Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearings
Bones Swiss Ceramic 608 8mm Bearings
12 Pack - $239.95
16 Pack - $318.95
20 Pack - $398.95
Bones Swiss Ceramic Bearing Reviews:

Received them quickly. They bring the speed to your skates. I always recommend them.

Well packaged. These bones ceramic bearings make my skate way to fast. If your serious about skating, get these bearings.

Bearings are already lubed in speed cream. I have always skated Bones bearings. These beat anything I've tried.

Just put these bones ceramic bearings on my skate and they perform very well. Compared to another bearings you will see the difference. I would definitely recommend them to anyone

Super smooth roll. The price is a little steep but worth it. I now have one of the fastest skates around.

I popped these into my skate. Now I have to change the bearings in all my skates to bones ceramic bearings. Very happy with how they are performing.

These bones ceramic bearings are much better then the stock Abec 7 bearings that came in my skate. All I can say is WOW. Use bones speed cream to keep the bearings oiled.

I have to slow myself down as I just keep going to fast. The wheels spin for 4 minutes. They are easy to clean.

This is my second set. Recommended to anyone who wants a top quality bearing. Really impressed with these bearings.

You are paying quality. They ride super smooth. Skating is now much more fun.

I replaced the stock wheels and bearings on my skate. Comparing these bones ceramic bearings to regular bearings these are so much better. Reputable company. Worth it.

I've used these bearings for years. Top of the line equipment. These bearings spin forever. Love these bearings.

Very impressed. Smooth and quiet. My skates now work better than ever. It was worth the upgrade.

These bones ceramic bearings are expensive but they are the best. If you want to roll really fast this is best bearing. Insanely fast.

Ceramics, there isn't a better bearing. Now that their broke in they spin even longer. Makes for a very smooth ride.

Never tried ceramics. What a difference. I will be buying these from now. Their worth the price in the long run.

These bones ceramic bearings will make you stand out of the crowd. Smooth and fast. Better handling. They are expensive though.

I skate these bearings every day. These bearings provide more speed and less friction then other bearings I've tried. Significantly quieter. These bearings are the best.
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