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Mogema MG-R1 Review
I had a chance to try the Mogema MG-R1 boot today and I was pleasantly surprised. I skated a 5 mile outdoor loop on a blacktop road. The reason I was surprised was the boot didn't cut into my ankles. Most of the off the shelf boots cut into your ankles but this one didn't.

(below is a closeup picture of the boot)

I did some standing sprints and the boot felt very good here (the boot is light).

(see below)

Crossovers also felt good (no cutting into my ankles).

(see below)

I have now switched over to the MG-R1 boot exclusively and I have multiple companies boots on the shelf that I have acquired through the years with the intention of skating on but for one reason or another don't. The MG-R1 has taken 20 seconds off of my 5 mile loop time. Where normally I'm fighting to take a second or two off of my lap time this boot took 20 seconds off the first time I tried it. I am less tired now after my workouts which allows me to put more miles in and even add workouts to my schedule.

I wear a 9.5 street shoe and the size 9 (42) boot I tried worked well. (MG-R1 Sizing Chart)

The ankle area of the boot was perfect, this is something that is hard to find in a boot. I believe before this Mogema boot the only boot that didn't give me ankle problems off the shelf was the Verducci Corsa. Now I can add this Mogema MG-R1 boot to to the good company of the Corsa. I can definitely suggest buying this boot and there aren't many boots I can say that about.

I'm not done testing this boot yet so I will be adding to this article.

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