2008 Powerslide Boot Review

I got to try 6 new boots today. The 6 new boots are the Powerslide 2008 R2, R4, C2, C4, C6, and a boot called Olympia made by a new company called SK-Force. I compared these new boots to 6 good working boots I have reviewed in the past being the Powerslide R2 (old version), R4 (old version), C4 (old version), C6 (old version), Luigino Attitude (current version) and Luigino Victory (current version). The new boots are pictured below.
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2008 Powerslide R2

2008 Powerslide R4
2008 Powerslide C4
2008 Powerslide C6
2008 Powerslide C2
SK-Force Olympia
It took me 4 hours to skate on all these boots and go around and around enough times that I could pick out the better working boots then compare the better working boots to each other to choose the best working boot for me. With that said I started on the lower cut C2 and SK-Force boots because I knew by the middle of the boots test my ankles would be getting tired and not able to test the lower cut boots.

Both boots were very comfortable, no bad surprises. The C2 and SK-Force Olympia reminded me of a first generation Mogema boot. I really liked the first generation Mogema boots. Put a low profile frame on them and I could skate efficiently forever.

The first generation Mogemas were probably the most efficient boots I have skated on. If you have strong ankles the Olympia and C2 will be perfect for you. Again, if your ankles are strong enough you will be faster on a lower cut boot. If you are not strong enough and your ankles fail on a low cut boot you would have been faster on a higher cut boot that your ankles did not fail on.

Next I moved on to the C4. I like it. Extremely stable. Could do exaggerated double push with out any problem. It didn't let me down. I have older C4's that work very good and this new C4 again did not disappoint. Now this is a higher cut boot then the C2 and Olympia so if it's a little more support that your looking for this boot is the one for you.

Next I moved on to the C6. Hmmm. Is this lower cut? Is the foot bed different? Is the heal cup different? Somethings not right. I just feel slow on this one. I can't put my finger on it. It's not uncomfortable but I don't feel the flow is there like I did on the C4. It may be just me or I may have gotten a bad boot but I'm just not feeling it in this boot. I didn't think the C4 and C6 would be that different but to me they are.

Next I tried the R2. True vents on the bottom of the boot, not something that looks like a vent but really isn't. The minute I got on the boot it felt like it was a custom that was made just for me. Again like the C4 the stroke just flowed. Extreme double push with no problem. Another good Powerslide boot. On allot of the boots on the market at the point where the lace cover strap meets the boot, under the lace cover there is a little lip that catches on the boot which stops the lace cover tightening mechanism.

I noticed on the R2 this was not the case. No catching. You can tighten the cover on the R2 to your hearts content. Just another small plus for the R2. I found no problems with the R2, it just worked. It's what you hope for in a boot but just never seems happen. I then tried the 2007 R2 and it worked good but something was better in the new 2008. It was small but it was there. The new 2008 R2 will be replacing my 2007 R2 as one of the top boots in my collection.

I next tried the R4. Look, actual vents again. So both the R2 and R4 have real venting on the bottom of the boot. For years we have been putting the ankle stabilizer mechanism on the R4's due to the angle the lace cover straps are pulling on the R4 boots. Every year a new R4 comes out I always try the new R4 without the stabilizer to see if I can go without. So I tried this new R4 boot without the stabilizer. Then I put it on. Yup we need the stabilizer this year again. But when I did put the stabilizer on, wow did the boot work good.

This new R4 is better then any of the R4's of the past. They brought the cuff down a little this year and made the cuff much softer. The first year they came out the R4 which I have to guess was 2003 or 2004 the boot was great. But then each year after this the cuff got stiffer and stiffer which meant the break in process was harder and harder until I think the last 2 years I don't think you could break it in at all. I still have an R4 from the 2nd year they were made as my 1st years boot was used to death and I liked their 2nd years boot better then any year after it.

Finally, they've redesigned the cuff of the boot to actually be better then any of the prior years R4's. In the R4's of the past they were just a little to high to be able to truly race in them. I believe this year they are now actually low enough to race in but still be extremely supportive. In years past I would have called the R4 a low cut rec boot but this year I would call it a high cut race boot. Again, once I put the stabilizer on the boot just flowed. I think it was the most fun I had during the test short of the R2.

It felt like I had complete ankle movement until I got to the point where I would have been in trouble on a lower cut boot but at that point the new R4 caught my ankle and did not let my ankle go any further. On a lower cut boot, with how I was throwing my ankle around, I would have went off the edge and broke my ankle. With the newer lower cut R4 I could now throw my ankle around like a lower cut boot but have it catch me at the end of an ankle throw unlike a lower cut boot.

In the notes I wrote in the field while testing the old R4 I wrote "the old R4 was slow compared to the new R4, the old R4 was to tight up top which lead to a decrease in speed". Needless to say, this new R4 will replace all my past versions of R4 boots. Oh, I will be unscrewing the current buckle off the 2008 R4 boot and cutting off the current lace cover to make room for the stabilizer. This may sound extreme but to have perfection some times you must go to extremes.

To sum this review up, if you have strong ankles look at the C2 and Olympian. for a moderately high cut boot look at the R2 and C4. I was extremely happy on both. As far as the C6. I have heard of people happy on them so it may be me but for me I would have chosen the C4 or R2, I was ecstatic about both the C4 and R2. For something who is looking for a higher cut boot, look at the redesigned R4. I know I'll be having fun on it.

If you have any questions you can email me at: support@nettracing.com

Rich, Got all the items - put the skates together and they're great. Your recent multi-boot review was instrumental. I agree that the new R4s are excellent - they're light and I like the added ankle support for staying up on the big 110s. Mike

Richard, I received the Triple X Frame and C4 boots this week. I guess I'm just a Powerslide guy. They fit so much better than the ? I had for 4 months before I put them in the closet. When skating on the ? I couldn't wait to stop skating so I could take them off my feet. The C4's fit very comfortably and I may not even need to heat mold them. I read your review of the 2008 C4 and that is what made me decide on the C4. I skated on them last night and I enjoyed every minute, I think my form is better and and my speed was better. I wish I would have taken your advice to get Powerslide last January when I bought the ?. You told me ? is popular because of marketing and I believe you now. Powerslide is a much more flexible boot especially when it comes to comfort. The Powerslides unlace all the way to the toe instead of having a covered toe area like ?. Live and learn. Again thanks for your help. Barre W.
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