Powerslide C6 Review
The testing of the C6 boot was based on the question, does it have the comfort and performance of the C4 but at the price of the C6. The C4 is a carbon shelled boot and the C6 is a fiberglass shelled boot. Both boots weigh the same except the weight saved by ythe carbon shell in the C4 is added back with a thicker leather (upper). The C6 has a little heavier shell but using a thinner lighter leather upper brings the weight back down to the weight of the C4. The C4 also has a thicker tongue then the C6 which may be more comfortable for the top of the foot (but may affect performance). (review continued below)
Putting the skates on for the first time I noticed the boot was laced from underneath which made it hard to open quickly. I took the laces out and replaced with an over the top lacing and then it came open much easier. Don't be afraid to pull the laces out when you get it and re-lace if you have trouble getting it open. I mounted the frames and went back and forth between the C4 and C6 taking about 5 minutes on each boot. I went back and forth between them about 20 times.

If I didn't look down at the boot I wouldn't have known which boot I had on. Crossovers, double push exactly the same in both boots. I couldn't tell the shell of the C6 was fiberglass or that the upper leather was less substantial then the C4 while skating. The C4 uses leather for the upper ankle cuff where the C6 uses neoprene for the upper ankle cuff. The neoprene may cause a little less problems for the upper ankle when used for distance skating. I think the price points of the C4 and C6 are correct.

With the extra $200 you would spend on the C4 you get the carbon shell and more substantial upper leather which may last longer than then the thinner upper on the C6. For the person who has more money then the $299 for the R2 but not $575 for the C4 the $375 for the C6 is the perfect in between price for that person. I think buying the C6 your getting the C4 performance and comfort for $200 less but I think you are giving up a little longevity.

I will be going back and forth between the C6 and C4 for a while trying to decide which one I really want to skate on because they were so close in performance and comfort. So to answer the main question I had when I started this review, the answer is primarily yes, we are getting the performance and comfort of the $575 C4 in the $375 C6 (bar the fiberglass shell and less substantial upper).

Just like the C4 the C6 needs to be tabbed. The tabbing article is Here.

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Review #1

Rich, I bought a pair of C6 skates a couple of weeks ago and I want to thank you for your help. I`m very pleased with the fit and performance of these skates. Because my big toe angles towards the middle of the boot instead of against the shell I didn`t have to grind the boots after all. I did some minimal heat-moulding to create pockets for the inside ankle bones using the info on your website. The right is perfect and the left came out decent. I'll try to avoid moulding the left again. See how it goes. Other than that no other hotspots. I look foward to doing more business in the future. Thanks again Bryan H.
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