Bones Super Reds Bearings

Are Bones Super Reds bearings good?

Bones Super Reds bearings are considered to be one of the best bearings on the market for the price. If you're looking for an affordable bearing that performs well across the board, then Bones Super Reds are a good choice.

They're not quite as good as Bones Ceramic or Bones Swiss but do provide better performance than most any other bearing at it's lower price point. They feature high quality steel races, a superior surface finish and high quality balls. They have easy cleaning, single, non-contact removable rubber shields that offer low friction.

They have a  low friction nylon ball retainer, pre lubed with the famous Bones speed cream, racing oil. The clearances, tolerances and materials are all skate rated. There's no better way to know if Bones Super Reds bearings are good than by trying them for yourself. You can buy them with confidence knowing that they're durable, fast and affordable.

What's the difference between Bones Reds and Super Reds?

Bones Super Reds bearings are not just a Bones Reds bearing with a better finish. Bones Super Reds bearings are a superior quality bearing that use higher quality steel races then the Bones Reds bearings. They use higher quality balls then the Bones Reds bearings.

And have a superior surface finish then the Bones Reds bearings. The result is a bearing that's as fast as the Bones Reds bearing, but quieter, smoother, and longer lasting then the Bones Reds bearings. Super Reds bearings use a black shield and are laser engraved to separate themselves from original Bones Reds bearings.

Are Bones Swiss bearings better than Reds?

Bones Swiss bearings are manufactured in Switzerland and Bones Reds bearings are manufactured in China. The Switzerland manufactured Bones Swiss bearing will simply be a better bearing then the China manufactured Bones Reds bearing. But, the Bones Reds bearings offer near Bones Swiss performance at a fraction of the cost.

The Bones Reds China manufacturing facility is dedicated to producing the highest quality skate bearings in China. The China produced Bones Reds bearings are inspected twice before being shipped to skaters. The Bones Reds bearings offer the greatest combination of performance, durability and low cost. Which is why they have become one of the best selling bearings on the market. On the other hand, the Bones Swiss Bearings use the Swiss precision manufacturing creating the standard by which all other bearings are measured.

Everyone who skates Bones Swiss knows how fast they are and how long they last. For decades they have been preferred by the world's top professional skaters. Skaters who use Bones Swiss do so because they want the very best equipment and know they are exceptional. They offer professional, competition grade, speed and durability that make Bones Swiss last several times longer then lower cost bearings.

Are Bones Big Balls better than Super Reds?

Bones Big Balls are designed to roll faster then Super Reds and last longer by using 6, 17% larger balls, like the Bones Super Swiss 6 ball bearings. The larger balls roll faster and roll right through dirt that slows smaller ball bearings down.

This makes Bones Big Balls a good choice for skaters looking for longer life and more speed in their bearings. Skater comments: I’ll still keep my Bones Reds in my indoor wheels but for my outdoor wheels I'll be using the Bones Big Ball bearings. The Bones Big Ball bearings have a noticeably higher roll out to the point I had to brake much harder when I used them. They’re a little lighter and they don't seem to lock up on small speed bumps, where I have been thrown forward using 7 ball bearings.

I’ve used plenty of regular Reds bearings and I find the 6 ball bearings are superior. Skate bearings should all use this design due to the impact the wheels take. Their faster, smoother and you roll over cracks and bumps easier compared to 7 ball bearings. I love my big ball bearings.

I normally skate on inexpensive bearings but for a few extra dollars you can get a set of Bones Big Ball bearings. These are so much fun I'm never going back to a 7 ball bearing. Been getting Bones Big Ball bearings instead regular Reds and they seem to perform much better. Absolutely the best bearing at an affordable price! They maintain speed like a dream, great for flat ground skating. For faster acceleration, better distance and more speed these are truly worth every penny.

Why are Bones Swiss Ceramics so expensive?

Bones Swiss Ceramics are expensive because they are made of ceramic, which is a more expensive material than steel. Ceramic is also much lighter than steel and has a low coefficient of friction. This means that there is less drag on the bearing race, which translates into better performance and increased longevity.

Bones Swiss Ceramics are designed to be more durable and long lasting than any other bearing on the market, which is why they have a higher price tag. Also the Bones Swiss Ceramics are manufactured in Switzerland where it costs more to manufacture bearings. Swiss Ceramic Bearings are famous for their speed and durability. On a scale of one to ten, I would say they rank a ten.

How can you tell if Super Reds are fake?

The fake Super Reds will probably be significantly less expensive. On the back of the real Super Reds bearing box, it will say "BONESBEARINGS.COM". And on the back of the fake Super Reds box, it will say "BONESBEARINGS" without the .COM.

The fake Super Reds are on the dry side as far as lubricant goes. The real Super Reds have an abundant amount of lubricant in them. Real Super Reds have one Red rubber shield, fakes have two rubber shields. Real Super Reds come with a translucent retainer and not a white retainer. The sticker and instruction guide in the fake are extremely similar to the real Super Reds bearings.

They are not lubricated with Speed Cream but with a thicker grease like material.
Ebay and Amazon sellers are selling fake Super Reds that look so much like the real thing, the seller may not even know they're fake. If it seems to good to be true it probably is.

If your worried about getting fake Bones Super Reds bearings, you can order from us below. We have been selling Bones bearings for over 20 years and have not had one client complaint about getting a fake bearing.
Bones Super Reds Bearings
Bones Super Reds Bearings
Bones Super Reds 608 8mm Bearings
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