Speed Skating & Double Push For Beginners Step 9
The last step is to actually do the double push. The only difference from doing the kick back with the arms and doing the double push is when the plant skate is being set down it has to be turned to the inside initially to get the inside push then it is turned back to the outside for the outside push.
Speed Skating & Double Push For Beginners Step 9
In essence a double push is a controlled fall. By kicking your back foot across the back along with steering your plant skate inside you start your body falling in the opposite direction of the inside steer. Then at the last second (this is the timing you will learn after doing this thousands of times) you turn your plant skate back out and that will pick your body back up. The hardest part is to let yourself start falling outside while your plant skate steers inside. Eventually you can push the limits further and further, fall more to the outside before you turn the plant skate back to the outside to pick you back up.

If you don't steer the plant skate inside long enough you will never get the double push, if you steer the plant skate inside for too long before you turn it back to the outside you will hit the ground. Somewhere in-between those two extremes is the proper double push. I use the words steer inside multiple times on this page because when your learning the double push you will initially be steering the plant skate inside. Eventually you will turn the inside steer into an inside push hence the words double push.
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What a great demonstration...thank you for this instruction...now I have something to work on the rest of my life. The Yak.

Thanks a lot for the video instructions on the double push. I'm finally getting it thanks to you. Rlee.

I am absolutely pleased to inform you that your DP tutorial is magnificent. I will be practicing my DP with your tutorial over and over for the coming weeks, I am starting to get it right though ;)! Yours sincerely, Maikel R.

Richard, I am really enjoying the R2's I purchased from you. Compared to my old recreational roller blades it's like going from a mini van to a Ferrari! I'm using your video's and learning to use my outside edges. I'm doing pretty well just having to learn to allow my weight to shift once my ankle breaks and holding that weight shift on the ankle. Now I can skate each day and it's amazing how much more efficient I am using the outside edges. I'm skating faster than I ever have and I'm just taking it easy and now pushing things as I learn the outside edges. I figure it will take me 2-3 months to learn to speed skate because I want to get the form correct more than I want to just go fast. I'm blowing by everyone where I skate and I'm just learning, heck I might even race a few cars in the future! Thanks for your service and support. Thanks for the videos because without them I never would have known how to begin the process. I would have pronated like before thinking I was learning to speed skate without the video. It's good to know in a country where service and support seem to fall way behind making a buck there are still people who are passionate about what they love and willing to help others. I'll be 50 in September and who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! You've got a customer for life! Thanks Richard. Barre W
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