Verducci Corsa Boot Review
I do believe this Verducci Corsa to be one of the best boots on the market at this time. This is the first boot on the market that off the shelf did not rip up my ankles. The arch is perfect for my foot, the arch is about the same as a Simmons boot. I do believe this boot is the lightest boot on the market at 12 ozs for a size 11 boot.

Men order one size over your mens street shoe size. Women order the same size as your womens street shoe size.

(below is a closeup picture of the boot)
In the picture below I'm doing standing sprints. The boot works good for standing sprints but where the boot excels is in continuous high speed skating. I skate 26 mile marathons and 10k's where the boot works better than most.
Verducci makes this boot a little on the pronated side which means you will have a harder time getting an outside edge than most but I believe this is why it does so well at high speed. If you have trouble getting an outside edge you can click on this link to learn how to tab the frame with the Corsa boot:

I use one tab on my left boot and 2 on my right. The tabs allow me to move my frame to the center of the boot front and back and still get an outside edge. Without the tabs I have to move my frames way to the inside and even doing that it doesn't feel right. You don't want to use more than two tabs on a boot which is 2 degrees (1 degree per tab), if you feel you need more than two tabs you probably need to work on your form.

Looking at the picture below you should practice skating with your feet in this anti-pronated position (ankles are falling out). Now with any other boot (and I mean any) this position would cause excruciating pain but the Corsa cuff works like no other boot on the market as far as the smoothness and support of the upper cuff. Again in the picture below the frame is at a 45 degree angle (in an anti-pronated position) to the ground. Now you want to do this for one day, one week or one month depending on how much of a problem you have with pronation. Then after doing this for an extended amount of time you can allow your ankles to relax and your frame will be at a 90 degree angle to the ground instead of relaxing and the frame being at a 45 degree angle to the ground in a pronated position (ankles falling to inside). Also we have found the boot works best leaving the bottom laces looser and just tighten the top lace. This boot is very supportive so you don't need to lace the bottom as tight as some of the other boots to gain support.
Double push is no problem with this boot and the cuff height is just right. In the pict below I'm doing crossovers. Again crossovers in this boot work good but where this boot excels is long distance high speed.
I believe this boot to be the most comfortable off the shelf boot on the market. If you were to have a problem, this boot it is one of the easiest to heat mold on the market. With a $240 price tag this boot is a bargain, I would choose it for comfort over any boot on the market at this time, even over the higher cost boots.

Please email: if you have any questions.

Independant Corsa Review #1

Just to drop a note for feedback on the recent purchase of the V. Corsa boot size 14. I mounted these on Verducci XR 13.5 single void frames with 1.5mm tabs both feet. 80mm 85A Labeda HWY Patrol wheels, seasoned Swiss Bones wheel Black hole "Gel" lube. Fit , the length is perfect, I wear a 12.5 US street shoe. I 've been in BONT boxers for about 2yrs. with lots of outside ankle cutting (after cutting the boot apart I solved that problem) the lack of support and tight lacing became a constant issue. Although lots of quirky trouble with this set up I have gained incredible balance from it all and a huge DP . The Corsa very snug amazing support without tight lacing. The heels seems to set me foward very slightly in the center of the frames. So it gives a solid under push feel and strong push out through the center of the foot . The Boxer really had me somewhat locked in to heavy heel pushing (good crusing but sucks for sprint speed). The ankle function was almost perfect no cutting.The combination really allowed me to tweak my entire form without struggling with boot fit/support issues. Finally with this boot I can really put the power to the ground through the frames without the boot or my feet yielding or complaining.The objective side was 10k solo speed 18:35... best with the bont boxer 19:20 and I could never repeat this. I skate alone 99% of the time so the only spectator is my wife. And a confriming "Wow! your already back from your skate!" says it all. thankyou , Richard@nettracing, peace, chad

Independant Corsa Review #2:

I have a real problem with these Verducci boots. I just did a 16 - 20 mile skate and at the end of the trail I didn't want to take them off...... they felt at least as good at the end of the skate as at the beginning. I stopped halfway to re-lace them good and snug....... no hot spots at all.... not one. I know that I couldn't go smaller as Donna's size 39 Corsa's put some real pressure on the end of my big toe..... and apparently the 40 was just right. These boots literally feel as though they were molded just for my feet. I found I could be more aggressive without feeling that I was on the edge of control. More then a few of the ICB racing team have spent some serious money on custom ????? boots this year and I still hear complaints about pain. It seems to me that even if you didn't spend 700.00 on boots you're going to skate better without pain then with. On another note, I read your addon to you clap frame review and I find I do pretty ok in a pace line with the Maple claps but where they really work for me is on long inclines where I feel I can do them with less fatique with the claps. I do mostly distance skates and they seem to give me a little more for a little less perceived effort. I REALLY LOVE THESE BOOTS, Lorenzo
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