Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings
Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings
Bones Ceramic Super Reds 608 8mm Bearings
12 Pack - $142.95
16 Pack - $189.95
20 Pack - $237.95
Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearing Reviews:

Been skating for 10 years and these bones ceramic bearings are the best bearings. For the price their worth it. These are great for getting extra roll.

Bearings are so much faster than my old bearings. High quality for the price. These bearings rock.

I always come back to these bones ceramic bearings.  You will experience the smoothest ride ever. The bearings are smooth and durable.

Quantum leap above other bearings on the market. Expensive, but worth it. I give this bearings 10 stars.

Clearly better then other bearings. These bones ceramic bearings roll forever. They work amazingly well.

Working as expected. It feels like your riding on a magic carpet. I will purchase these again.

High quality product. I really enjoy them. The price is good. Ceramic really makes a difference!

These bones ceramic bearings hold up well in harsh conditions. Absolute change in performance. Well worth the money. Fantastic bearings.

Awesome bearings. I clean them regularly. They are extremely fast. Worth every penny.

They ride super smooth. Keep them clean and they'll last a long time.  Love these bearings!

I've bought 2 sets of these bones ceramic bearings. Considerable difference from my ABEC 7s. These bearings are absolutely amazing.

First time I used these. You will experience the smoothest ride ever. Really fast.

We upgraded from Abec 7 bearings. They are extremely fast. Less friction. Awesome bearings. You get what you pay for.

Bought these bones ceramic bearings about a year into skating Derby. Great bearings. Awesome roll. Very high quality.
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