Speed Skating & Double Push For Beginners Step 7
Now for the kick back. Gently flirt with kicking one skate behind the other. It is very important for the skate on the ground to be on an outside edge while doing the kick back. If your not on an outside edge on the plant skate it will make it impossible for you to do the double push.
Speed Skating & Double Push For Beginners Step 7
Once you have flirted with the kick back then extend your skate further across the back. Eventually extend it across the back as far as possible.
Be careful with the kick back as if you're going to fall this is where it's going to happen. I think when I first started the kick back I fell about 4 times. What happens is you catch the front wheel of one skate to the back wheel of the other and then you have no skate in front of you to put down and you fall. The first time this happens and chances are it will, it will definitely run your heart rate up.
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