Atom Boom Magic Wheels
Atom Boom Magic Wheels
2021 Atom Boom Magic Outdoor Wheels
Firm 83a, XFirm 85a, XXFirm 87a
90mm - $16.95 (banded)
100mm - $18.95 (banded)
110mm - $18.95 (banded)
125mm - $29.95 (banded)
Specs: MPC, proprietary race formula, TPU core technology, Patent Turbine core technology, "Super Ball" MPC's proprietary inner band technology (highest rebound urethane in the world), Radius spine, optimizing urethane band position.

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Atom Matrix Blue Outdoor Wheel
Atom Matrix Blue Outdoor Wheel

80mm - 86a - $6.95
84mm - 86a - $6.95
90mm - 86a - $7.95
100mm - 86a - $8.95
110mm - 86a - $9.95
125mm - 86a - $12.95

The Matrix is Atom’s All Purpose wheel. Whether you’re looking to make the podium or set a new personal best time on your local trail, the Matrix is up for the task! Matrix represents a MAJOR overhaul utilizing our X-Flex core and proprietary 'Insane Thane' formula. Insane-Thane surpasses ALL previous Atom Wheels formulas. Trust your instincts - Skate at speeds and angles you have only dreamed about!
Atom Sub-7 Max Firm Pink Indoor Wheels
Atom Sub-7 Max Firm
Pink Indoor Wheels

100mm - 91a - Firm - $19.95
110mm - 91a - Firm - $21.95

Didn’t think it was possible?… well think again! The NEW Sub 7 MAX Indoor wheels have improved GRIP and ROLL compared to the original Atom Sub 7! After extensive testing along with some tweaking of the wheels chemistry and inner band, Atom Sub 7 MAX is FASTER than ever!
Atom Boom Purple Indoor Wheels
Atom Boom Purple Indoor Wheels

90mm - 93a - XF - $13.95 (banded)
100mm - 93a - XF - $14.95 (banded)
110mm - 93a - XF - $14.95 (banded)

Boom Indoor BANDED race wheels feature the same urethane used on our infamous Sub-7s. Our goal was to release a high-end wheel without the high-end price tag. We were able to achieve this by utilizing a more economical 8 spoked core which provides more flex/grip on every push. Features include: Available in sizes: FIRM - 90, 100, 110mm  XFIRM - 100, 110mm Dualband Technology' developed to enhance indoor racing performance, comfort and roll.
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