me at Christmas was extraordinary and fab! My grandson Anthony just finally started skating again. They fit great still and loves them. Thank you again God bless you and your business. Have a good day! Donna S.

Thanks Rich. We got my grandson's skates from you last year and he 's so happy with them. We really like your site. Linda J.

You're awesome, Rich! Thanks for the quick turnaround. Hope you're having a great day! Bernadette M.

Rich, Since the first moment I visited your website the experience has been awesome. Thanks! Sam R.

Thank you Rich. The order showed up as stated. I appreciate the info and ordered this stuff from you because of how you help support the sport. Gary H.

Thank you for your time and keep up the good work! Regards, Ivan W.

Great! Thanks so much for the advice and the quick ordering - always appreciate your expertise. Thanks, Paul B.

Good call on the sizing Rich. And thanks for the fast shipping! You sure get a lot of bang for your buck these days. Thank you. Daniel B.

Thank you Richard, it's always good doing business with you. James H.

Good morning Richard. We received the Verducci boots a couple of days ago and I surprised my husband with them last night. They fit. Yay! He's super excited! I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate all of your help. Thank you so much! He is set up and ready to go. Now we get to teach our 4 year old how to skate. Hope you have a great weekend. Thank you again for all of your help and kindness. Julie M.

As always, thanks for the great service : ) Joey G.

Thanks for the update Richard. Once again, I appreciate your help! I have been very happy with nettracing and will highly recommend it to anyone looking to purchase skates or accessories. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season! Sincerely, Mary C.

Thanks Richard, you are my HERO!! Jeremy B.

Awesome! You've made a little boy's day! Thx for your help, you have a customer for life. Gavin D.

Rich, New boots arrived today.  Much better! Thanks for the prompt after sale support! Dave K.

You have been good to us, I usually am very wearing ordering anythyng from the internet, But I feel comfortable with you. Thanks, Scott G

Hi Rich, Wheels and bearing puller arrived today. Love that new wheel smell, it takes me back to my youth! Thanks again! Patrick G.

Rich, Thank you so much! I’m excited to try out my new stuff! Kade got his skates today and well totally new kid! He can skate on inlines no problem!! Thanks again for the help! Stef R.

Thanks Richard, we left for the rink before the skates arrived but we had everything waiting for us by the time we got home. Skates are perfect, my son is in love with them, my wheels look incredible. And now we have an excuse to head back to the rink today to try out all our new equiptment, so it all worked out for the best anyways. Everythyng is awesome, I'm very glad with all my purchases. I forgot how awesome skating was and how much I really loved it, such a natural high, its been too long. We will continue to be loyal customers of and appreciate all your help. Scott G.

Wonderful, thanks Rich!  I had gotten out of road skating because of the mountains I live in now, but I think I have found some areas that will work well and be safe.  I still have my Nett Racing jersey and am excited to cruise around SW Virginia in it  :) Cheers, Josh C.

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for all your help, the money went back into my account and I just got the boot. You were very helpful and I will definitely be buying from you again in the future. Jonathon T.

Thanks Rich- Bought some skates a few years back from you, and they’ve been terrific. Just an upgrade to make an old man go a wee bit faster. Thanks for quick shipping. Best- Gregg R.

Awesome Customer Service. Thank You. U Rock!  Darryl H.

Hello, I feel I must share my experience with purchasing these skates. I made a mistake upon ordering, but was quickly notified of a problem, and it was resolved very quickly. I was impressed with the customer service. I then only two days later receive an awesome pair of skates that allow me to skate as hard as I want, without any issues at all. Thank you for giving me the ultimate joy of speed dance skating again. I will be ordering more. Darryl H.

Thank you for the wonderful customer service. How refreshing! Janet F.

Amazing customer service! Julie A.

Thanks Rich. Always appreciate the quick responses and updates. Andrew H.

I already have received wheels this morning, I  really appreciate the quick service. Thank you again. Masahiro N.

I just got them, thank you, my little guy is going to cry of joy. Ruby

Hi Rich, Received.  Looks great.  Thank you. With best regards. Ziyad A.

Rich, Thank you so much,  wonderful, excellent, superb customer service! I'm very happy! Masahiro N.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me today. I appreciate your willingness to share your expertise in a way that was not in the least bit condescending and quite enjoyable. You made my decision to purchase an easy one. Angela P.

I am remiss if I don't say how much I appreciate you guys at Nett Racing. Not only the used service that you so kindly maintain, but the entire operation, and the honorable way in which it is operated.  I am a customer both new and used with you and again, so very much appreciate you guys!!! Have a super day!!!

Got wheels.  So excited, stayed up most night putting wheels on and cleaning bearing.  Love them! Going to indoor workout this morning to SKATE!!!   LOL, Mary Ann M.

Thank you Richard, Your help is greatly appreciated, and she will be happy to get the skates Thursday. Glenn K.

You and your company have always been awesome. Thanks, Roy L.

I always appreciate your amazing service. Buddy L.

Hey, I got those frames in yesterday and they are amazing. What a difference. I'm doing a lot of skating downtown and it makes all the difference in the world. I really just wanted to thank you. I wouldn't shop with anyone else because your service has been so good over the years. You've always been so good to me. I just wanted to thank you. I'll be ordering some stuff next week so you'll have it probably Monday or Tuesday. Thanks again,
Roy L.

Thank you Rich! I appreciate your time. The time you spent getting an understanding what I was looking for, and then helping me select the equipment that fit me best, was exactly what I needed. I couldn’t be happier! Mine was an experience far beyond what one can really expect these days; and, from an online retailer...brilliant! Then you went even further above and beyond by referring me to the videos that will help me to assemble and tune my skates correctly...and, the videos that will tune me correctly too! I am looking forward to the arrival of my skates. I’ll be sure to send updates about my progress. Cheers!! Scott C.

Thanks Richard,Your service is always the best! Tina J.

Hey Rich, Just wanted to reach out to you and let you know the skates just arrived. The wife is going to take them for a spin shortly but she's really happy with them already and they look great. Thank you for your help on this . We greatly appreciate it!!!! Rob L.

Rich, I got the skates Thursday like you said!!!!!!! Thank you so much! They are prettier in person than online! You are the BEST!!! I'm so grateful that we found y'all online and look forward to doing business with you again!!!!!! Really appreciate your service, sir!!! Sincerely, Lisa K.

Rich, the skates were delivered yesterday and they are a huge hit!  Thank you! Courtney H.

Wow!!! These are amazing!! I love them! Its like being on a cloud compared to my other ones lol. Appreciate all your help! It was amazing! Thank you. Talia D.

Thank you! Excellent service and follow up. Thanks again, Armando F.

Rich, Thank you so much. High praises and recommendations. Stellar service. God bless. George M. 

I hope you and your team know how appreciated y'all are. Lauren F.

Hi Richard- Just wanted to say thanks again for working hard to deliver the rollerblades over to Boston a few weeks ago! Kit M. (Size 9, Powerslide Swell Flare) and I have been skating all around the Charles River, and the rollerblades have been ridiculously fun. Hope you and yours are staying safe and well!
Andy G.

It’s been a month of me searching for skates for my daughter. I was so excited when I found your site. Thank you for the outstanding communication by email.  I’m already a fan and I haven’t even gotten my purchase yet! Bonnie C.

I just put in an order and there were some hiccups about it but Richard contacted me and explained the problem and provided a solution.
He kept replying to my emails and questions, corrected the issue and sent out my order (to be delivered very soon it looks like). I have been ordering online for almost everything nowadays and I have never had the 1:1 communication that I got from Rich. I just want to say thank you. Thanks, Angela G.

Thank you so much!!!! You guys are amazing. Hannah H.

Thank you so much for your efficiency! I can’t wait to skate in them! Christina W.

Thanks Rich, you’re the best! I’m so excited. Have a good day!! -Hannah H

I got my skates from you and I wanted to come back and get new wheels from you because your customer service is outstanding. Jodie K.

Thank you Rich! They arrived today and I've been breaking them in. If I can get you any more business in my neighborhood I will. Good service! Good response! Skates fit! Quick delivery! Thank you! Deanna H.

Hi Richard, I appreciate your direction with my purchase. I have bought a bunch of ice skates over the years, but have not recently ( 20+ years) bought inline equipment. The return of the size 9 boot for the size 10 was handled very professionally and smoothly. Again thank you for your help. You run a good business and are fair and well informed. Best Regards, Bill B.

Rich I wanted to thank you for the speedy delivery I received the skates today they are very nice and they fit perfectly! Weddy C.

Thanks so much! You have great customer service! Andii P.

Richard you are the best! Thank you so much for taken care of this quickly. I will refer your business to everyone I know. Angela B.

Hey Richard! I'm really digging the skates. I've put 160 miles on them since I got them in November and I have no complaints. Really having a joyous time.  Thanks so much for steering me toward these great skates and selling them to me. Eric A.

I have to give you 10+ stars on the shipping. A few minutes after reading this email, the skates were already at my door!
They’re lovely, thank you very much! Rowan C.

Rich, Thank you so much for your excellent customer service! Chris C.

Excellent customer service. Super fast shipping. NETTRACING was so helpful when encountering an issue, gracious in advice and overall a company worthy of your business. Chris P.

Rich, You’re very generous, thanks. Amazing that I bought my first set of Powerslide skates from you almost 20 years ago. I appreciate all your reviews and tips. Thanks for keeping the sport alive. Jared H.

Thank you Rich. Appreciate the follow-up and great customer service! Have a great holiday. Leon K.

Thanks for the friendly advice and quick order response. Looking forward to being on track. Cheers, Ted H

Thank you Rich, it was great speaking with you and a breath of fresh air speaking with someone so knowledgeable. As someone who's been in customer service and sales for over 20yrs I know it's getting more and more rare these days! So glad I gave you a call. I can't wait to get back into the sport. I have been looking at inline skates for weeks and I'm glad I found you, even being a local business instead of overseas was the cherry on top! I'll definitely recommend anyone wanting skates to give you a call. Thank you, Garrett S.

My daughter tried out the skates and loves them. Thank you so much for helping a newbie out. Mike G.

As a newcomer, the sport of speed skating can be confusing. Richard took the time to answer my questions and recommend an appropriate choice of skate. He and the warehouse are quick to address any concerns, and I look forward to future business together! Ted H

Love the attn to detail and the updates. You were recommended by a guy at TREK in Dallas. I'll let yalll know how these wheels are. Thanks again, Sergei

Thanks again for all your professional advice! Montana D.
Used Page Feedback
Hi Rich, Thank you so much, I sold the pair of luigino boots sz 3, 4. You guys are the BEST web site on the planet for NEW and USED skate stuff, I will always use you first. Thank sooo much, Julie G.

K2 boots are now sold, thank you for posting for me. I also wanted to say when I bought my daughters skates thru you guys I received the best service. Thanks for being the best. Christine R

Thanks for putting them on your site. Listed today and are sold allready, your sites used section is amazing. It was unbelivable how many people search daily and are a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again for your help , I will always look to you first for any purchase. Eric S.

I sold everything I asked you to list, AMAZING. As always thank you so much for having this service available, I think by far your site is the most visited of all the used sites out there. Wayne N.

Hi Richard, I sold all the wheels with in like 8 hours of your post. Amazing Amazing, its actually really funny b/c a lot of the folks that email me and buy stuff are folks that go onto the site to post themselves, its kind of like bartering market in a way, a beautiful thing. Quang N.

Hi Rich both skates sold Luigino Attitude and Bont Vapor. Thanks for an AWESOME site. Tim

Hello again Richard! I just write to let you know that my Venom frames have sold. I sincerely thank you for letting me put it up on your site. I practically sold them in less that 24 hours from the time you put it up. Best regards, Diego A.

Richard, Please mark my Tru-Rev frames as sold. is a great site. Thanks. Derek B.

Please mark my skates and frames as sold, all three sold, Rollerblade Pro Marathons, Mogema's with Verducci frames, and Salamon frames!!! Thank you so much for your listings !!! Keep up the good work, I will be watching your site for my future skating needs !!! Regards, Michael P.

Hi Rich, Sold the frames below. Thanks again for hosting the used section! David

Please remove my add for the C2 Powerslide boots. I have sold them thanks to the help of your wonderful site. Again thank you. Scott L.

Hey Richard, can you list the frames as sold. It was amazing they sold like within 24 hours of listing. Wayne N.

Hi Rich, Please mark my wife's Bont Vapor skates as sold. Thanks for your awesome site! David

Rich, I already sold my Moegma skates. Again thank you so much for the great website! - Shu

Rich just wanted to let you no I sold the Simmon boots. Thanks for letting me post them on your site. Chris D.

Hi! I have sold the boots that you so kindly put on your page. I appreciate your help. I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again! Shannon C.

Rich, Wow, not even on your site a full day & both sets of frames already sold! Thanks so much for your help. David C.

Thanks so much for letting me advertise my skates on your site.
I sold this pair today (Simmons Twister). Melanie C

Rich...I have sold the boots that I listed on your site. Thanks a bunch! Matt

Thank you! The frames and wheels sold within 3 hours of being put on your
site. You can mark the item sold when possible. Thank you! Deb

Hi Rich, Please remove this posting "Powerslide R2 Speed Skates". They sold. Thanks for a great service and website. Very informative. Carrie

I sold the skates you listed for me. Thanks for listing them. It worked like a charm. Chris

You did it again! Thanks for listing my skates, they generated interest 6 hours after listing, and the final sale has gone through today. What fabulous service you offer! Thanks! Deb V.

The below skates sold today, and I thank you for the generous opportunity to list them on your site. This opportunity, together with your informative web site and competitively priced skating equipment, along with your willingness to personably and enthusiastically spend time on the telephone with your customers, makes your store my first choice for my skating needs. Thank you. Steve D.

I just wanted to let you know that I sold my frames that I had listed. Thank you for listing them!! You offer a great service and it has worked for me every time I've used it. Emily.

Thanks so much for listing my boots! I received an email within 5 minutes of you posting my email address, and have received payment, via Paypal, this morning. I really appreciate the service you give your customers, and the time you took to help me out with my selection.
Deb V.

Would you please mark my frames as SOLD. Thank you again for making you web site available as I have bought and sold most all my equipment directly from you site. Scott

Just wanted to thank you for posting my ad and to let you know that these skates have been sold.
Glenn O.

Hi Richard, Thanks again, for letting me post my cado 4 110 frames on your web site, I was able to get my asking price, so they are sold. Regards, Darrell G.

Please remove the following ad from your site. Thank you very much. They sold quickly as always on your site. Brent

Hi, I sold the Mogema R-1 boots posted on you're site. Thanks for the help! Jeremy

I just sold the 100mm frames, Mogema Cross Trainer so you can note them as sold also, thank you again for all of your great help. Julie E.

I just sold the Powerslide Vision100mm frames. Thank you so much for sponsoring the used section, it works like a charm. Julie E.

Just wanted to let you know the boots sold. Thanks again for your service. Blake

Thank you for listing the skates on your site. I was actually able to make a trade/sale with another Nettracing customer to a skate that should work much better for me. Expect plenty of business in the future. Josh

Dear Rich, Thank you again... Please mark my skates sold... I sincerely appreciate all you do for the sport and your customers. You are the "Go to" skate guy! Claire

WOW, I cant believe I'm saying this but I already had a sale from my ad. I sold my frame tonight that was in the ad. Jaime

I just wanted to thank you again for providing us with this service. My skates sold in 1 day!!!! Now its time for some new gear! Josh

These skates were sold. Please mark or remove accordingly. Thanks for hosting the ad. It's a wonderful service you provide. Jp

Hey Nettracing, We received payment for both the boots and the frames. Thanks for the great site. Bill

I sold my daughters skates. The kids Powerslide R2 adjustable skates with the extra set of outdoor wheels. Please mark as sold. Thank you so much for all your help in the purchasing and support of all my skates, equipment ,and accessory's. I have learned so much from your web site. I appreciate your "Used" section. After three weeks, with many of interested people, I was successful. Thanks again, Nate

Richard, Please mark SOLD or remove from used. Thanks for putting them on there. I had posted them on Ebay but the final sale was due to your site. Thanks, Eric

Rich, Thank you so much for listing my frames. I won't need the add any longer since they were sold before 24 hours had even passed. It's not hard to see why you have so many loyal customers with all the extras, great service, and excellent web site. Keep the reviews coming their also great. Chuck

Thanks for making this web site possible. Kory M

This is sold already (one day). Thank you for your website! David

Richard Thanks A Million For Puttin My Ad On Your Site. It Sold In 3 Days And Is No Longer Needed On The Site. But For Now On I Think I Know Where I'll Sell My Speed Skating Products, On Anyway Thanks Again. Your A Great Guy To Do Business With. William

Hey Richard this add is sold. Thanks alot man. I love nettracing!! shits awesome!! lol pce

I just wanted to let you know that I sold my boot and frame that is listed on your used site. It's approximately the 14th add down from the top. It's the Luigino boot (Victory) and the Pilot frame with it. Thank you so much. You really are reaching out to the community by offering this site !!! Lisa

The powerslide setup was sold thank very much for having this free service. Thankx, Michael....

Richard my add is most likely sold. So thanks an please post sold on this add again .. lol thanks love this web site.. bye

Thank you for all your help here! As soon as you added them to your website, I had over 10 people that responded within the first hour. I have sold them. You can take them off of the list. Tim

Thanks to your site, those skates are sold. If you would mark them as sold, that would be much appreciated. Again, thanks a lot ! Venky

I have sold the viper frames and wheels. Thank you very much for allowing me to use you site to sell my used equipment. -Ryan

Hi Richard...thanks for the use of your site. I have sold the boots I had posted there. Matt

Hi Rich, I sold the Bont Zero boots and rest of package, Thanks so much. Bill

You were absolutely right about the frames selling quickly. They have been sold, and now I need to withdraw the ad. Many thanks, again, for providing such a valuable service to skaters. Joe

Would you please mark the Tru-Rev 110mm frames as SOLD in the used section. Thank you again for making your site available to the skating community, Scott

These have been sold. Thanks! I appreciate you making the sale possible. Chris S.

I just wanted to thank you again for providing us with this service. I sold my skates. The Powerslide R2 skates. Please mark as sold. Thank you so much for all your help in the purchasing and support. I have learned so much from your web site. I appreciate your "Used" section. Thanks again, Alejandro

Hello, I have sold these boots :) thank you for the help in advertising them! Sara J.

The Arco frames that are listed on your used page were sold today!
Thanks so much for having this service on your site. Thanks again, Maki

Thank you so much for allowing me to put my skates on your website to sale. I had a lot of people asking for them. I did sale them to someone. The transaction was simple and fast. I have received my money and shipped the guy the skates by FedEx just a few minutes ago. Again, Thanks!! Mike P.

The boots are sold, please remove. Thanks so much for all your help in getting this done. Sandy A.

This website is great I have been able to sell my stuff fairly quickly on you site. I also buy stuff from your site. You provide a great way to find stuff skaters need. Keep up the great work. Christy P.

Could you please mark the powerslide 5X84 frame sold. This is a great website. You provide a great service for skaters. Christy

Hi Richard, The frame and wheels have been sold. Thanks for providing a great service! Don

Thanks for your assistane & for providing this service to the skating community! David Y.

Rich - please remove my listing of the used Miller boots and frames. I got a call from an 18 year old skater in South Carolina who wanted them but didn't have very much money, so I decided to give them to him for Christmas. Seems like a good cause, as yours is to provide us all with a venue for disposing of used equipment. David R.

Can you please take the add out for the Verducci boot. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work this is a great outlet for skaters to get things that they need. Christy P.

I sold my skates on your used section and i just wanted to let you know that you can take it down. It was the powerslide C6 skates with the hyper Agent Orange wheels. Thanks again for your assistance with this used section forum as it came in handy for selling purposes. Clint C.

I sold my frames so can you please remove the ad for the Mogema 4x100 frames with 190 spacing. Thank you very much for your classified service. Adiel

Richard, Thank you SOOO much for posting my ads. I sold the Powerslide R2's (the 3rd ad down). Staci

Rich, Please mark my ads sold, the R4s and the 10.25 Powerslide frames. Thanks a bunch. A win-win service. Claire

Rich, Just wanted to let you know that the items I had for sale on your sight are now sold and want to Thank you very much for allowing me to have them on there. It is a great outlet and gets nationwide attention! Bryan S.

Thank you so much. Your site is a great opportunity for skaters to recoup some of the hefty investment speed skating takes. Chris

We sold the boots, they are the blue powerslide. You can mark sold or take them off is you like, Thank you very much for your website and we will continue to buy our skate items from you. Regards Sylvie

Thank you guys very much for the service. Ernest P.

I sold the 9 1/2 Blue Bont Vaypors. Thanks for all the help. Keith

I have the following ad in your "used" section: The skates have been sold, so you can remove it from your website. Thanks for your help in selling these skates. Scott

Thank you for listing my skates on your site. I have sold the C-6 package but only the frame/wheels on the Simmons. Could you please make those adjustments on your site. Unbelievable how many inquires I received about the skates. Thank you again. Shawn T.

Hi my name is James and my skates are sold. Thanks alot, yalls website is the best.

Thank you Richard for posting the boot for us. It did sell so you can now take it off your used site. The Luigino size 8. Thanks again, Christie

Hi Rich. You can mark these as sold - woohoo! Dropping the price $50 did the trick. Thank you sooooo much! Nancy :^)

Please remove the add you posted for the items I had for sale as all have been sold. Thank you very much for your generous offer to use your website for this purpose. Tom O.

They are sold - already. Thanks for letting me put them on your site. Thanks again, Kimberly

In a week, I sold the frames featured in the following ad! Thanks again! Scott D.

Hi Richard, Another well deserved Thanks to you and your web site. Please mark the Short track setup as "Sold". Thanks, Venky R

Thanks alot for all the help. The size 9 Hyper Sincro's have sold. Keith

With your help, I have sold these boots. Please remove them from your used list.
Thanks so much for your help. Eric A.

Thank you for allowing me to place my skates on your site. They sold in a matter of 2 days. And everyone is happy. Wanted to let you know so you can change the ad to sold. Jeff A.

Please remove my posting or mark as sold Luigino Attitude skates. Thanks for the invaluable service you provide. For what it's worth, everybody that I know will be told about your great site. Pat L.

Hey, the Ion frames you listed for me sold! Thank you very much. I have not heard anything about the boots, so they are still sold so far. No problem. This service never ceases to amaze me. Thank you very much, I really apprecialte your help! Jeff

Hi, I want to thank you for helping me sell my boots. Would you please take my add off of the site they have been sold. You are great!

The Simmons boot is sold. Thanks for letting me put it on here. I love this website. Keep up the good work. Christy

Hi Richard, I sold the Rollerblade pro 100's with the mpc wheels today. Thanks again, I got so much response on them it was great. regards, Darrell

Thanks for your help selling my Simmons inline boots you are AMAZING!!! Please take my add off. Thanks Elizabeth

I'm just shooting you a line letting you know my boots have sold. I had the Pinnacle customs in black, blue, and orange for sale. Thank you very much, I really appreciate you help in selling those boots!!!! Jeff B.

This is Chris. I had the green Verducci and Pilot skates. They sold almost immediately. Feel free to remove them. Thanks for all your help Chris P.

Would you kindly mark the Simmons skate I have for sale on the used page sold. Thank you so much for the ability to post it on your site. I have had at least 100 calls or so on my stuff for sale on there.

I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate you posting my ad on your site. I was finally able to sell my skates and there was no way I would have without your help and your website. Kindness has prevailed once again. If only there were more people willing to help others as you do. Thanks again. Joey B.

Hi, I recently posted a frame on your Used Section. And it has sold. Thank you very much for letting me post it. Can you take the ad down now. Thanks Jon A.

Could you please remove my listing. Thanks for your help yet again for helping me sell our used equipment. Your site is very valuable to us in the Speed Skating community and I am sure I speak for many in saying thank you for everything you do. Jamie C.

Rich, he Simmons American Strat setup and the Liberty, and Luigino frames are sol, thank you so much for letting me post them. speedsk8ingdad

Thanks for the help, these items sold in one day off your site. Have a nice & safe day! Ray

Rich, The following items have been sold. Thanks for posting these items. The response was from buyers was quick! Matt

Rich, We just sold the boots. Thank you so very much! I definitely appreciate all your help. We received many emails about the skates and we thank you and Nett Racing for having the site available for us to use to sell the skates. Thanks again, Valita W.

These have been sold - thanks for providing the venue! Chris S.

The Black Canariam 4x90mm frames that I have on your page are now sold. Thanks again for posting my stuff, I got immediate results. Matt K.

Hi Rich, I sold my skates. Thanks for your help!! I really appreciate it. Blue Eyed Michael

Hi Richard, Just got word in that the Bont 2008 Vapor package is sold, thanks once more. Wayne N.

Hello!! Just sending you word that my pair of Schankel skates has sold. Yet again your help has come through!! Thank you very much!!!!!
Jeff B.

Fabulous job on selling my Powerslides. Always the best source for buying new, or selling old. Please mark my skates as sold. Thanks Richard! Deb V.

I just wanted to let you know that I sold my skate and Bag from your website. Thank You for the help in advertising it. You are doing a great service to fellow skaters. Thanks Again. Thank You! Arleen C.

Please mark the Luigino Attitude Size 7 sold... Thank you for your time and your ad! A great way to sell used skates, I had 6 people call and email the first day!!! Awsome ad page, keep up the good work!!! Michael P.

Hi Richard, I have an ad with you, I wanna thank you for your help where as I sold them today. Great Site. Thanks, Adam Y.

Thank you once again for your great used skate sales page!!! Can't thank you enough, I will be watching your site for the skates Im looking to buy!!!! Michael P.

The below listed item has been sold. Thank you very much for the opportunity to list and sell on your site. Darryl S.

I recently have just sold the package. I would like to thank you so much for letting me post them on your store website. You can now take down, Ryan Thanks!

I have sold my Tour 890 inline set (the 38th ads on the page), so can you mark it SOLD or just remove it? -- Thank you very much! Again I greatly appreciate your kindly help! -Shu

Richard, I already sold my friend's Bont Shark II inline and short track set from your used equipment page (current the 7th on the website, would you mark it SOLD?). We got more than a dozen emails and phone calls within the first 24 hours you put the ad on. We appreciate your kindly assistance and generous efforts for all the speed skaters! Thank you very much! --Shu

Rich, You've helped me sell my Powerslide skates! Thanks for letting me post them up on your site! Stephen D.

I just wanted to let you know that the boots are now sold. Thank you so much for posting this info on the site. I really appreciate it. I will def use your site again. The boots sold fairly quick. Ciao. Holly A.

I really like your website. I have bought and sold alot of my stuff here. Keep up the good work. Christy P.

Please put the luigino attitudes sold" on your site. I apreciate your site very much. Thank you. Kohl J.

Thank you very much! I posted the skates on the site and sold them with no problem!!! Corey L.

Richard - Thanks so much for your help with this! A wonderful gentleman from Missouri bought these from me today. Kind Regards, Dave M.

Hi Richard, The Simmons frame has sold, thanks again for letting me sell my stuff on your web site. Darrell G.

Sold the Mogema and Viper frames. Thanks alot Rich for letting me post on your site. Chris D.

I just wanted to say thank you and that all of my inlines have sold off of your site. Thanks and you can take down my postings. John H.

Hi Richard, I've sold the Luigino Challenge size 8 boot. Once again thanks so much for providing this service for us. Thanks, Wayne N.

Thank you again for posting my ad. I wanted to let you know my skates have sold so you can mark it on your site! Thank you again, Michele H.

Thanks for the posting Richard. Just wanted to let you know I Sold them. Thanks Again, Brian

I would like to thank you for allowing people to post used items on your site, and the time you spend posting them. Jason M.

Thanks so much Richard, I'm getting tons of emails and phone calls about the frames already. You rock the house man. Wayne N.

Thank you very much, your site is a great place for skaters. Bill R.

Hi, the blue Bont Vaypor 3d boots were sold this weekend that you listed for me on your website. Thank you so much for this service, its by far the best place to buy and sell used equipment. Roxanne R.

Rich, many thanks in advance for putting my stuff up on your site. Much obliged. Needless to say any proceeds will be spent on supporting Nettracing. Thank you, Vik

Rich, These have been sold. Again, thanks for providing the venue. Regards, Chris

We have sold all the skate equipment we had listed on your site. Thank you so much for hosting the site - you guys do an awesome job!
Debbie E.

These have been sold. Once again, thanks a million for providing the venue. Chris S.

Hi Richard, The Liberty Ion frames are sold, Thanks so much. Wow, sold in less then 12 hours. Wayne N.

Thank you very much for letting us skaters use your site. Marie K.

I have sold the listing below. I would once again like to thank you for helping me sell these. I always refer as many people as I can to your site. Love your business. Have a great day. Sylvie H.

Thanks Rich, I recently sold the K2's I put on the site a couple days ago so you can put sold on the add. Your site is a great place for people to buy and sell inlines!!! Thomas F.

My skates sold, Thanks. This is a great service to move second hand gear. It worked well for me. -Eric D.

I have sold the pair of vanilla blackmails that I listed on the used site a few weeks ago. Thanks again, this site is absolutely the BEST place to buy and sell used skating equipment. Thomas F.

Dear Rich, kindly mark these as sold as the boots have finally sold, many thanks to you. You are a true asset and a real help to our community. Thanks again. Vik C.

Hey Rich...the Bont 3 pt 3 x 110 1 X 100 sold the very first day, thank you. Kimberly R.

Hey Richard: this is Mallo from Houston TX. I sold my skates, THANKS!!! 2 U Guys!! And Let me tell you something: This is better then EBAY!!... Sold in one week!!!! Thanks again for hosting the USED section!!

Rich: My skates sold only after a couple of days on your site. Thank you very much for the service that you provide. Steve B.

Hey thanks for the help Rich, my sz 11 C6 powerslide boots sold! Michael S.

Hi Richard, Thank you again for letting me post my Bont Vaypors on your site, as I recieved many inquires, and they have been sold.
Darrell G.

Just wanted to let you know that I sold the Cheetahs I posted a few weeks back. This site is awesome I've sold all three skates I've posted on here within a week! Thomas F.

Hi Richard. Earlier today I just sold my Bont Apaches for exactly what I was asking for in less than a week! I'd been trying to sell those things for years with no luck. Thanks for posting those on your page. Plus I also bought some boots and frames at a great price on here as well. Once again thanks, Blake F.

Both frames have sold, thank you for the hast in posting them, they both sold the next day! -- Thank You, Alex S.

Hi Richard, I wanted to thank you for all of your expertise in helping me purchase my skates back in January. After listening to my stories of woe about my flat feet and permanent calluses caused by other brand name speed skates, you suggested a skate. I could not be happier! They literally fit like a glove from the first minute I put them on, not a callous or hot spot to speak of. My last 2 pairs of skates would rub my feet raw if I just looked in their direction. These have been a dream to wear! Although I don't skate nearly as much as I used to (or would like to) I can honestly say that these are still far superior to my previous skates. If I may use your quote, they truly are the "Holy Grail" of inline speed skates! Thank you SO much! (my feet thank you more moleskin, bandages or cut up mousepads for me!) Sincerely,
Kimberly A.

Rich, would you remove my ad (Rollerblade ProBlade Junior 4x84) from your website since I already sold them within 48 hours? Most grateful! Thank you! -Shu L.

I was able to sell most of what I advertised. I will be back with a new ad for you soon. And thanks alot for your service!!(Nettracing rocks ). Its a great favor to provide for us skaters, that gotta be a big headache for you sometimes. David E.

Hey sup? I sold my skates within 3 days. Wow, I will def use your website often. Michael H

Thank you Richard you have helped me sell many things and they always sell fast. Ryan J

Rich, Would you please mark my skates that you listed as sold? Thank you very much for offering this service! I had alot of interest and mulitple offers from your site. I have now bought and sold a pair of skates through your used section and have a couple of friends looking for a pair on there now. I would recommend this to just about anyone interested either buying or selling. Thanks again!! AJ

Sold my Bont Vaypors in a few days. Thanks for letting me post another item. Thanks, Blake F.

Thanks Rich - I appreciate it. BTW - I recently bought a complete set of skates and a frame from the site. Thanks for what you do! Wesley S.

Please post the following on your site. Your help in spreading the word about my available skates is much appreciated! Thanks, Molly

Thanks again for all of your help - sure am glad to have your help selling this stuff! Janet S.

Wow! I sold these already, got a call first thing this morning. Could you please mark them as sold. Thanks so much! Erin A.

Thanks for offering this awesome service! Just upgraded to 100mm hi/lo setup bought off your site as well! Doug T.

We wanted to tell you that we have sold the item. Thank you for letting us use your website! Have a wonderful day! Hullo Hi

I love your used section. I end up checking it every week to see if there is something I just can't live without. Hans S.

Hey Richard, Just wanted to let you know that the Simmons boots I just listed for my son sold already so if you could mark them sold for me that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for allowing me to use your site for my sale. Glenna B. : )

Rich, Thanks again for sponsoring a used equipment page. The value of this service to the skating community is simply immeasurable. Paul K.

Thank you so much! Your site is a great place to get skate stuff sold! Stephanie

Bont Lithium Sold. Thanks again for offering this great service! Doug T.

Rich, Would you please mark the boots as sold. These sold in less than a week and had at least 5 different inquires. Thanks again for your help and your site!! Aaron J.

Rich, These have been sold. Thanks so much for providing the venue. Chris S.

The boots sold very fast within 5 hours thanks for the great website! Susan D.

Many thanks Richard. I've had a lot of luck selling used equipment on your site in the past! Julie W.

Hey, the Pilot frame is sold and Pinnacle boot are pending money being sent. Thanks for a great way to sell our used equipment. Stephanie G.

Pinnacles are sold. I have sold 3 pairs of skates and a boot. All the items sold off your site and sold quick with great buyers that all paid quickly. I want to thank you for your site and your services. I really appreciate it and I am sure others do also. Have a good day. Scott H.

I certainly appreciate your offering the used column on your website. Many thanks! Melanie C.

Richard, thanks for this awesome service that you provide to the skating
community. Sold the pink Pinnacle in just one day thanks to you.
Brian C.

I have purchased a few things from your used web site and it has been a great service for us inline skaters. Thank you for keeping it going. I probably visit your site 6 times a week. DARRELL G.

The frames in the add as it appears below in your "Used" section have been sold. Thank you once again for having such a fantastic venue to buy and sell previously owned skate products. Tom O.

Hi Richard, just to let you know that my items were sold, thanks for everything. I really appreciate your help, thanks again. Richard B.

Please list the following ad for me in your Used section. Thanks for everything you do for skating, I really appreciate it. Thanks, Arriel R.

Rich, Sold the Bont Z's (Size 8). Thanks again your site is the best!!!! I've sold 5 different skates on here and all of them gone w/in 2 weeks! Thomas F.

Would you please mark the ad sold. I really appreciate your offering this service! It was a great help. Take care! Melanie C.

Hi, I sold the Vaypors, that quick (1 day) lol. Could you remove them, Thanks. Brandon S.

Richard, Again, you have provided a service that is much appreciated! Please mark my K2 Radical 90 skates as "SOLD". Thank you so much for giving me the venue to sell my used skates to a skater who is new to the sport ~ you're continued support of this skating makes you an Ambassador for continued inline fun! Skate on! Deb J.

Sold em already! By my count they were up for an hour before I got an email and a text from 2 diff people. The texter was ready to roll!!! Thanks so much again, I've now sold at least 6 different things from your site! Thomas Ford

Hi Richard, Thanks again for letting us inliners sell our stuff for free. Also just to let you know the Luigino Pilot frame I have for sale has sold. Thanks, Darrell G.

Hi Richard, Please mark these skates as "SOLD". Many thanks (again) for offering a venue to sell used skates! Deborah J.

Please remove my ad - I sold my skates yesterday! Thank you so much for offering this service! Juli H.

Hi Richard, please pull my add, all have been sold. Many thanks for your time and trouble. Your site rocks as always!!! Have a good one, Scott

I wanted to let you know that the frames in the add below are sold and the add can be taken down. Thank you very much for listing the add. It is a great resource. I will send any business I can your way. Thanks, John A.

The Powerslide skates you helped me list have sold. Thank you very much!!! Scott D.

Richard, I really want to thank you for the listings on your web site. First I sold my Mogema frames now you can mark my Powerslide R4 skates as "SOLD". You are really great for helping both buyers and sellers. Many thanks, Gary

Rich, I have sold the Challenge package and the Sting package. Praise God for honest people like you. Thank you for giving me the heads up and thank you for all that you do. You have been a blessing to me and my family. God Bless B.J.

Richard; Sold my 2009 RAPS V8 ice blades and related equipment. Your forum is a Godsend - thanks! Greg O

Hi Richard, How are you? I'm happy to say that my boots were sold and the transaction was a smooth one. Thank you very much Richard. Jake

Rich, I would like to thank you for putting my skates on your website and I love using your site, they have been sold so please take them off your site. Thanks again for your help. Jay L.

I sold the blue Powerslide Venom 4x90 frames (6th from top). Wow a lot of people must watch that page because stuff sells fast. You know, most of the replies I get are from the southeast. Virginia, Georgia, North/South Carolina.... Speed skating is big out there. Where I live I'm lucky to see one other guy doing it. Efrem B.

My Cado frames sold. Thanks again for your great service. Scott H.

Richard, I have sold these skates. Thanks for helping me out with your website! You can mark them sold. Thanks again. Sandy W.

Hey Rich...the frames sold as soon as you posted them, thank you! Kimberly

Good morning Richard, Please mark the skate as sold. Thanks for having this service. It's awesone. Sandra D.

Please mark my Luginio Struts size 12's as sold, Thanks very much for posting them for me. Troy F.

Bought a pair of used quad skates thru your site. Was an excellent transaction and will definitely recommend you to my friends! Rhonda R.

Thanks for letting me know, I really appreciate your site. Brandon M.

Awesome...thanks so much. This site is amazing.. Val S.

Thanks Rich, you've been so helpful I'll continue doing business with you and also spread the word! Shawn L.

I am writing to request for you to post the add below to your used webpage. Thank you so much for providing this wonderful service! Nik N.

Sold within 3 hours of being on the site!!!!! Thomas F.

Hi Richard the K2's have sold. Thanks as always for providing this awesome service! Cheers Doug T.

Please mark these frames as sold. As usual, excellent service and a great source for in-line skating equipment, used and new. Regards, Arriel R.

Hey Richard, My advertisement can be taken down or marked as "sold." Thanks for having such an awesome site for selling used stuff! Anthony N.

Sold!!!!! Thanks as always for this awesome service! Cheers, Doug T

Please mark sold! This website is amazing! Jessica S.

Rich, Thank you for listing my used speed skates on your site. You provide a valuable service to both sellers and buyers of used equipment. In these economic times, not everyone can afford to purchase top of the line skates at new prices and your Used Skate section gives one an alternative to shop within their budget. Regards, Steve P.

I just wanted to let you know that I recently sold my Challenge boots off your site (see below for the ad) I always appreciate your professionalism and willingness to provide advice, even when you might not make a sale! Take care. Nik N.

Hello Richard. The Luigino Mini Challenges below are sold. Thank you for
providing a safe place to make them available! Vicki D.

Rich, If you could mark the bont highrollers and pinnacle boots as sold,
that would be great. Thanks so much for having this on your website! Aaron S.

I have sold both sets of skates. Thank you for taking the time to post them.
Stephanie S.

Hey Rich these sold. Many thanks as always for providing this awesome service!!!! Cheers Doug T.

Thank you for allowing people to use your website. I know personally I have sold a few things on your site and it always works out very well. I think I can speak for the skating world in saying thank you for all you do for this market. Alex S.

Thank you Richard for listing them and for what you do for skating!!! Jarrad G.

Richard-WOW! I have received payment for all my items listed just a few days ago. Thank you so much for providing this service. I will certainly recommend your site to the skaters I know. Thanks again. Amy M.

Hello Richard. Just wanted to let you know that the boots have been sold. If you could list them as sold I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks for allowing me to use nettracing to sell my items.Glenna B.

Hey Rich, thanks so much for listing my boots for such a long time in your "Used" section. I finally sold them to an old skating buddy. You're really a great guy to support the skating/racing community like you do and I really appreciate your assistance. Thanks again and the best of luck to you and your business. Wayne J.

You were gracious enough to list my daughters Luigino Adjustable kids skates approximately 2 weeks ago. Thanks to your cite, I am happy to report to you that both skates sold. The first within 2 days, the second before the end of week two. Thanks again, Jason A.

Please mark as sold! Sold in day one! Thank you so much. Marc B.

These are sold. Thank you so much for allowing a place to sell used items. I received calls & text within hours and sold them the next day. Thanks a Bunch! Julie H.

Both Cado Motus Pro Frames have been sold HiLo 3x110-1x100 & the HiLo 2x110-2x100 thank you so much for posting ur awesome!!! :) Crystal F.

I am letting you know that I just sold my Powerslide R2 skates from your website. Thankyou very much. This is the best site for finding skating equipment that I've found, I tell everyone I know about it! Thanks again Holly C.

Hi there, Rich. You listed some blades in your used section for me. The blades have sold so you can update the listing to reflect that. I appreciate the space on your website to help sell the blades. Jonathan

My another skate set (luigino mini-challenge) was just sold. Again, thank you very much for providing speed skaters this wonderful used equipment website! Shu L.

Just wanted to let you know that I sold the Bont 3pf and wheels. That makes it 11 for 11 for selling on the site! Also found a fighter pilot on here ONLY place I could find one!!! Your site is awesome! Thomas F.

My boot has sold. Thanks again! I LOVE YOUR SITE!! April

Hi Rich, The Challenges are sold. Just a few hours. I think that's a record for my stuff! Just shows that your site is invaluable for the sport. Arriel R.

Richard, Thanks for the prompt, courteous and personal service. As a small business owner myself I appreciate it. Bruce K.

Outstanding - many thanks as always! Doug T.

Rich, Thank you for listing these. They are sold. Sure appreciate you allowing us to post things on your site. Have a great rest of the week. Jason M.

Rich, Once again you've helped me sell an item on your site, and helped our sport
continue to grow! Thanks! These sold. Jason M.

Rich, These sold this afternoon. Can't thank you enough for your help! Jason M.

I'm in the process of buying another pair of skates from your used site. Best and only used site I use besides eBay. Hans S.

Thanks for providing a forum! Love your site. John H.

We had an ad on your used area for SD Scud Short Track boots. These have been sold, so you can remove the ad or mark them as sold. Thanks again for offering this wonderful service! It's a great help! Jenina M.

Just a note to let you know that all three of the items are now sold. Thank you for having posted my items in your classified section! Warm regards, Mike J.

Thanks Richard, these sold the first day! Sure appreciate the way you support our sport! Jason M.

Thanks for creating an outlet for skate items. Craig

Please put on site. Thanks a million sir. You have no idea how much this helps. Dustin J.

Thanks again for providing such a great forum for trading in skating equipment!
Cheers, Jenina

Hi Richard, good news, the inline frames sold to a very nice buyer. He already has them and is pleased Thanks for all your help and for having such a great site! Kind regards,
Jillian G.

Luigino bolts size 10 on the powerslide carbon frames were sold you can remove add thanks for listing they were sold within 24 hrs! Awesome. Will

Please mark my boot as sold. Thank you so much for all your help. I don't think I could have gotten my boots sold so quickly without this site. Thanks, Siobhan A.

Hi Richard, Would you be kind enough to list this ad on your used page? Thanks again for providing this useful community service! Cheers, Jenina M.

I have sold them, I really have to thank you for your help, thank you again. Martin B.

Please remove this ad from your site. Item already sold! Thanks again for the great site. Blake C.

Thank you so much for providing a better forum to sell speed skates than having to go on eBay or Craigslist! Kim H.

Rich, You have done it again!!! My used simmons were sold with in a week. Thank you so much for providing this service to skaters. It is really hard to find good sites with new and used skate equipment, not to mention really great service, advice and communication. I LOVE ITEmoji Thank you Thank you Thank you!!! Lisa R.

Attitude frames have been sold. Thank you for providing this great website. Joey H.

Thank you for hosting a place where people can find good homes for their unused equipment. Mine certainly needs a good home ;) Nick B.

Thanks. Btw I recently purchased a Simmons Pro-M1 off your used section. Thanks for running such a great used site. Hans S.

Thanks Rich, you're site always helps me get rid of stuff that I cant use. They were sold from a person in Australia viewing your site. Thanks so much! Jason

Thank you Richard, Everything sold, Definitely will recomend your site more often!
Matt O.

Hey wanted to let you know the 110 mm flash plates posted early last week are sold. Thank you for letting us use this service for free. Nichols

Richard, Thank you so much for this special way you allow us to sell our items. I will continue to recommend your site for purchases. Willi

Hi Guys, I sold the simmons boots. You can delete the ad. Thank You for your service to the skating community. Ron M.

Hey Rich - These are sold already! Less than 24h. Many thanks again for all your help in trying to grow the sport. Doug T.

Rich, These skates sold yesterday--within a day of being listed!--and I shipped them today. Please mark them SOLD. Your USED site is a great resource. Thanks very much for your help, Gary B.

These are sold too - 3 setups sold in 3 days! :-) You rock. Doug T.

Skates have been sold. Thank you and I have been using your site for years! Very nice what you do. Juan V.

Rich, Thank you once again for this service! Your support and dedication to the sport and your customers has always been first rate and appreciated by me. Please mark this ad SOLD! Claire

These skate boots have been sold. Thank you for your site, new and used! It's a great and reliable resource. Skates moving from inline downhill in Canada to slalom in Poland. :D Mike R.

Hi Rich, Your web magic has worked yet again just like I knew that it would, my 3 point Bont Jets are sold. Thanks! Cher R.

Dualbox is Sold! That was fast. Thomas F.

Thanks for the great service. Phillip D.

My skates have sold. Great buyer. Thanks for listing these for me. Thanks again Rob

I wanted to thank you for your support when buying my Strut boot. I?m a quad skater learning how to skate inlines and you helped me decide on the Strut boot which is working out well. It?s a little higher for more support and the comfort is great. I appreciate your feedback and knowledge to help me make an informed decision. Best Regards, Stacy S.

Hello, Can you please remove my Bont Cheetah skate package on the used section of your website? They are sold. Thank you for the opportunity to post them. Keep up the great work and keeping skating going! Marvin B.

Our last item listed just sold. Thank you for this wonderful service. Michelle G.

Thank you Richard, we met some good families through the process. It's great what your site does to help racing families. Will be visiting and buying from your site for my son next pair before next race. Thanks again. Mona I.

Wow! Sold already thank for your help! -Connor C.

Thanks for running the site and providing a great service. Nina M.

Thanks man! Awesome customer support you guys have at nettracing thanks again. Lanini S.

All sold! Many thanks as always for providing this awesome service! Doug T.

Thank you for all you do and providing this space. Jarrad G.

Good morning, Just wanted to inform you that I sold my frames. Thank you for posting them. Have a great weekend. Jarrad G.

Thanks Richard, Always a pleasure to deal with you. I look forward to 2019 and ordering a new setup for my boys. ChRiS C.

Heyo! The skates are sold. Thanks again for the platform. James F.

Hi Rich, You can add my name to your list of happy customers who have sold their used equipment quickly and efficiency. I actually sold my skates through your site to a guy who lives in my little town just outside of Charlotte. What are the chances? Thanks for your great customer service!!! -JKH
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