FR Inline Speed Skate Boot

FR Inline Speed Skate Boot

FR Inline Speed Skate Boot - $500.00

Sizes: 7-39, 7.5-40, 8-41, 9-42, 10-43, 10.5-44, 11-45.
The FR RACE boots, designed for speed skating, offer unmatched comfort and performance.

They combine an Intuition lining, carbon fiber construction, and a wide mid-strap with a micrometric pump buckle, ensuring superior support and quality.

They also include a V-cut on the rear boot, forward flex padding on the tongue, and 2x9 holes mounting plates with a 195mm mounting distance.

The self-molding high-density foam ensures an immediate perfect fit, with the option for further customization through heat molding for the entire foot or specific areas.
FR Inline Speed Skate Boot
Discover the pinnacle of skating technology with the FR Inline Speed Skate Boot. Designed for serious skaters, this boot is a marvel of engineering, blending advanced materials and innovative design for peak performance.

The boot is constructed from robust carbon fiber, offering unparalleled durability and rigidity, crucial for high-speed skating. The integration of the Intuition lining, a standout feature, provides a custom-fit experience. This lining, known for its self-molding high-density foam, adapts perfectly to the contours of your feet, ensuring maximum comfort and control.

A key aspect of the FR Inline Speed Skate Boot is the innovative support system. The wide mid-strap combined with a micrometric pump buckle delivers superior foot stability, essential for maintaining control at high speeds. This support system is complemented by the strategic V-cut on the rear of the boot and forward flex padding on the tongue, enhancing agility and flexibility for dynamic movements.

Size inclusivity is another highlight, with availability ranging from 7-39 to 11-45, catering to a wide array of skaters. The thoughtful design extends to the heat molding capability of the boot, allowing for further customization. This feature is especially beneficial for professional skaters who require a boot that conforms precisely to their foot shape for optimal performance.

The FR Inline Speed Skate Boot is not just a skate boot; it's a testament to the fusion of comfort, style, and speed. Its sleek design and superior build quality make it a top choice for those who demand the best in their skating equipment. Whether you're racing competitively or seeking an exhilarating skating experience, this boot is engineered to elevate your performance.
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