Atom Pro 4x100 Skate
Atom Pro 4x100 Skate
2024 Atom Pro 4x100 Skate - $229.95
Sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.
(Free Shipping)
Atom Pro Boot.
Atom Pro 4x100 12.8" 195mm Frame.
Atom Matrix 100mm Wheels.
Bionic Abec 7 Bearings.
Men order the same size as your mens street shoe size. Women order one size down from your womens street shoe size.
Finally! A complete, high-quality, entry level inline skate package from a name you know and trust, Atom Skates! This skate package comes fully assembled with Atom Matrix 100mm wheels. You simply pick your boot size, it's that easy.

Experience the thrill of speed and precision with the Atom Pro 4x100 Skate, a top-notch inline skate designed for both beginners and seasoned skaters. Featuring a robust Atom Pro Boot and a 12.8" 195mm frame, this skate ensures stability and control.

The Atom Matrix 100mm wheels paired with Bionic Abec 7 Bearings provide a smooth, fast ride, suitable for various skating styles. Available in sizes 6 to 13, the Atom Pro 4x100 Skate is priced at $229.95, offering great value with free shipping. Embrace the quality and performance of Atom Skates with this all-in-one skate package, ready to elevate your skating experience.


How to Break-In New Atom Pro 4x100 Skates?

Step 1: Wear the skates around the house.
Step 2: Start with short skating sessions.
Step 3: Gradually increase usage as they conform to your feet.
Note: Breaking in skates enhances comfort and performance.

How to Change the Wheels on Atom Pro 4x100 Skates?

Step 1: Remove the axle bolts using an Allen key.
Step 2: Take off old wheels and insert new ones.
Step 3: Replace and tighten the axle bolts.
Note: Check for even wheel wear periodically.

How to Clean Atom Pro 4x100 Skate Bearings?

Step 1: Remove bearings from wheels.
Step 2: Clean with a solvent, then lubricate.
Step 3: Reinsert bearings into wheels.
Reminder: Regular cleaning extends bearing life.

How to Store Atom Pro 4x100 Skates?

Step 1: Clean the skates to remove dirt and moisture.
Step 2: Loosen the laces and open the straps for air circulation.
Step 3: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Tip: Use a skate bag for added protection.

How to Maintain the Atom Pro 4x100 Skate Frame for Longevity?

Step 1: Regularly inspect frame for damage.
Step 2: Clean the frame with a damp cloth.
Step 3: Check for loose bolts and tighten if necessary.
Tip: Preventative maintenance keeps skates in top condition.
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