Luigino Strut Red Boot

Luigino Strut Red Boot
Price Reduced - Was $249.95 Now $159.00

Luigino Strut Red Boot - $159.00  (1 pair)

Size: J12, J13, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 - 165mm
Size: 5 - 195mm
Boot Sizing:

Looking at the size drop down box, size M7/W8 through M14/W15 run true to size for mens and womens street shoe sizes.

So if your a mens street shoe size 10 then you would order a size M10/W11.

If your a womens street shoe size 10 then you would order a size M9/W10.

Boots sized J12 to 7 fit true to size for women and fit one size small for men.

So if your a mens street shoe size 6 then you would order a size 7.

If your a womens street shoe size 6 then you would order a size 6.
The Luigino Strut Red Boot is back and better than ever!

Now available in three bold colors, this boot showcases a stunning red design that promises to stand out on the track.

The Strut features a blended carbon fiber shell that is both durable and lightweight, perfect for any skating enthusiast.

This boot has been upgraded with Nano buckles and waxed laces to ensure an improved fit.

The Nano buckles are designed to lock your heel into place every time you lace them up, with each kit including a replacement buckle, a 9cm strap, and a replacement screw for easy maintenance.

In addition, the boot has a modified carbon shell that can accommodate wheels up to 125mm, enhancing your speed and agility on the track.

The Luigino Strut Red Boot comes equipped with several advanced features designed to improve your performance.

This includes AquaTech, a unique hot water molding system introduced by Luigino Racing in 2010.

This material activates with hot water/steam, allowing it to custom fit to your foot.

What makes this material so special is its ability to mold over and over, returning to its original consistency after cooling for the life of the boot.

The Strut also incorporates BFT, or Barefoot Technology.

BFT is based on a 'Natural Fit' philosophy that positions the foot naturally, the way Mother Nature intended it.

This unique shape offers a true fit, accommodating the shape of the human foot, not deforming it.

Over time, the natural fit helps support the muscular system to reach your optimal performance, all while making skating more enjoyable.

This unique shape gives you the ultimate in comfort and stability.

Another notable feature is the Pro Back, a molded, pre-shaped latex foam strategically placed in the tendon area for a secure fit.

Pro Back holds your heel tight in place and won't break down for the life of the shoe, ensuring a true fit long after they are broken in.

It offers better overall performance, quicker response, and greater power transfer, all while providing more comfort and longer lasting due to a snug tendon and heel area.

The Pro-E-Sole, an ergonomic foot bed, is designed to relax the foot, allowing it to make more contact with the sole.

This additional contact provides added support, stability, and comfort.

Pro-E will help to relieve shin pain, provide greater comfort during extended periods of skating and ultimately help to prolong your overall skating career.

Finally, the Luigino Strut Red Boot utilizes THERMAFIBER, a composite by Luigino that has raised the bar in the evolution of high-performance speed skating shell construction.

This patent-pending technology provides significant weight reduction while increasing the shell strength and rigidity by 5X the amount of standard industry shells.

The boot is designed for both men and women, with sizes ranging from 12/30 - 15/47.

It's recommended to measure your foot (with socks on) and reference the Luigino size chart to determine size.

Heat molding is required for the best fit.

The tightest fit within your comfort level will provide the most efficient energy transfer.

Ideal as a first-speed boot or for those wanting peace of mind in knowing they are getting good quality at a good price, the Strut has been around for years, but it has gotten some updates along the way.
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