Bont Jet Boot Review
I've tried allot of Bonts in the past and none had worked for me. 12 years ago I started on the Bont Hustler, then tried the Bont Black Widow, then moved to the Bont Maxi Lunge. Not a one worked for me. I ended up skating on a Miller Criterium boot at the time. Then Moved to a Simmons Twister then Simmons Vision boot. That was 12 years ago. Through the years I have went back and tried Bont from year to year to see if they made changes in their boots to allow them to work for me but nothing seemed to change. Well, I just got to try the new Bont Jet boot and for the first time they have seemed to change for the good. (article continued below)
Bont Jet Inline Speed Skate Boot Review
All the Bont boots I have tried in the past have instantly hurt my ankle bones. Why would I want to mess with the ankle bone area when there are multiple boots on the market I can pull right out of the box and have no ankle pain. For the first time in a Bont boot there was no ankle pain. That's a good start. I like the angle the micro adjust buckle pulls.

On lots of boots the buckle is positioned to low which crushes the arch and causes cramping in the arch. The Jet didn't do that, that's a good thing. Initially skating I was expecting to feel that "get this thing off my foot" feeling I had experienced every other time I had tried Bont but I didn't get that feeling this time. Comparing the Jet to the boot that is currently working best for me the Jet feels more efficient. The boot responds instantly.

There is no moving your foot and then a second later it responds. Is the Bont Jet boot better then the boot I'm currently on? No, I would say it's different and surprisingly equal. Also in all the older Bont designs I had trouble doing the double push. I had no trouble doing the double push in the new Jet boot. The double push was just as good in the Bont Jet as the boot that is currently working the best for me. The new Jet boot is definitely designed differently then any of the Bont boots of the past.

If you've had trouble with older Bont boots you may want to try the new Bont Jet. I don't know what Bont changed in this boot but whatever it is I hope they keep it up.

Addition: As far as sizing goes. My foot is 10 5/8 inch long and the size 8 is what fit me. I wouldn't have wanted it 1mm shorter but size 8 would fit for my 10 5/8 inch foot.

Please email if you have any questions.

Outside Review:

I received my new Bont Semi-race skates in the mail on Monday. I was excited since they were not supposed to arrive until today. They are spectacular! They fit just as you described 1 size down from my shoe size. Maybe even 1.5 sizes down would have worked even better. The support on my feet and ankles are superb compared to my cheap fitness skates I got from the local sports store. The speed I can carry now is incredible it makes it seem so easy I have to watch out. Great skates and customer service!! Would recommend these skates to anyone worried about speed skates ankle support. Thanks. Jeremiah J.

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