Powerslide R2 2005 Boot Review
I got a chance to try the Powerslide R2 2005 boot today. What I was looking for was to see how much ankle support it had. I liked the 2003 R2 boot with its ample ankle support and very stable feel. When the 2004 R2 boot came out I skated on it and found the ankle support to be lacking and to be more of an efficient boot then a stable dynamic boot. (article continued below)
I kept my 2003 R2 and got rid of my 2004 R2 boot. Now again I tried the 2005 R2 hoping to see the good ankle support of the 2003 R2 and yes the ankle support is better than the 2004 R2 but not quite as much as the 2003 R2 had. I would have to say the 2005 R2 is right in the middle of the 2003 and 2004 in that the 2005 has more ankle support than the 2004 but less then the 2003.

The 2003 was a very stable and dynamic boot but lacked efficiency. The 2004 went completely in the opposite direction of the 2003 in that it was very efficient but lacked stability and dynamic ability. Again I think the 2005 R2 is right between the 2003 and 2004 in that it is a little more efficient than the 2003 boot but then is a little more stable and dynamic than the 2004. The 2005 boot is definitely a cross between the 2003 and 2004 boot and lands right in the middle of them both.

I can see I will probably be moving over to the 2005 R2 as I could really feel the efficiency in the 2005 over the 2003 plus now the 2005 has tolerable ankle support where for me the 2004 ankle support was just to low. I think the 2005 R2 has the perfect match of support and efficiency and is a fine addition to the Powerslide line.

If you have any questions you can email me at: support@nettracing.com

Addition: Just like the C4 and C6 the R2 also needs to be tabbed. The tabbing article is Here.

2005 R2 owner email:

Mr Nett, Thank you for your advice by phone a little over a week ago regarding my purchase of some Powerslide R2s. You suggested that I try the skates without my orthotics. I figured I'd humor you, but, having tried them on, I suspect that it's actually going to work pretty well that way. I am pleased that they seem a really good, firm fit without any heatforming, and will adjust them (toe in) in the manner you suggested.

This is probably a much better purchase than I realized.

Mark V.
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