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Buyers: We have now changed to a "Paypal Only" policy for payments on our used page. If you don't have a Paypal account you can signup Here. It's free and easy. This way you'll be protected by Paypal Fraud Protection. When you pay, choose "I'm paying for goods or services" not "I'm sending money to family or friends". If you choose "I'm sending money to family or friends" you void your Paypal fraud protection. Please let us know if anyone asks you to pay outside of Paypal. To search on the used page, in the browser tool bar click on "edit" then "find" then type in what your looking for, Powerslide, Mogema, Bont, frames etc. If you email someone and don't get a response please let us know so we can pull the ad.

Sellers: We have now changed to a "Paypal Only" policy for payments on our used page. As of late we've received to many complaints from buyers paying for equipment and not receiving anything. Again, some always have to ruin it for the rest. You can signup for a Paypal account Here. It's easy to signup and as the seller this gives you Paypal Fraud Protection. Make sure if someone does send you a Paypal payment that you log into your Paypal account to verify the payment as some are sending bogus Paypal payment emails but no payment was actually made. Do not ask the buyer to pay with the "I'm sending money to family or friends" option which voids the buyers Paypal fraud protection. Try not to let someone pick up equipment your selling. If you don't have a tracking number to prove to Paypal you shipped the item the buyer can say you didn't ship the item and they get their money back. Paypal fees for the seller are around 3%. That's $3 per $100 collected. If you don't want to pay the Paypal fees add $3 per $100 to the asking price of the item your selling. Please put the statement "Paypal Only" in your submitted ad. If it's not there it will delay your ad posting. If you don't add it we will have to email you asking if we can add it. If the answer is no we cannot post the ad.

How to submit ads: If you would like to list your used inline speed skates or roller skates on the used page please email a description, and picture in jpg format to If you want your email address or phone number in the ad please put one or both in the ad you are submitting. Keep the ad in paragraph format and no more then 10 lines. Please submit 1 ad per email and no more then 4 picts per ad (per email). Please don't post wheel only ads, bearing only ads, or wanted ads. Please let us know when your item has sold so we can get it marked as sold. If you want your ad marked as sold or edited please include the email address or phone number in the ad so we can properly find the ad. We will now be deleting any ad's after the 150th listing. That will give you a good 1 to 2 months on the used page. We cannot move a lower ad back to the top. You can relist an ad if you see it drop off the bottom. This board is for private parties only, please do not post if your a business or rink. Nett Racing reserves the right to refuse any ad at it's discretion.

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