Atom Pro Skate Review
I got to try the new Atom Pro Inline Speed Skate today. (review continued below)
We all know Luigino and it's good working Strut, Challenge and Bolt boots. Well this is Luigino's, Atom branded, Strut like skate, but at a lower price then the Strut. The Luigino Strut skate price is $329-$349 where the Atom Pro skate price is $229-$249. The first thing I look at in a boot is the last design. If it's not comfortable nothing else really matters. It's comfortable. It has the same good ankle support like the Strut has.

One change from the Strut and the Luigino line of boots is the Atom Pro boot fits true to mens street shoe size. Unlike the Strut, Challenge and Bolt that fit one size smaller then a mens street shoe size. So in the Atom Pro boot men should get their street shoe size and women should go down 1 size from their womens street shoe size. My mens Nike running shoe size is 9.5-10 and I'm in the size 10 Atom Pro and size 11 in the Luigino Strut. The Atom Pro size 10 and Luigino Strut size 11 fit me the same.

The Atom Pro skate comes with a allen wrench for the frame axles and boot bolts but also has a good working bearing puller on it.
Frame, wheels and bearings all look good. Axles didn't strip or stick. Boot bolts were robust. Buckle not cheap. On the Atom Pro skate, the frame, wheel and bearings that come on it are what come on it. The size 4, 5 and 6 come with a 3x110 frame and 100mm wheels. The size 6-13 come with a 4x100 frame and 100mm wheels. On the size 6 you have the choice of a 3x110 or a 4x100 frame. Now with the Luigino Strut you have the choice of numerous frames, wheels and bearings to choose from, but those choices come at a premium. So, if your looking for a sub $250 speed skate that works like a much higher cost skate, then the Atom Pro skate is a no brainer

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