Mogema MG-R1 Boot Review

I had a chance to try the Mogema MG-R1 boot today and I was pleasantly surprised.

I skated a 5 mile outdoor loop on a blacktop road.

The reason I was surprised was the boot didn't cut into my ankles.

Most of the off the shelf boots cut into your ankles but this one didn't. (below is a closeup picture of the boot)
I did some standing sprints and the boot felt very good here.

The boot is light.

(see below)
Crossovers also felt good.

No cutting into my ankles.

(see below)

Mogema MG-R1 Outside Review

Review #1

Dear Richard,

You were absolutely right with your pick of these R1's.

I've skated on them just 2 times 35-40k the first time and a whopping 85-90k the 2nd.

I'm in Minnesota so it's great to have the dome in the winter.

These new skates are so smooth and effortless.

I'm looking forward to are new season here in the midwest.

They fit perfect from the first time I laced them up.

It doesn't even take long to get used to them going from a molded boot.

Richard you know you stuff, thanks for all your help.

I wouldn't consider buying from anyone else.

Thanks again,


Review #2


Just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the new boots.

I skated on them for the first time last night.

I am absolutely astounded by these boots.

I never thought I would be able pull a new pair of boots out of the box, strap them on, and skate a three-hour indoor practice without socks!

When I first put them on I fell in love immediately with the way my heel was sucked into the back of the boot, and cradled firmly in place.

By the end of the practice, the toes of the boots had begun to nicely form to my feet.

For the first time, I don't feel like I've got boots strapped to my feet.

The boot and frame I do not even feel, I feel like I have wheels strapped to me feet.

I've never felt edges like that. I can almost feel each individual wheel.

I found that I am delivering MUCH more power to the wheels because less is being lost inside the boot.

My ankle problems are completely gone.

The real surprise was double-pushing in these boots.

It used to seem like such work to get that big honkin double-push going before.

Now it is almost effortless.

Finding those extreme edges is so easy in these boots.

And again, the power output to the wheels is huge.

No wonder I had so much trouble before.

I never knew how bad I had it.

It is really unbelievable how I even competed before, when so much of my power and energy was being bled off by those other boots.

I find myself with a lot more energy now that I am more efficient in my delivery.

I could go on all day, but you already know all of this.

Thank you very much for all your research, hard work, and dedication to this sport.

Thank you,

Terry F.

Review #3

Hi Richard,

I've been meaning to thank you for recommending the R-1 boots.

I don't know if you'll remember me, but I was suffering in my ****** boots and ordered the R-1's about a month or 2 ago.

They've made a big difference, and I appreciate that you've gone to the trouble to find out what really works.

Also, I was in between sizes and wanted to get 43's, you recommended 42's and I think that was the right choice!

Thanks again,

Bill M.

Review #4


I wanted to touch base with you regarding the Mogema package (Boots and Frames) I bought a few weeks ago.

I just can't say how much I love the boots and frames.

I have found everything you have said to be 100% accurate.

I can't tell you how much it means to me to come back from a 40-mile skate with no blisters, no cramps in my feet.

In my old Vikings, I would have to wait 10-15 mins.

Before walking, the cramps in my feet were so bad.

I don't need double socks, or band-aids, or packing tape to prevent blisters.

I didn't have to heat mold at all.

I can't get over how well these perform.

The first time I skated in them I dropped 8 mins.!!! off my 20 mile time.

I was not sprinting, or even working really hard, it was just a normal skate.

Every time since then 5-8 mins off is pretty normal.

I think it has more to do with skating a double push.

I could (at speed) pull off the double push, just not for very long.

Now I notice I can get a good s curve at any speed.

This is evident when I am drafting off my wife (on her road bike).

In the past, if I fell out of the draft, I would have to sprint to catch up.

It was visible work.

Now if I fall out, all I have to do is really exaggerate the s curve and pull a few big double pushes and I'm back.

I am not even breathing hard!!

As far as the frames go, I do much less work now.

I HAD to bump up my mileage from 20 to 40 after getting these skates.

I would finish 20 miles and not really be tired.

I did not feel like I was working very hard (in the Mogema's).

Thank you very much for taking the time to discuss these skates with me!

I was impressed right from the start with your knowledge.

I will of course be doing business with you in the future.

Also, feel free to forward this if someone is debating the Mogema purchase.

Thanks Again!

Chris M.

Review #5

Hello, if you don't remember I'm the person who bought the Mogema MG-R1 with Inferno frame couple of weeks ago.

Now I'm back in my home country and today I did first marathon in my life (in Poznan, Poland) on this skates.

My time was poor as the whole summer I was working not skating or exercising in any other form, but skates felt very well considering they were not even broken in yet.

I'll be there to have better result next year.

When I tried these skates for the first time I did a 1.5 hour skate. 

I was surprised that these are quite comfortable.

I've read so many posts on usenet about blisters, hot spots, overwhelming pains and so on, that I thought low cut racing skates have to be uncomfortable.

But these are not.

Also I thought that I'll have "weak ankles" but even first time on this skates I did not feel nothing unusual about my ankles.

That might be because I usually had top buckle set very loose in my recreational skates or MG-R1 had plenty of ankle support.

Or only people with bad experiences write about skates on usenet.

So at this point I'm satisfied with my purchase and I'll keep rolling.

I hope faster and faster.

Kajetan B.

Review #6

I bought a Mogema MG-R1 boot with the Maple clap frame and Hyperformance G+ wheels.

I was a little sceptical at first about buying skates online, and when I finally got them, the measurments that you suggested and everything were perfect to say the least.

If I had any problems you did not hesitate to help me, and the skates were like a dream.

They increased my 10 mile time by 3 minutes, 3 MINUTES!.

They worked so well, and they still do.

The boot is very soft on the inside, even the first time I skated on them, which was with no socks even.

Thank you for all your help and support back then, I have and would recomend any serious skater to buy from you.

Thanks again.



Review #7

I skated 14 miles today and during the first mile I thought that the left boot was never going to work because it was so tight in the toe area.

After 6 miles the left boot was feeling better and by the time I finished 14 miles I was amazed at how much better my left foot felt in the boot.

The right boot will end up just a tad loose but no big deal.

I am amazed how comfortable the boots are and I appreciate the advise you gave me regarding the choice of boots and frame.

I really appreciate the extra time you spent with me and your advise was greatly appreciated.

Review #8


Looking to buy a 4X100 frame that will fit the spacing on my new Mogema Rhinos.

By the way, these boots are everything you said they would be.

My speed indoors improved immediately and dramatically.

Looks like the Tru Rev 4x100 will fit.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks, Ken


I have now switched over to the MG-R1 boot exclusively and I have multiple companies boots on the shelf that I have acquired through the years with the intention of skating on but for one reason or another don't.

The MG-R1 has taken 20 seconds off of my 5 mile loop time.

Where normally I'm fighting to take a second or two off of my lap time, this boot took 20 seconds off the first time I tried it.

I am less tired now after my workouts which allows me to put more miles in and even add workouts to my schedule.

I wear a 9.5 street shoe and the size 9 (42) boot I tried worked well.

The ankle area of the boot was perfect, this is something that is hard to find in a boot.

I believe before this Mogema boot the only boot that didn't give me ankle problems off the shelf was the Verducci Corsa.

Now I can add this Mogema MG-R1 boot to to the good company of the Corsa.

I can definitely suggest buying this boot and there aren't many boots I can say that about.

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