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Frame Tone = Vibration Level
Please read the Mogema Cross Trainer Review before you read this article.
Here are the tones (wave files) of 4 frames starting with the lowest toned Cross Trainer frame and ending with the highest toned M55 frame. You can compare your frame tone to these to see if your frame transmits lots of vibration into your feet and body or little vibration into your feet and body.
Mogema Cross Trainer 12.8 80mm (lowest tone, lowest vibration)

Boen Tornado 12.8 80mm

Powerslide Vision 12.8 80mm

Mogema M55-80 12.8 80mm (highest tone, highest vibration)

The 4 frames 1 right after each other
(starting with the Cross Trainer and ending with the M55)

To test your frame take your frames off your boots and take the axles out and hang your frame by a piece of wire or string, then hit the frame with a piece of metal. If your frame tone is closer to the Cross Trainer tone then you have a frame that is better at dampening vibration for outdoor skating if the tone is nearer the M55 tone then you have a higher vibrating frame.
(If you test your frame let me know so I can post the results.)

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