What is the best inline speed skate?

The answer to this question will have to do with the ankle strength of the person buying the skate. There are 2 factors you have to look at, boot cuff height and wheel size. Speed skate wheels come in 80mm to 125mm wheel height. A person has to see at what height off the ground they cannot properly stabilize their skates (skates become wobbly). If you try an 80mm wheel and you are stable then move up to a 90mm wheel.

You continue to go higher in wheel height till you feel instable, then back down to the last height that felt stable. The 2nd factor is boot cuff height. The higher the boot cuff the greater the stability, the lower the boot cuff the less stable the skate will feel. Say you have a low cut boot and are stable on 100mm wheels. Now you want to move to 110mm wheels but the skate becomes unstable with 110mm wheels.

Moving to a higher cut boot may allow you to skate on 110mm wheels due to the greater stability of the higher cut boot. So the answer to the question "What is the best inline speed skate?" is, what ever height of the boot and wheel that you feel stable on.


What size inline skates should I get?

The best way to pick a skate size is to have multiple skate sizes in front of you. You go down in skate size till the toes hurt, then the first size up from there that is comfortable is the correct size. If you don't have all the skate sizes in front of you, you have to go by street shoe size. Some measure a foot but I find going by a street shoe size creates less skate exchanges. Each size up or down in a street shoe size or skate size is 1/4 of an inch.

If someone measures their foot and is 1/2 inch off on the measurement that is 2 sizes off on the skate size. This doesn't happen when going by a street shoe size. Going by a street shoe size also takes into account not only the length of a foot but also the width and volume of a foot. First you need to find out if the skate your looking at fits true to size for men or women. If it fits true to size for men then a man with a street shoe size 10 wants to get a size 10 in that skate.

A woman will want to order down one size from her street shoe size if  the skate fits true to size for men. So the answer to the question "What size inline skates should I get?" is, go by your street shoe size and then find out from the shop if the skates fit true to mens or womens street shoe size.

Are inline skates and Rollerblades the same thing?

Yes, inline skates and rollerblades are the same thing. The word inline when referring to skates means the wheels are inline front to back. As opposed to a quad skate where the wheels are side by side. The wheels on a rollerblade are inline front to back. So the answer to the question "Are inline skates and Rollerblades the same thing?" is,  yes inline skates and rollerblades are the same thing.

How many wheels does an inline skate have?

A standard inline skate is going to have 3 to 4 wheels. But they can have as little as 2 and as many as 6. Back in the 90's and early 2000's most speed skates had 5 wheels. But as wheels got bigger (90's, 100's, 110's, 125's) the amount of wheels got to be less so the frame did not become to long. Today children's skates will normally have 3 wheels.

Most adult skates will have 4 wheels unless your running a 125mm wheel skate which will then have 3 wheels. So to answer the question "How many wheels does an inline skate have?" is, 3 to 4 wheels depending on if it's a children's or adult skate.

What are the fastest inline skates?

The fastest speed on inline skates is 77.47 mph and was set by Sandro Bovo from Italy. The record was set in Teutonia Brazil on 21 February 2016. Sandro Bovo won the Italian Championship in 2015 and in 2013 he finished third at the World Cup.

How fast can inline skates go?

The average speed of an inline skate is about 8 miles per hour to about 16 miles per hour. But top skaters can travel for 1 hour at 25+ mph on average. Top speed can be in excess of 40+mph. On some courses 55-60+ mph have been seen. When sprinting top skaters definitely can reach speeds well in excess of 35 mph on flat.

Can you skate outside with indoor wheels?

Indoor skate wheels are specially formulated to perform well on smooth floors found at skating rinks. Indoor wheels work best on indoor surfaces and do not fare well outdoors. Indoor wheels will wear out very quickly if worn outside. If worn outside they will not roll as smoothly giving you a rough and bumpy ride.

Outdoor wheels use a formulation which gives them rebound. Outdoor skate wheels are softer. This softness allows them to roll through debris without the vibration you would experience with indoor wheels. But, the softness of outdoor wheels requires that you use more energy then you would on indoor wheels at a rink.

Is Roller Skating good exercise?

Question, is roller skating good exercise. There are so many health benefits from roller skating it will surprise you. Both indoor and outdoor roller skating are great ways to burn calories. Skating is a cardio exercise, but it’s so much more. roller sports help flex and firm up a number of areas including your abs, glutes and thighs. Roller skating improves your balance thanks to the muscles used during roller skating. Roller skating, inline skating and rollerblading strengthen the heart. Is roller skating good exercise? Yes, it burns calories, tones abs, glutes, thighs and improves balance.

The American Heart Association has deemed roller sports as an effective form of aerobic exercise. An advantage of roller skating is it’s a whole body workout. Skating builds muscles even more so than your standard forms of exercise such as running and cycling. Running and walking wreck havoc on the joints, especially the knees. When you roller skate, there’s a fluid motion there are no jerky movements like in running. Is roller skating good exercise? Yes, it's better for your joints and knees then running.

Roller skating clears the mind and minimizes mild forms of depression, and it just makes you happy. The endorphins released from roller skating will make you feel naturally good. The fitness benefits of skating are simply some of the best kinds of workouts you can do. So, if you haven’t already started skating now’s the time. Is roller skating good exercise. Yes, it clears your mind and helps with depression.

So the answer to the question, "Is roller skating good exercise" yes, there are so many health benefits from roller skating it will surprise you.
It's better for your joints and knees then running and clears your mind and helps with depression.

Is roller skating similar to ice skating?

The mechanics of skating is virtually identical: forward movement, turns, crossovers, transitioning from forward to back are all very similar. But rollerblades are easier to skate on. The wheels of rollerblades extend further to the front and rear and this helps to balance you forward and backwards.  In the case of ice skating the blade is very thin and short.

A lot of ice skaters who have stability issues can easily overcome it with rollerblading, as the wide wheelbase provides more stability. The good thing about roller skating is that you don't have to go to a rink to do it. You can roller skate in so many different places. Rollerblading can be done anywhere so that can be easier. With ice skating you have to find a rink and hope that they are open hours that are convenient for you.


What are the best inline skates for street?

Unlike a rink, streets have sticks, stones, cracks and curbs. So for the street your looking for a maneuverable skate that allows you to move easily in between obstacles.

Due to rough patches on streets your also looking for a footbed that has shock absorber like qualities. Also the lower to the ground you are (smaller wheels) the more stable you will be to navigate the sticks, stones and cracks.

Also your skill level will have something to do with which inline skate you pick for street skating. You can also ask your local inline skate professional for the best type of skates to fit your needs.


Are inline skates better than quad?

Quad skates have four wheels that sit side by side which gives them more stability. Quad skates may be best for many beginners because they’re more stable. A quad skate is normally used for indoor skating but can be used outdoor. Inline skates are less stable than quads which is why most casual rink skaters prefer quads to inlines. Quads are used in a variety of skating styles which include artistic, derby and jam skating.

Inline skates also have four wheels but their placed in a row. With the wheels sitting inline this makes it much easier to roll over obstacles, potholes, etc. Inline skates offer more speed then quad skates. They are used in hockey and speed skating.

How you brake is bifferent using inline or quad skates. Inline skates have heel brakes and quad skates have toe brakes. When learning how to skate people find the quad skate toe stop easier to master.

If you're a beginner, quad skates may be your best bet, especially for very young children. The best way to decide between a quad and inline skate is to try them both out. You may end up with one pair of both.


Are k2 inline skates true to size?

K2 skates normally fit true to size for men. If your mens shoe size is a size 8 you would order a size 8 K2 skate. If your a womens street shoe size 8 then you would order a size 7 K2 skate. The K2 boot has average width. There will be a break in time where the boot padding will start to shape to your foot. Break in time can be 5 to 10 skating sessions. Make sure your kicking your heel back in the boot the first time you try them on. If you don't, the toes will feel tighter and give you an incorrect idea of the correct size.

How do you skate really fast?

The first thing to skating fast is to stay low. You want to be in a squat position to where your knees are almost at a 90 degree angle. Push your skate straight to the side. The lower you are, the further you can push out, the more power you can get and the faster you can go. Practice short sprint intervals. Go from zero to as fast as you can go for a minute and then shut it down. Do this until your tired but not exhausted. Do not over train. If you want to be fast and explosive you have to train in fast and explosive ways. Marathon training would not help you for fast and explosive skating.

Does rollerblading make your legs bigger?

It depends on the type of skating or training you do. Look at a marathon runner and a sprinter. A marathon runner has smaller toned legs that are very efficent for long distnace running. A sprinter has big muscular legs that work well for explosive starts. So if you skate like a marathon runner which would be skating 2 hours straight at a moderately high speed you would have smaller lean legs. But if you train like a sprinter which is 50 sets of zero to as fast as you can go, each for 1 minute, you will have bigger muscular legs. So to answer the question "Does rollerblading make your legs bigger? the answer is yes, if you train like a sprinter trains.

Is rollerblading good for your back?

You are a skater and want to push the envelope. Lean forward to be more aerodynamic and copy speed skater stance. After a few minutes your back starts to hurt. You cannot hold that low position anymore. Rollerblading can cause back pain. When rollerblading you may skate with a straight back. This can cause back pain from tensed muscles. Stretching before and after rollerblading can help relax muscles.

Lay on the floor and bring your knees into your chest. Roll your knees from side to side to stretch the back. Also, begin on all fours and arch your back up like a cat. You can also do some crunches just before skating to warm up and loosen up the back muscles. When rollerblading take occasional breaks to straighten your back and release the tension.

You can do strengthening exercises, such as hyperextensions, deadlifts, side bridges, planks or the superman. To answer the question "
Is rollerblading good for your back?" the answer is yes. As long as you stretch your back before and after skating and you don't over do it.

Is rollerblading a good way to lose weight?

There's a reason more than 14 million people still skate for a workout in this country. Popular skating sports such as roller derby, recreational inline skating and speed skating are also fun! Both indoor and outdoor roller skating are great ways to burn calories.

Skating makes you feel like you’re flying. It’s a great way to lift your mood. Rollerblading is one of the most efficient cardiovascular activities you can do to burn calories. A person who weighs 160 pounds can burn about 900 calories during an hour of skating.

If you're larger you will burn more calories and if you're smaller you will burn less calories. The difficulty of the course will help determine how much fat you burn. Skating up hills and over jumps may also help you burn more calories than skating on flat surfaces.

To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume everyday. In other words, you need a negative calorie deficit to loose weight. While rollerblading will create a caloric deficit, the other half of the problem is how many calories you're consuming. It's not difficult to cancel out the amount of calories you've burned through skating by eating to much later.

Skating for one hour three times a week will burn approximately 2700 calories. This together with a sensible reduced diet will help you lose a pound or two a week which is a safe rate of weight loss. Skating is a cardiovascular exercise. It works up a sweat, gets the heart pumping, and if you skate regularly and follow a healthy diet, you’ll soon see the weight come off.
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