AM Wing Green Indoor Wheel
AM Wing Indoor Green Wheel
30% Off - Was 14.00 Now $10.00
AM Wing Indoor Green Wheel
100mm - 24mm - 93a - $10.00
110mm - 24mm - 93a - $10.00
AM Wing Indoor Green Wheel Reviews:
Last much longer than the other wheels that came with my skates. I enjoy this set of AM Wing wheels very much.

After one year the wheels were still good to go. They are solid yet provide a comfortable and steady ride.

These AM Wing Green wheels are the BEST wheels I have purchased for indoor. I felt like I could roll forever.

Just tried these wheels for the first time, and I could feel the difference with how well they gripped and rode.

They maintain momentum so well. They are working great after several months. Speedy.

My daughter loves them. These Am Wing Indoor wheels are fast. They performed as well as Gyros, Matters and MPCs.

Worth every penny. These would be my number 1 choice for races. I would recommend them to skaters who want to improve their technique or learn the double push.

The wheels are very sturdy and last a long time! The hubs are stiff and responsive, bearings fit snugly.

The wheels are well made. Very good product for an old school skater.

These Am Wing Green wheels are the best I’ve tried for the price. These wheels are very durable. So far so a good.

I was able to sprint full-speed around turns without the least bit of sliding. These wheels are great on both good and bad rinks.

These Am Wing Indoor wheels provide great roll, amazing grip. Lets me nail those tight turns.

Terrific overall speed at a moderate price. Maintained momentum once I got them rolling.

They are high quality and seem to last a long time. Roll monsters. At no time did I feel as though I was in danger of slipping.

Theese Am Wing Green wheels are easy on the legs. They do a great job of maintaining momentum and grip. Am Wings are the way to go.

They provide good edge control and are fast rolling. These wheels do an excellent job of holding the road.
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