Atom Sub-7 Max XFirm Blue Indoor Wheels
Atom Sub-7 Max XFirm Blue Indoor Wheels
2022 Atom Sub-7 Max XFirm Blue Indoor Wheels
100mm - 93a - XFirm - $19.95
110mm - 93a - XFirm - $21.95
(Free Shipping)
Didn't think it was possible? Well think again! The NEW Sub 7 MAX Indoor wheels have improved GRIP and ROLL compared to the original Atom Sub 7! After extensive testing along with some tweaking of the wheels chemistry and inner band, Atom Sub 7 MAX is FASTER than ever!


Roller Derby Elite Alpha Skate Review
Roller Derby Elite Alpha
Skate Review

I got to try the Roller Derby Elite Alpha skate today. At the $200 price point I wasn't expecting much. After 25 years of trying boots on I'm kind of spoiled as far as what passes my tests. This skate passed my tests. It feels like your putting your feet into pillows. With the larger 110mm and 125mm wheels there's great support to stabilize the skate at the higher height. But, it wasn't to constrictive as I was able to do a full double push on them. They seem to fit ............
Atom Pro Skate Review
Atom Pro Skate Review

We all know Luigino and it's good working Strut, Challenge and Bolt boots. Well this is Luigino's, Atom branded, Strut like skate, but at a lower price then the Strut. The Luigino Strut skate price is $329-$349 where the Atom Pro skate price is $229-$249. The first thing I look at in a boot is the last design. If it's not comfortable nothing else really matters. It's comfortable. It has the same good ankle support like ......................
Luigino Strut Boot Review
Luigino Strut Boot Review

Wow, what a surprise. I first skated on my current best working boot to compare it to the new Strut and Attitude I was trying today. After skating on my current good working boot I then tried the Strut boot. It was like there was a motor in the boot over my current best working boot. It was so efficient. I could go and go before I had to slow down to rest. I thought there was something wrong. Maybe I wasn't warmed up and that's why the Strut was working so much better then my current best working boot. I went back to my old boot and the drag was back. I would go 1/3 the way before I had to rest. I then tried the Attitude boot. It worked like the Strut boot but it had a bit less..........
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