Canariam Raptor Boot Review
The biggest reason for trying this boot was to see if it performed as well as and was as comfortable as the Triple X. Well it was, (I'm really surprised how well the boot works) it was obviously built around the same last as the Triple X which is what I set out to see. This boot has a buckle for those who want and or need a buckle. The buckle is one of the better buckles on the market as opposed to one of the cheaper buckles that I see on a couple of the other boots on the market in fact on boots that cost much more than this one. Please look at the Triple X Review as everything that is in the Triple X review pertains to this boot. (continued below)
Addition (04-14-03): After skating exclusively on both the Powerslide and Canariam for 3 weeks now I have found the Powerslide to be more of a sprint boot and the Canariam more of a longer distance boot. The Powerslide is acting more like a Verducci boot for me in that with the Verducci boot I was never able to derive power from my legs with my hands behind my back. Sprinting off the line is great, accelerating from 10 to 20 mph works great, hill climbing is great, crossovers are great and can reach a very high top speed (all with arms in front of me) but the minute I put my arms behind my back I loose it (can't derive power from my legs).

Now the Canariam reminds me more of the Mogema MG-R1. With the MG-R1 I can put my arms behind my back and derive all kinds of power from my legs (a more efficient stance for longer distance). I can't sprint off the line as well can't accelerate from 10 to 20 mph as well, can't climb hills as well and the top end speed isn't as great but with Mogema and Canariam you can put your hands behind your back and pull seemingly forever.

I would put the Verducci and Powerslide in the same sprint boot class and Canariam and Mogema in the mid to longer distance boot class. Canariam doesn't sprint as well as the Verducci - Powerslide but then again sprints a little better than the Mogema . It really depends on what type of skating you want to do. I would say Verducci - Powerslide are good for short distance high speed type races and Canariam is a middle distance boot and Mogema to be a good long distance boot.
If there were 4 of me, one with a Verducci one with a Powerslide one with a Canariam and one with a Mogema off the line the two me's with the Verducci and Powerslide will sprint off the line better.

In a close third would be me on the Canariam and in 4th would be me on the Mogema. I would sprint with my hands in front of me on the Verducci and Powerslide for 3 to 5 minutes where I would begin to tire, at this point me on the Canariam and Mogema quite a ways back would start to gain because the only way for me to derive power on these boots is to have my hands behind my back so even though I fell behind with the Canariam - Mogema being in an efficient stance I am working more efficiently and little by little will gain on the Verducci and Powerslide.

Since I can't derive power with my hands behind my back with the Verducci and Powerslide the Canariam first then the Mogema would come and pass the Verducci and Powerslide till then the Canariam would get passed by the Mogema boot. I've been racing on the Mogema so long now I forget what it's like to be skating slower at 10 mph and have a bike come by at 25 mph and hammer up to 25 mph with little to no effort like I'm now doing on the Powerslide and much the same but a little less on the Canariam.

Don't get me wrong, even thought it's great fun to sprint around on the Powerslide or Verducci, when it comes to longer distance continuous speed or pulling longer distances I am sure glad to have the more efficient Mogema or to a lesser degree a Canariam on my feet. This also comes back to how a sprint boot fits a little looser (inefficient) and how a longer distance boot fits more uniform to the foot (efficient).

The longer distance boot fits more uniform hitting more surface area of your foot which leads to a more efficient and comfortable boot but a sprint boot fits a little looser on your foot which allows your foot to become more dynamic in the boot needed for sprinting. You can't have both in one boot, tight is efficient (long distance) and loose is sprint (inefficient for long distance).

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