R4 - Cross Trainer Skate Review
I'm really enjoying the R4 boot but when I couple it with the Cross Trainer frame it becomes the ultimate setup. I can skate hours on the R4 boot with no foot problems at all. I would have to say it's the most comfortable race boot I've ever skated on. The boot is such a dynamic boot, I can do the double push on this boot better than any other. If you looking for a more efficient boot for distance you have to look at the Powerslide C4.

In a marathon I would finish with a slightly faster time with the C4 boot but the R4 is more fun (dynamic) and comfortable. Lately with the R4 boot I switched back and forth on the same day between the Cross Trainer frame and the ****** frame (both 80mm 5 wheel frames). I started with the Cross Trainer frame and skated 5 miles came back and then put on the ****** frame. For some reason I couldn't hit the top speeds on the ****** frame I could with the Cross Trainer frame and couldn't hold the speed either.

I thought the fact I tried the ****** frame after the Cross Trainer frame I could have been tired but after I put the Cross trainer frame back on it was like I was shot out of a gun. Definitely the Cross Trainer frame was much faster and allowed me to hold a higher speed than the ****** frame. Coupling the good performance of the Cross trainer frame along with it being the best vibration dampening frame I've found to date makes it the perfect frame for the perfect R4 boot.

Another thing to make the R4-Cross Trainer setup even better is before the Cross Trainer came out the hardest 80mm wheel I could put on an 80mm frame was 83a to 84a. Well for the first time because of the incredible vibration dampening of the Cross Trainer frame I am now able to put an 80mm 85a wheel on the Cross Trainer frame. This is the first time in 10 years of all the 80mm frames I've tried that I could put an 85a wheel on with out causing vibration problems. This means the wheels will have better roll (I don't have to work as hard) and the wheels will wear longer.

Along with the dynamic, comfortable R4 boot and the good performing and highest vibration dampening Cross Trainer frame I put on the best bearing I know, BSB Swiss and the best wheel I know, Hyper +G 80mm 85a. I have 2 skates in my arsenal, the C4 with the Cross Trainer frame and the R4 with the Cross Trainer frame. I'm using the R4 (dynamic comfortable boot) 50% of the time for training and touring and the C4 (efficient boot) 50% of the time for marathons. If your looking for the all around best, comfortable, training, touring, dynamic skate, chances are the R4 - Cross Trainer may be the ticket for you.

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