Powerslide R2 Boot Review

All the Powerslide boots are built around the same good last design.

The difference between the R1, R2, R3 and R4 is the R1 has a carbon shell which makes the boot lighter and comes with a buckle.

The R2 has a plastic shell (which works just fine for me) and a buckle and the R3 has a plastic shell with no buckle and the R4 is a higher cut plastic shelled boot.

There really is no need for 4 different reviews for these 4 different boots as they are all tailored around the same good last design but each one has different options. (below is the original review)

Again just checking to see if the last that this boot is built around is the same as the last the R3 is built around and yes this boot performed well just like the R3.

Please look at the R3 review as all that applies to the R3 applies to the R2. The difference between the R2 and the R3 is the R2 has a buckle and is a different color.

One difference I did notice is the R3 was 14 ozs and the R2 was 17 ozs. If weight is an issue the R3 would be the best choice but you don't get a buckle.

There's not much for me to say, if a boot performs well and is comfortable there's not much more to write about it. (continued below)

After skating exclusively on both the Powerslide and Canariam for 3 weeks now I have found the Powerslide to be more of a sprint boot and the Canariam more of a longer distance boot.

The Powerslide is acting more like a Verducci boot for me in that with the Verducci boot I was never able to derive power from my legs with my hands behind my back.

Sprinting off the line is great, accelerating from 10 to 20 mph works great, hill climbing is great, crossovers are great and can reach a very high top speed (all with arms in front of me) but the minute I put my arms behind my back I loose it (can't derive power from my legs).

Now the Canariam reminds me more of the Mogema MG-R1. With the MG-R1 I can put my arms behind my back and derive all kinds of power from my legs (a more efficient stance for longer distance).

I can't sprint off the line as well can't accelerate from 10 to 20 mph as well, can't climb hills as well and the top end speed isn't as great but with Mogema and Canariam you can put your hands behind your back and pull seemingly forever.

I would put the Verducci and Powerslide in the same sprint boot class and Canariam and Mogema in the mid to longer distance boot class.

Canariam doesn't sprint as well as the Verducci - Powerslide but then again sprints a little better than the Mogema .

It really depends on what type of skating you want to do.

I would say Verducci - Powerslide are good for short distance high speed type races and Canariam is a middle distance boot and Mogema to be a good long distance boot.

If there were 4 of me, one with a Verducci one with a Powerslide one with a Canariam and one with a Mogema off the line the two me's with the Verducci and Powerslide will sprint off the line better.

In a close third would be me on the Canariam and in 4th would be me on the Mogema.

I would sprint with my hands in front of me on the Verducci and Powerslide for 3 to 5 minutes where I would begin to tire.

At this point me on the Canariam and Mogema would be quite a ways back and would start to gain because the only way for me to derive power on these boots is to have my hands behind my back.

So even though I fell behind with the Canariam and Mogema, being in an efficient stance I am working more efficiently and little by little will gain on the Verducci and Powerslide.

Since I can't derive power with my hands behind my back with the Verducci and Powerslide, the Canariam first then the Mogema would come and pass the Verducci and Powerslide till then the Canariam would get passed by the Mogema boot.

I've been racing on the Mogema so long now I forget what it's like to be skating slower at 10 mph and have a bike come by at 25 mph and hammer up to 25 mph with little to no effort like I'm now doing on the Powerslide.

And much the same but a little less on the Canariam.

Don't get me wrong, even thought it's great fun to sprint around on the Powerslide or Verducci, when it comes to longer distance continuous speed or pulling longer distances I am sure glad to have the more efficient Mogema or to a lesser degree a Canariam on my feet.

This also comes back to how a sprint boot fits a little looser (inefficient) and how a longer distance boot fits more uniform to the foot (efficient).

The longer distance boot fits more uniform, hitting more surface area of your foot, which leads to a more efficient and comfortable boot. A sprint boot fits a little looser on your foot which allows your foot to become more dynamic in the boot needed for sprinting.

You can't have both in one boot, tight is efficient (long distance) and loose is sprint (inefficient for long distance). Powerslides come with paper in the toes of the boot so don't forget to pull it out before you try them on.

Addition: Just like the C4 and C6 the R2 also needs to be tabbed. The tabbing article is Here.

If you have any questions you can email us at: support@nettracing.com
Outside review: #1

Hi Rich,

After many trial and errors I finally got the frames positioned correctly.

I love these R2 boots. I only have some bad spots on my right foot from its having some misshapes from surgery.

I just have to apply sports tape prior to skating.

I almost like to Akin to boxers taping their hands before putting on the gloves.

These things really push better than my old Twisters using the same frame. Thanks for the review that prompted me to get these. Mike

Outside review: #2

Hi Rich,

I was able to heat-mold the ankle-bone pockets perfectly.

You were correct, it took about an extra minute of heat vs. what it takes with carbon fiber.

Also, I mounted the frames.

You were right, they really need to sit far to the inside.

It appears to be the $500-600 boot at the $149 price-point you promised (of course, I didn't doubt you either <g>).

Cheers, Garth

Outside review: #3


I tried out the R3 skates and tweaked them to where I was relatively happy with the frame placement on Thursday.

Saturday morning I skated the 50-mile course at the Hotter Than Hell 100 bike race in Wichita Falls, TX.

I have not done any heat-molding at all, but the skates felt pretty good, even after 5 hours.

My heels hurt a little more than normal and I got some skate bite around the cuffs, but nothing major.

My partner (who I think has done business with you before) and I finished in 5 hours, 5 minutes which I think is pretty damn good considering the condition of the roads.

I included a picture to give you an idea of what we were up against.

Anyway, just wanted to drop a line and tell you thanks for your help, I'm quite happy with the skates, and at $116 I don't think this kind of quality will come along at that price level again anytime soon.

Thanks, Kurt L.

Outside review: #4


Barry in Seattle here.

As far the Powerslide R2 you sold me this week, thanks for the info you gave me last night via phone.

Skated with the fast group tonight and did really well.

I pulled frames to inside hole and what a difference!

That is definitely the right setting for me, and I could tell with the very first stride.

All in all, I really like this boot.

I don't think I'm going to fool around with heat molding it unless I just can't work out the kinks.

What a find.

Thanks for all your help, Barry

Outside review: #5

Hi Rich,

When I first spoke with you about the Powerslide R2 speed skate you said it was one of the very best skates on the market.

You said the fit was excellent and the skate had incredible power transfer etc. etc.

Well, I skated on the R2's for two hours today and have to say, you were right.


Great power transfer and I can't believe the fit.

I have to admit I was skeptical at first.

I've paid almost three times the cost of these skates and had to modify the heck out of them to get a decent fit.

I have raced many races and finished at the top of my class in a much lesser (but much more expensive) quality skate.

Your review of this skate is right on the money.

One of my favorite things in speed skating is to hit a turn at a very high speed, hit a few powerful cross-overs and come blasting out of the turn like a rocket.

I can do this extremely well on this skate and in comfort!

Thanks for the recommendation.

It's nice to have access to someone with as much knowledge as you possess and also, I appreciate the great service and time you spent on the phone with me.

Sincerely, Rick, Philadelphia, PA

Outside review: #6

Hello, Richard

Just wanted to let you know I received my Powerslide skates today and they fit perfect!

I don't think I will even need to heat mold them, they fit that well.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for all your help, and time you have spent helping me with my purchase.

You just don't seem to get that kind of service any more.

I will be sure to recommend you to all my friends.

Thanks, Chris

Outside review: #7

Here is a picture of me (about a week ago): I'm on my outside edge thanks to your web site.

The skates in the picture are the PowerSlide R2s that I bought from you in March.

As a testimonial to the skates: They are comfortable and I am a happy customer.

You saved me hundreds of dollars as I was about to buy ****** custom skates.

Thanks much and keep up the good work. Your good reputation is growing.


Outside review: #8


I want you to know that I received the R2's in excellent condition and am very pleased with the look and performance of the product.

I tested them saturday and tried to concentrate on the instructions you provided for beginners on your website.

Thank you for doing business with me.

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