Mogema Cross Trainer Frame Review

I don't believe I've ever done a review on a 12.8" 80mm frame before, but this 12.8" frame is the better than any other 12.8" frame I've skated on. In all the years I've been skating there's been one frame I 've kept as a control as the best vibration dampening frame that I've skated on and it's been the Mogema Diamond frame. The Diamond frame came out about 10 years ago and has not been made in the last 5 years. Being an outdoor skater, and road vibration being an issue for a road skater, I was never able to put on some of the higher vibrating frames and enjoy skating. Vibration causes fatigue, and the more vibration the more fatigue. (review continued below)
I've found if you take two different frames that has no boot attached, and no axles in, and hang them from a string and tap them with a piece of metal to get a tone like a tuning fork the lower toned frame will dampen more vibration then the higher toned frame. Through the years of testing frames this way, then skating on them, it has always shown true that the higher toned frames transmit more vibration and the lower toned frames transmit less vibration.

With the Mogema Diamond frame being my control as the lowest toned, lowest vibration frame I have found and the newer frames seemingly getting harder and higher toned, I thought we would never see a lower toned frame than the Mogema Diamond frame. Well I got the new Mogema Cross Trainer frame and did the tone test and thought I was hearing things as it sounded like it was a whole octave below the Mogema Diamond frame. I went out and skated on it and sure enough there was significantly less vibration than the Mogema Diamond frame.

This is a first in 10 years to see a frame dampen vibration better than the Diamond frame. The stiffness of the Cross Trainer frame is more than ample as it has the dual box technology which makes the walls of the frame very strong. The thing I like about frames with higher vibration dampening is, I am able to run harder wheels that wear and roll better as opposed to having a harder frame that I have to run softer wheels to take up the vibration but then they don't roll as well and wear faster.

When you have this frame in your hand you'll see it has all the craftsmanship that the more expensive $200+ Mogema frames has but the price tag on the Cross Trainer is $127.00. Another thing I like about this frame is I see frames today going to very narrow slots and only 1 slot in front and one slot in back. Well this frame has very wide slots and two holes in front and 2 holes in back. With the 1 holed frames your fine if you have a size 9, 10 or 11 boot but try putting a size 5 boot on that frame and you end up with the wheels sticking way out the front.

Well I tried putting this frame on a size 5 boot and it turned out to have a 50/50 spacing from the front to the back (perfect). Between this frame now being the best vibration dampening frame and still being very strong due to the dual box technology and the price being just $127.00 and the quality being every bit of their $200.00+ frames, this frame is a one of a kind. It kind of saddens me to see my old Mogema Diamond frame be sold as it won't be the highest vibration dampening frame anymore but I am glad to see a higher vibration dampening frame take it's place being the Mogema Cross Trainer frame. Also look at the Frame Tone = Vibration Level article.

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Nettracing, Just dropping you a note to let you know how great these Mogema Crosstrainer frames have worked for me. I have skated on these for two weeks and the difference between these and the Bont Infernos is so great that I will let my kids dig in the sand box with the Bonts. The vibration has been reduced so much I can skate faster and farther for a longer period of time with more control on the corners because there is a lot less road vibration fatigue. They are Great. Thanks for your help, Mike


Just wanted to let you know how great these Mogema Cross Trainer frames are that I got last week. I have been skating on a set of Xenan frames and the Mogemas are sooooooo much better. On the Xenans I felt higher, heavier, sluggish and tipping forward. On the Mogemas it felt like I was skating on my straight 84's. They felt light and are very ,very responsive. Ken


Just a word of thanks for sending out those Mogema Crosstrainer 84 frames so quickly. I was skating on 2003 Poweslide R2', with Verducci Vento frames and 80 mm wheels. I found the following improvements on my first skate today with the Mogema frames and 84 mm wheels: much less road vibration, just like you said on the phone, there are a lot of fallen leaves and debris on the trails and the larger wheels minimize their affect, I found I could skate much longer with hands behind my back and bent at the waist. The glide of each stride was longer. Slower to get up to speed, but could maintain cruising speed much easier and much much faster on declines and with the wind. The combo of frames and wheels obviousely changed my stride because for the 1st 10 minutes I found the muscles on the outside of my shins and hips aching. Think it will take 2 or 3 more times out to strengthen them and really benefit from the new set up. Once again, thanks for the nice service and thought you might appreciate the feedback. Stan
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