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2011 Luigino Victory Boot Review
I got to try the new 2011 Luigino Victory boot today.
(review continued below)
2011 Luigino Victory
If you don't already know, Luigino has completely redesigned the last designs in their boots for the 2011 season. The redesign was for the good. I have already reviewed the 2011 Strut, Attitude, Challenge and Ultra Challenge. All 4 boots passed with flying colors. I expressed the Strut and Ultra Challenge were the 2011 higher cut boots and the Attitude and Challenge were the 2011 lower cut boots.

Well the Victory cuff height turned out to be the same as the Attitude and Challenge cuff height. The only difference between the Challenge and the Victory was the shell weight is a bit more on the Victory over the slightly lighter Challenge shell. So yes the Victory has the new better last design seen in the other new 2011 boots. The shell of the Victory is a bit heavier then the Challenge which reflects the bit lower price of the Victory.

So again if you like a higher cut boot you would want to look at the 2011 Strut and Ultra Challenge, if you like a lower cut boot you would want to look at the 2011 Attitude, Victory or Challenge.

Same as the other 2011 Luigino boots, as far as sizing I wear a size 9.5 to 10 in a Nike running shoe and the size 11 Victory fit my foot perfectly.

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