Powerslide 2010 R2 & R4 Boot Review

I got a chance to try the new 2010 Powerslide R2 & R4 boots today.

I was hoping the new 2010 R2 & R4 boots would fit and perform as well as the older, great working 2008 R2 & R4 boots.

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2010 Powerslide R2

2010 Powerslide R4

Every year a skate company changes a skate design I have to keep my fingers crossed that the new boot will be as good as or better then the prior years boots.

I have seen more then enough years where a good working boot is changed to a bad working boot. Well you don't have to worry about that this year with the new 2010 R2 & R4 boots.

I was extremely happy with the comfort and performance of both these boots this year.

The R4 has a bit more ankle support then the R2. Also the R4 ran a bit wider in the fore foot and fit a bit looser all around.

This is a good thing.

With the higher ankle support you can get away with a little looser lower foot which makes for an extremely comfortable boot.

The R2 fit a bit tighter, more contoured to the foot creating efficiency which you would expect from a lower cut more race oriented boot.

Again extremely comfortable but being more contoured the foot you could feel the greater efficiency in the distance. These two boots are like apples and oranges.

I like both apples and oranges and wouldn't want to give up either but they are different (each used for a different application).

The R4 is a higher cut, more supportive, looser fitting (extreme comfort) boot designed for fitness and touring but doing it with more performance and speed then most any other fitness skate out there.

The R2 again extremely comfortable but more contoured to the foot to create greater efficiency aimed toward good race times while at the same time doing it comfortably.

The new R2 and R4 are again coming with the same 3x100 1x90 frame it came with last year.

I do like the idea of getting the better roll of the 3 100mm wheels but then with the 1 90mm in there the boot is only 90mm off the ground to save the ankles for the distance.

I'm glad I can say I can un-cross my fingers now as Powerslide has another hit on their hands with the release of the new 2010 R2 & R4 boots.

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