Bones China Reds Bearings
Bones China Reds Bearings
Bones China Reds 608 8mm Bearings
12 Pack - $28.95
16 Pack - $37.95
20 Pack - $47.95
Bones China Reds Bearings Reviews:

Fresh out the box they spin forever. Great price good bearings. All's well.

I use bones china reds bearings in all my skates. Cruise forever and last a long time. Amazing performance for very little money.

Bones Reds are killer bearings. A really good deal. If you have a little more cash to spend go with super reds or ceramic reds.

Really nice quality. They fit perfectly. Great bearing for such a low price point.

Definitely less effort to roll with these bones reds bearings. You can't go wrong with any Bones products. Will buy again.

Worked perfectly for what I wanted.  If they are kept clean and lubricated they will last. You can't beat these bearings for overall performance.

Recommended for any person who skates regularly. They are really nice quality. They work as expected and are reliable.

Since my experience with these bones china reds bearings I've bought multiple sets of the Reds. Used in roller skates for skating fun. You cannot beat these for the money!

These Bones China Reds have been working. Weeks after skating they still spin well.
Can’t beat the price/quality.

I switched my stock bearings out for these and now I'm rolling smoothly. I was able to swap to the new bearings in about 5 minutes. I'm a happy camper.

I got my first set of Bones China Reds Bearings over a year ago. Compared to many other bearings on the market I would recommend these 100%. Smooth, easy roll, awesome.

I bought some reds bearings to replace the stock bearings in my skate. Doesn't require as much effort. These bearings are awesome.

Good for beginner skaters not looking to spend allot. These are some of the best bearings. Great price, good bearings.

They were shipped promptly and were just as advertised. Skating consistently and they've lasted me a long time without any cleaning or maintenance. I forgot how buttery smooth they were.

Since installing they are holding up very well. These Bones China Reds bearings are the  best value in bearings. Happy with everything I've purchased from this company so far.

They don't get as gummed up as the stock bearings because they have a cover. I would not pay for a set of bearings that was not serviceable again. Good value for the money.

These Bones Reds bearings have been around for years. I always put a new set of reds in before a race. They are so cheap. My favorite bearings.

These are skate rated bearings. Bones don’t mess around with that Abec rating. Hands down my favorite bearings. I will never buy another brand of bearings.

Once I hit the floor with these Reds bearings I was immediately impressed. You can feel the difference when you push. Put a little bearing lube in and they go forever.

Worked way better than the stock bearings the skate originally came with. Biggest bang for the buck. Great bearings.

I got several different bearings and these bones china reds bearings are the best. You get a quality bearing every time. I definitely recommend these for any type of skate.

These are the go to bearings if you looking for a good bearing. These are very simply the best skate bearings you can buy. Highly recommended to go fast.

Bones China Reds are probably the best bearings you can get. When it comes time for new bearings I just buy what works. Fast, and cheap bearings.

If you're running anything less than these you owe it to yourself to be skating on Bones Reds. Unless you're a pro there is no reason to pay more. Would recommend.

No matter what kind of skate you have, you can make it feel brand new with a set of Bones China Reds.  I've gone through many sets of cheap bearings that seize up. These roll no mater what.

I use these for my road wheels. Don't have to bother cleaning them. These roll good for sure.

They spin for much longer then other bearings. They've held up well for a few years of daily use. My second pair of Bones China Reds Bearings. The quality has not changed. They are perfect.
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