SMT Boot Review
I try allot of boots but very few do I write a review on. This boot deserves a review. 90% of the off the shelf boots hurt my ankles. This boot did not. That already puts this boot in the upper 10 percent of the boots that I try. Seeing that 90% of the off the shelf boots hurt my ankles and this one didn't I was already excited. (review continued below)
I put an 80mm frame on this boot to try the boot. The boot was literally to stable. When I tried to get an outside edge the boot instantly self righted itself. I would have to say this boot is a perfect candidate for an 90 or 100mm frame. The boot was so stable the 80mm frame was to low for the boot, the torque on the ankle wasn't enough (I don't think I ever said those words before).

You actually need a higher profile frame to increase the torque on the ankle so when you start to fall off the outside edge that it continues off the outside edge with a controllable drop. With the 80mm frame you started the drop off the outside edge but the drop would not continue due to the amount of support in the boot. Some boots have support but the support is derived in an incorrect manner. Rest assured the support in this boot is properly derived to allow for performance skating. The front of the boot was wide which allowed the front of your foot to spread out which gives you more leverage to control the greater leverage of the higher 90 and 100mm frames you would complement this boot with.

Again, I'm spoiled when it comes to the comfort of boots, if it's not extremely comfortable it's hard for me to take a second look at them but this boot is one of the most comfortable and smooth in the ankle area I have tried. The weight on the boot was 14 ozs so it felt extremely light. I would have to say this is now the best (I don't use the word best often) boot on the market for a 4x100 frame. If you want to skate on a lower 80 or 84mm frame I think there are better boots with less support better suited for lower frames. If you want to try 90 or 100mm frames I think you have to try this boot. Who ever engineered this boot knew what they were doing and that doesn't happen often.

Addition: The bad thing is this boot only goes up to a size 9 1/2.

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