Bones Reds Bearings

Bones China Reds Bearings
12 Pack - $26.95
16 Pack - $35.95
20 Pack - $44.95
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Bones China Reds Bearings
Bones Super Reds Bearings
12 Pack - $44.95
16 Pack - $59.95
20 Pack - $74.95
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Bones Super Reds Bearings
Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings
12 Pack - $134.95
16 Pack - $179.95
20 Pack - $224.95
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Bones Ceramic Super Reds Bearings

Skater Comments

These bones bearings cruise forever. They are skate rated, specifically for skating, not Abec rated for machines. Steve S.

I get half as tired as I used to compared to the bearings the skate came with origonally. Don't get cheap bearings, Bones Reds are all you need. Ryan V.

Although these bearings are a little more expensive I would recommend them over the cheaper bearings I initially tried. Ben W.

I got several sets of Reds bearings for a non skate project and these were the best by far. They get great ratings for a reason. Ken R.

I recommend giving these Bones bearings as gifts. Your friends will be so happy. Can't beat the quality - price. Doug K.

I do notice the difference compared to stock bearings. These do roll better then my old bearings completely broken in. David J.

These bearings turned my Powerslide skate into something special.  If you get them wet they will rust. Then you have to buy a new set. Don't get them wet. Pete G.

Biggest bang for the buck. Put a little oil in them and they will go forever. Definitely improved my skate roll. Kim J.

These Bones Reds Bearings roll no mater what. Dirt, moisture, etc. I can skate with much less effort. Smooth, easy rolling. Ryan B.

I've been skating for 15 years. I use reds in all my skates. Super satisfied. If you have a little more to spend go with ceramic reds or super reds. Drew C.

These Bones bearings coast 5x further than the stock bearings. You can feel the difference when you push off, it doesn't require as much effort. John T.

I recommend these for any type of skate, speed, fitness, hockey. These roll good for sure. Julie H.

I like these Bones Reds bearings because they are serviceable. I would not buy un-serviceable bearings again. And they last a long time. Brian N.

Bought these to replace the bearings in my Walmart skate. Those things barely moved. I had no idea that changing bearings would make this much difference. Peter V.

I use my skates to skate around campus and these bearings really help me get to class less tired. They also hold up to abuse very well. Chris O.

These Bones bearings are open on one side and closed on the other. The open side is for cleaning and oiling. Best bearings you can get for the price. Sarah R.

I can coast for longer distances. I've gone through all kinds of cheap bearings that came with skates I have bought. Hands down Bones Reds are my favorite bearings. Jerry W.

Being inexpensive you don't have to worry about getting dirt in them. If you don't have lots of money this is the bearing you should get. Jen D.

It'll make a huge difference if you're using a stock bearing. I highly recommend these Bones Reds for your inline skate. Jim J.

When I tried them on my skate I noticed an immediate difference. They're easy to take apart and clean. When I spin a wheel I can barely hear it spinning. Mike C.

These are the bearings to get if you looking for good fast bearings. You can't go wrong with any of the Bones products. I'm happy with everything I've purchased from Bones Bearings. Wendy A.

Bones Reds are probably the best bearings you can get. No matter what skate you have, you can make it feel brand new with a set of Bones Reds Bearings. Greg S.
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