Atom Boom Magic Wheel Review

Atom Boom Magic Wheels are manufactured by the Mearthane company (MPC) under M-Tech Patents.  Luigino went to the top wheel manufacturer in the World (MPC) to develop the BOOM technology. The wheels are poured right here in the USA.
Atom Boom Magic Wheel Review
Atom is distributed worldwide by Nistevo and recently has been distributed in Europe by EOSkates. They've combined Atom's newest core technology with MPC's inner band and tire formula. Atom is one of the most famous brands in the world including both quad and inline wheels.

Atom Boom Magic wheels are made of MPC urethane on an Atom hub. The Atom Boom Magic wheel is one of the fastest wheels in the world.

The Atom Boom Magic Outdoor wheels is available in:
Diameter: 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 125mm
Hardness: 83A Firm, 85A XFirm, 87A XXFirm

The Boom Magic wheels include: Super Ball, MPC's proprietary inner band technology (highest rebound urethane in the world). TPU core technology, Patent Turbine core technology, MPC, proprietary race formula. Radius spine, optimizing urethane band position.

The Atom Boom Magic is a Banded race wheel with a high rebound urethane. The roll perfectly fits marathon type long distance races. The roll is excellent, the rebound is good and the grip is good. The XXFirm version may lack a little grip at high speed on slippery tracks so on a track you may consider an XFirm or even Firm hardness.

The finishing is excellent on both the inside and outside of the wheel. No bubbles, drips or bumps on the hub or urethane. You need to use a bit of force to insert the bearings. This is good as with some wheels the bearings just fall out of the wheel. It has a stiff core.

It's very stable in turns. No vibrations on smooth or damaged roads. Compared to the competition, the MPC Turbo or the Matter G13 the Atom Boom Magic comes in at a slightly lower price.

Proprietary inter lock system called BOOM technology produces more speed with maximum grip and control. Proprietary urethane named by Atom as Race Thane provides unrivaled rebound, speed, grip and longevity.

Atom Boom Magic by Mearthane is becoming recognized as the number one wheel in the world. It's well known that MPC has dominated track world championships for many years.

The same hub urethane combination is not as well known in road racing until now. Using proprietary turbine core technology combined with MPC's inner band and urethane formulas, racers are going to appreciate this new wheel.

Skater Comments: I prefer the Atom Boom Magic's XXF over the MPC XXF. This is both in 125mm and 110mm sizes. I have run all three (Atom Boom Road, Atom Boom Magic, and MPC Black Magic. The Boom Magic seem to have slightly better roll than the MPC.

Skater Comments: I've tested Boom myself, and I have to say it's good. Good rebound, good grip and great stability. It even skates well in the wet.

Skater Comments: It has a large power band and it has grippy urethane.  If Boom Magic's perform like Black Magic then it's a good deal. The Atom Boom Magic is getting very good reviews.

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