Frame Alignment Instructions
The first thing you want to do concerning proper frame alignment is center the frame to the heel of the boot (try to always keep the frame center to the heel of the boot). Below is a picture of the back of a boot with the frame in the center of the heel.
Next is to center the frame to the front of the boots (shown below).
Now that you have the frames centered to the front and the back of the boot you now want to go out and skate for 2 minutes to see if your pronating (ankles collapsing in) or supinating (ankles falling out). If your ankles are not collapsing to the inside your a supinater and you can leave the frames in a center front, center back position. I run into many more people that pronate then supinate so for most people the frames need to be moved on the front of the boot to the inside either a little or allot. If your ankles are collapsing in (pronating) you will need to start moving the front of the frames to the inside of the boot (towards the big toe). Below is a boot shown with frames positioned towards the inside.
Continue to move the frames in bit by bit till you start feeling like you're not falling to the inside of the frames (pronating). You know your in the right frame position when you stand up on the skate and you completely relax your ankles and you don't fall in or out on the frame. Relaxing your ankles simulates your ankles being completely exhausted as they would be during a race. The further your frame alignment is off the sooner you will fall off one side or the other of the frame and will in turn make you slow down to rest your ankles. Another way to tell how well your frames are aligned while skating is to check (feel) your inner and outer upper cuff pressure. If your feeling outside upper cuff pressure that means your pronating and the frame on the front of that boot needs to be moved more to the inside of the boot.

If your feeling more inside upper cuff pressure that means your supinating and the frames on the front of that boot needs to be moved more towards the middle of the boot. Realize the correct frame position on the right boot may be different from the left boot. I have more trouble with pronation on my right foot so that frame needs to be moved more to the inside where my left foot has less trouble with pronation so it doesn't need to be moved to the inside as far. To gain more supination without moving the front of the frame to the inside of the boot do look at the tabbing article. Also realize if you cannot find the frame sweet spot and you're still falling to the inside or to the outside of the frame your frame-wheels may be to large for your ability. The larger the wheel the greater the leverage on the ankle causing the ankle to fail (pronate) sooner. You may want to look at a smaller wheeled frame to lessen the leverage on the ankle. Once you have the proper frame position I would start doing the Speed Skating and Double Push for Beginners drills.

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