Quad Roller Skate Equipment

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Bionic Bearing Oil
Bionic Bearing Oil - $7.95

A high-performance oil created for skate bearings, Bionic Bearing Oil is specifically formulated to avoid break-in period while protecting and prolonging bearing life.
Luigino Atom Red Backpack
Luigino Atom Red Backpack - $59.00

Our popular backpack now with a ventilated outer pocket for perfect for storing skates and clothes post workout... No more sweaty smell!

Available in 4 exciting new colors: Pink, Blue, Red & Green!
Atom Palm Guards
Atom Palm Guards - $14.95

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL

Atom Gear Adult Wrist Guards feature contoured palm protection for ultimate fit & comfort. High-density foam to absorb impact. Lightweight and breathable. Adjustable Velcro straps. Hand wash and dry.
How To
Speed Skating & Double Push For Beginners
Speed Skating & Double Push
For Beginners

Being someone who's been doing the double push for years and looking on the internet at the "how to do the double push" information, I was completely lost. Now if someone who can do the double push doesn't understand the "how to do the double push" information, how is someone that can't do the double push supposed to understand. In this article I made the steps very basic to get you on your way to doing the double push. First you have to learn your outside edges. If you take nothing away from this other than learning your outside edges you have taken a major step........
How to tab a boot
How to tab a boot

The first thing you want to do is mount the frame on the boot and lightly tighten the bolts. Second is to center the frame with the back of the boot. Not like this (see below). And not like this. Here the frame is in the center in the back and toed in a bit in front. Here I'm putting a leather tab (tabs are 40 thousands of an inch or 1 mm thick) on the bottom of the boot next to where the frame meets the boot. These tabs are put on the outside of the boot and frame, not the inside. Tabs can be cut out of a leather work glove that can be found .........
How to align your skate frames
How to align your skate frames

The first thing you want to do concerning proper frame alignment is center the frame to the heel of the boot (try to always keep the frame center to the heel of the boot). Below is a picture of the back of a boot with the frame in the center of the heel. Next is to center the frame to the front of the boots. Now that you have the frames centered to the front and the back of the boot you now want to go out and skate for 2 minutes to see if your pronating (ankles collapsing in) or supinating (ankles falling out). If your ankles are not collapsing to the inside your a supinater and you can leave the frames in a center front.........
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