Powerslide C4 Boot Review
I got a chance to try the new Powerslide C4 today. Well I'm very happy with the results. I compared it to 2 other brand new boots I had to test and 4 other boots that worked well for me in the past. I tried the 2 other new boots first thinking they would work better than the C4 (both costing $200 more than the C4). The first two boots worked well but when I tried the C4, my first stroke put a smile on my face and each stroke after just made that smile grow. The first two boots were a little uncomfortable and seemed like you had to work to get them up to speed and maintain your speed but with the C4 it seemed like you had no choice but to start out fast and that feeling only continued. (article continued below)
I thought it was possible that by the time I got to the C4 I may have been more warned up and that was why it felt so quick so I again tried the first two boots and again they just felt sluggish and a little uncomfortable. Then back to the C4 and again with the first step they were just fast. I then started to compare the C4 to the currently good working boots I had and one of those boots was the 2005 R2. The 2005 R2 worked well but had less ankle support, not ideal for all the 90 and 100mm frames coming on to the market. I then compared it to the 2003 R2 and the C4 compared closer to it as the 2003 R2 was a more supportive loose heeled boot like the C4.

Just to recap, from other articles on this site, if you want to run a big wheeled frame you have to use a higher cut boot and if you have a higher cut boot you have to leave the lower heel a little loose from side to side in the boot to allow a higher cut boot to work. I learned this after building boots on top of boots to test this principle. Now if you want an efficent tight heeled boot it has to then be a lower cut boot and then you are stuck with a lower profile frame. I went into this because the C4 having ample support and the loose heel that a more supportive boot needs this is the perfect boot for the higher profile frames coming on to the market. I was having trouble finding a boot to refer people to for this application with the Verducci boots almost gone and now the 2003 R2 being gone.

The 2004 R2 went in the exact opposite direction of the 2003 R2. It was a very unsupportive tight heeled boot, this is good if you were willing to put a lower profile frame on but people were putting higher profile frames on it and failing. Well the 2005 R2 came back towards the 2003 R2 as it had a little more support than the 2004 but it kept the tight heel. Still not the boot for 90 and 100mm wheeled frames. I would have to say the C4 boot is the 2003 R2 and Vervucci boot on steroids. I would have to say it is the best boot at this time for 90 and 100mm frames.

The 2005 R2 with it's tight heel is a more efficient boot than the C4 but you are stuck with a lower profile frame on the 2005 R2 as it is simply not supportive enough for the higher frames. So for my low cut efficient boot I have my R2 2005 on a lower profile frame, then for my mid cut boot that I can put lower or higher profile frames on I now have the C4 and then for my high cut boot I have the R4 which again I can put on a lower or higher profile frame.

Now for some new additions: Where the buckle gets attached to the boot there are protective ridges built around the buckle to protect the buckle from falls or anything that would normally cause a buckle to be broken off the boot. I know broken buckles are an issue for indoor skaters, this boot should take care of that problem. You can't see it in the picture but the ridge comes up quite high around the buckle
Allot of times it only takes small things to make major differences in a boot. They put 3 loops under the front part of the boot instead of putting holes in the boot for the lace. This makes the front of the boot feel different when tightened. Is this one of the reasons this boot works so well? I don't know but as good as this boot is working I wouldn't change anything.
The blocks have more than enough positions to mount your frames. Even if you have only one mounting position on your frame front to back you now have 3 mounting positions front to back on the boot.
Front Block
Back Block
I expected the 2 more expensive boots I tried to work better then the cheaper C4 but that's the way it has been going for the past few years. Not always is the more expensive boot a better boot. Well that's what happened here, price no object I chose the C4 boot. Extreme comfort and extreme performance in one boot. If you need a boot for your higher profile frame, look no further, you found your boot, it's the Powerslide C4.

Please email support@nettracing.com if you have any questions.


Just recently I tabbed my C4 boot and wow. I didn't tab my C4's at first as they were working well but when I tabbed the boot it was another level of speed. Now for someone who is a supinator they may not need to tab their boots but for anyone that their ankles pronate at all I would really suggest to try tabbing the boot. The speed difference is immediate and substantial. You can always take the tabs out if they don't help but I would say you at least have to try them. The 2 companies boots that normally need tabbing are Verducci and Powerslide. Here is the article on tabbing and enjoy the increased speed.

Here's are emails from people with C4's:


I received the C4's I ordered today. We were a little worried because we went with the size
6 / 38, which was a size smaller than what Powerslide recommends on their web sites sizing chart. Anyway, they fit perfect! I just got done skating on them and can't get over how well they fit. I skated 45 minutes without any hot spots, blisters, nothing. My toes just touch the front of the boot and my ankle is cupped perfect and the sides are snug but not tight. I was very impressed with the control I was able to achieve in the short amount of time I skated on them. You definitely will continue to get my business. Keep up the great work. Tom R.


Just wanted to thank you for everything. I love them. I took them out tonight and did my full 21-mile route - and did it 20 minutes faster than I've been averaging. I laced them down one eyelet, and they felt near-perfect. I felt like I was flying!!!! Next up I'll need a good 90mm indoor wheel, if you'd like to recommend one. Thanks again... Barb O.


The absolute best boots I've ever had on my feet . . . ever! Thanks for the recommendation. I did a 2 hr. practice in them today. They are absolutely perfect! Claire M.


Hey Richard, Just wanted to give kudos to you for your excellent customer service and product knowledge. Being somewhat of a newcomer to the sport I spent countless hours researching and talking to people in your industry. Thanks to our phone conversations and your patience I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase. The Powerslide C4 was awesome right out of the box. I had the opportunity to try a couple $500-$600 boots. None of which come close to the comfort and feel of the C4. The total set-up is just awesome. Thanks again. Jim M. Pensacola Fl.

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